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Water Detox Diet: Cleanse Your Body Only Drinking Water

How are you detoxing your body? Besides fasting there are other options such as the water detox diet.
Cleansing your body only drinking water has never been this easy.

The water detox diet is one of the simplest detox diets around. Just by simply only drinking water throughout the day you can detox your body more efficiently than ever before. Teamed with drinking the right water and timing your drinks right there is no limit to your ability to detox the right way. Quick Detox >>

Does water detox your body?

When it comes to dieting what always seems thrown up in the air is the question, Can water detox your body?  The question is not whether it can but how much water to drink per day to detox your body. You've probably been told before, but this amount is only 1.5 liters a day.

The Water Detox is one of the simplest ways to cleanse your body just by only drinking water you can get the detox you need to flush unwanted toxins out of your body helping you lose weight cleaner with the detox benefits of other water diets to lose weight.

In this detox diet Slism, we will introduce the water detox diet to detox your body only drinking water with rules so simple anyone can do it.

Quick Water Detox

Water Detox Diet!? - Natural Detox Only Drinking Water

One detox diet method that people find to work is the water detox diet only drinking water helping you lose weight the clean way.

How does the water diet for detox work?

Not all weight loss methods are clean. That is to say, just because you lose weight doesn't mean the way you achieved it is clean leaving little influence on the amount of toxins being held up by your body. Only drinking water, you can get the clean feel you need when you are trying to lose weight and detox at the same time, with the water detox diet.

Drinking water helps cleanse your body flushing out potential harmful toxins through your urinary tract. Some say the water detox-cleanse is one of the best way to detox your body without affecting your diet.

Detox your body only drinking water? - It may sound questionable but when followed rule for rule, drinking water may be the best detox method you can take on leaving the smallest possible footprint on your diet.

Which Mineral Water Is It? - Hard Water versus Soft Water

Although you may share the same opinion on water, What's the difference?  It turns out there is more to water than meets the eye. To get the most out of your water detox diet, you are going to need to choose between tap water, mineral water, and other sources of hydration. In particular, mineral water may play a large role in making your water detox work out for the best.

Two types of mineral water you need to focus your attention on are soft and hard water.


Water containing minerals such as calcium and magnesium ions not found in distilled water is considered hard water. On the other hand, soft water is just water with hardness in mg/L less than 120. Conversely, hard water hardness is greater than are equal than 120. Hardness of water is determined by mineral content, pH, and temperature minerals dissolve. An easier way to look at water harness is that soft water contains less mineral content than hard water, whereas hard water is rich in minerals.

Calcium-ions and magnesium found in hard water are said to help remove harmful toxins from your body giving you more leverage when trying to detox. That is why when trying to detox taking these two minerals with you is recommended. How you do that is drinking the right amount of mineral water on a water detox diet.

Mineral water containing calcium and magnesium amongst other minerals may help promote healthy fat burn and a healthy carbohydrate metabolism burning calories fast while helping you get better looking skin and even supplement the daily nutrition you are getting in your diet.

What's the difference between hard and soft water?
Type Hardness Explanation Characteristics
Soft Water Greater than 120 Low calcium and magnesium mineral content. Easy to drink, goes good with Japanese food, preferable type of water for making tea and coffee.
Hard Water Less than 120 Relative high calcium and magnesium ion levels of mineral content. Particular taste, said to soften meat and even used to remove smell.

Benefits of Drinking Calcium and Magnesium Rich Mineral Water Rich
Drinking hard mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium comes with many benefits that you can add to your water detox diet cleansing your body only drinking water. The following are some benefits you can expect to pay off big in your diet.

  • Flush out harmful metallic toxins from your body to bring on the detox!
  • Promote healthy burning of fat an carbohydrates from your balance diet
  • Make your skin look more beautiful giving it a beautiful glistening shine
  • Back up your diet in terms of minerals that you can drink between meals

How to Do the Water Detox? 1.5 Litters a Day and Overdrinking

It is said that in a day, people part with at least 1.5 liters of water a day. That's almost half a gallon! Now you can see why for maintaining health drinking enough water is so important.


The more you drink the more trips you have to go to the ladies room. Simply put this is how the water detox diet helps you detox natural. For people looking to try out the water detox it is recommended to drink 1.5 liters of mineral water per day.

Note that just drinking mineral water alone isn't going to make it work. Here are some tips to get the best detox out of mineral water in your diet.

Drinking 1.5 liters all as once doesn't help you detox!!

Avoid drinking too much water in one sitting to reduce the stress drinking water has one your stomach and kidneys.

A good rule to follow is to never drink more than 1 cup (200cc) at a time. Space out your water breaks taking 9-10 times a day complete your water detox diet with ease drinking 1.5 liters of mineral water.

Just because the water detox diet says you should drink 1.5 liters of water per day, don't push yourself too hard. For people not adjusted to drinking this much water a day going cold turkey is not the way to go.

What does it take to detox only drinking water?

Here is a the key points of the water detox diet plan for detoxing your body only drinking water to be taken as a guide for anyone wishing to try out the water detox for themselves.

  1. Drink 1 and a half liters of mineral water per day
  2. Never drink more than a cup in one sitting
  3. Pace yourself taking 9-10 water breaks throughout the day

Precaution: Don't gulp down water! It may negatively affect the function of your stomach and kidneys.

Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Your Water Detox Diet!!

1. Right After Walking Up

To minimize the influence on your stomach in the morning drinking soft water set at room temperature is highly recommended. The right amount of water right after walking up is said to stimulate your digestive system improving the rhythm of your metabolism promoting helping you detox.

2. Before Eating A Meal

Drinking a glass of water before a meal is said to be helpful when trying to prevent overeating. It is recommended that you drink slowly to allow your stomach time to react to increased activity improving on digestion and nutrient absorption capabilities of your body.

3. Drinking In The Afternoon

After you've already eaten breakfast and are more than ready to start you day, your body is ready for just about anything. At this time, it may be wise to switch your water detox to drinking hard water. For people not able to drink hard mineral water, drinking soft water will suffice.

4. After Sweating And Exercise

Get something carbonated in your body fast! That doesn't mean drinking soda though. Carbonated mineral water may be just what you are looking for to help you lift fatigue and break down lactic acid that is going to make you sore the next day.

5. Right Before You Bathe

When you bathe you sweat. This is helpful for washing away toxins in your body.

6. Prior To Sleeping Hard

Drink soft water that is friendly to your stomach. Warm room temperature water may improve circulation giving your metabolism the boost you need to lose weight easier.

  • Water detox diet plan

    Water detox diet plan

    Just like other water diets the water detox diet comes with benefits you can take home with you for free, because nothing is more friendly than water.

  • Detox drinking water

    Detox drinking water

    Although sweating doesn't make fat cry, loosing fluid is said to help flush toxins from your body. Do make it happen you need the right water diet.

  • Mineral water hardness

    Mineral water hardness

    Depending on the time of day, the right type of mineral water you should be drinking may differ. This water diet comes with a plan that works!