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3 Hip Exercises to Slim Down Your Waist Without Lying Down

Strength comes from a strong foundation.
The same goes for your body. As you age the inner muscles around your hips weaken. That is why by doing hip circles you can get the pelvic strengthening to start sitting prettier than ever before.

When it comes to worrying about your hips and what happens below the waist, you are now alone. Japanese women despite what popular opinion wants you to think need exercise too, hence why the pelvis-diet – exercise targeting the pelvic region – has grown widespread all throughout Japan.

As much as you would like to trying to slim down your lower abdominals is hard to say the least. Your hips are not the way they use to be. As the inner muscles in your pelvic are weaken what will become of you.

How do slim down my waist when other methods have failed?

Dieting alone won't be enough to help you slim down this hard to reach area of your body. That is why incorporating regular hip exercise into your routine is a must.

How you do this is by doing pelvic strengthening exercises such as hip circles. In this Slism, we will show you 3 simple hip exercises that in addition to helping your slim down your waist can strengthen hard to get to inner muscles in your hips.

Quick 3 Simple Hip Exercises to move your hips (Illustrated)

More Hip Strengthening Exercises

As important as regular exercise is to helping you slim down your body that all goes to waste without targeting areas of your body that show results where you want it. If you are looking to build strength in your hips to slim your figure then don't bother doing exercises that just don’t work.

Weakening of hip muscles cause your internal organs to fall?

The area around your hips supporting the uterus, bladder, and rectum, are supported by muscles located around your pelvis. This dropping of internal organs caused by the weakening of muscles around your hips is known as pelvic organ prolapse.

What are simple exercises that I can do to prevent Pelvic organ prolapse?

Pelvic organ prolapse is caused when the muscles around your hips loosen. This can be seen through pregnancy, aging, constipation, obesity, and by motions putting energy into your stomach. For women experiencing multiple pregnancies, Swedish statistics indicates that over 44% of women don't know that they suffer from Pelvic organ prolapse.

Pelvic organ prolapse is preventable if you do pelvic strengthening exercises such as the pelvic tilt as well as the exercises that will be introduced in this article.

It turns out there are tons of exercise you can do to prevent your internal organs from sagging negatively affecting your health. Here are some things you can do without special equipment in minutes! Exercises to prevent Pelvic organ prolapse.

Waist movements to strengthen the inner muscles around your hips

The waist movements we are going to introduce this time to train the inner muscles of your thighs include waist circles, forward-backward and left-right waist shifts. These are exercises that you can do in minutes anywhere, while placing minimal burden on your boy. This is especially advantageous for people not broken into exercise.

In the next exercises we are going to introduce, doing one of each is considered a set. Although it is up to you how often you do each exercise, it's recommended that you at the very minimum do 1 set a day. Note that for best results the exercises proscribed in this article should be continued over time.

Move your hips left to right

If you've ever had dance lessons or practiced in front of the mirror, then this next exercise is going to be a piece of cake. If not, don't worry about it. You never know, these might be the moves your take with you the next time you go to the club.

Hip exercise to getting started

  1. Stand up straight positioning feet should-width apart.
  2. Putting your hands on your hips, bend slightly at your knees and relax.
  3. Gently tighten up your abdominal muscles and buttocks.
  4. Slowly from left to right alternating.

Do each left-to-right alteration 10 times. Putting energy in your stomachs allows you to isolate you upper body from the movements you are going with your lower body. Don't forget to flex your abs. Breathe as you would normally and correctly yourself if you detect that you are breathing irregularly.

Exercise your pelvic area simply by just moving your hips from left to right (Pelvic-Diet)

inner muscle strengthening hip movements (Sides)

Sway your hips forward and backwards

This next exercise can be done in almost the exact fashion as the last, except for a special note on breathing which shouldn't be ignored for best results. It kind of feels like doing pelvic tilts from the standing position.

Taking the next step in Hip Exercise

  1. Standing up straight position your feet so that they are about shoulder width apart.
  2. Slightly bend at your knees in a relaxing position while placing hands on shoulders.
  3. Gently tightening the muscles in your abdomen and buttocks isolate your lower body.
  4. Avoiding sticking out your butt too far, slowly bring your hips backwards to your rear.
  5. Exhaling while tightening up your buttocks, bring your hips forward towards your front.

Do each forward-backward alteration 10 times. Avoid sticking your butt out too far to prevent back injury.

Exercise your pelvic area simply by moving your hips forward and backwards (Pelvic-Diet)

inner muscle strengthening hip movements (forward-backward)

Move your hips in big circles

This next exercise we are going to introduce loose and feels like belly dancing. Don't feel intimidated. Just think of it as playing with an invisible hula-hoop.

Moving your hips around

  1. While standing straight, place your feet should width apart balancing your body.
  2. Bending slightly at your knees relaxing your body, place your handles on at your sides.
  3. Tighten the muscles in your abdomen and buttocks isolating your lower body movements.
  4. Slowly (but surely) make big circles around your body with your hips clockwise.
  5. Do the same as instructed in step 4, only this time circling counter-clockwise.

Complete circles 10 timeseach for best results. When doing the exercise it's helpful to imagine that you are drawing a circle around your waist. Whether that helps depends on your imagination. Avoid sticking your hips out or in too far to avoid injuring yourself.

Hip exercise to produce positive results in your pelvic area by moving your hips in circles (Pelvic-Diet)

hip circles exercise the inner muscles of your pelvic area

Diet Checkpoint

When doing hip circles concentrate on only moving your hips. This is especially important because it is hard not to move your upper body while doing hip circles. In order to do this, retaining a straight axis through your body, flexing your abdominal muscles is the key to doing this exercise right. Practicing in front of a mirror is recommended.

Why hip circles are considered so good for your body?

By doing hip circles, you can strengthen your inner muscles located in your pelvic area. Your inner muscles, located at the core of your body, hold your joint associated with posture together as well as keeping your internal organs from lowering.

Are the exercises I've been doing helping to train my inner muscles?

Your inner muscles are seldom used in our daily lives. For this reason, you can see why you should be worried that they weaken adversely affecting your health. Moreover, it is said to be difficult to concentrate on. That's why even with conventional exercise, working this important muscle group often fails.

Despite the fact that this very important muscle group seems isolated, there are still ways you can attack the problem of how to strengthen your inner muscles and increase your metabolism without putting on a substantial amount of muscle mass.

Benefits that go way beyond your abs

By improving circulation in your body, you reduce swelling caused by edema, have fewer chills, and feel less constipated. These are only some of the benefits that can come along with hip circles. In addition, women with strong inner muscles are said to be less likely to develop menstrual pains, irregularity, and remain fertile for longer periods of time. Strengthening your inner muscles is the key to preventing all kinds of health condition that can be avoided.

In addition, by strengthening the inner muscles of your hip by doing hip circles, you can correct posture related issues such as bowed legs and knock knees, and even boost your bust and help shape your buttocks.

  • Dance off inches in your waist

    Dance off inches in your waist

    Not only does dancing make you more attractive it can help slim down areas of your waist left untouched by conventional exercise.

  • More than just hip circles

    More than just hip circles

    On days you can't make it to the club, hip exercises are just what you need to keep your game strong and your waist thin.

  • Pelvic strengthening exercise

    Pelvic strengthening exercise

    You pelvic area is never too strong for more exercise. Exercising your hips not only help you pass time but gives you more time for youth.