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Sweet Potato Recipe Calories from Satsumaimo to Sweets

All the calories in common recipes using Japanese sweet potatoes on one page.
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Sweet Potato Recipe Calories from Satsumaimo to Sweets

How many calories are in sweet potato foods? - What you will find is a mess far off from what you are actually looking for the calories in recipes with Japanese sweet potatoes. Here we present the calories in the most common sweet potato recipes to get your Japanese diet on the road again.

Many people think that eating Satsuma-imo Japanese sweet potatoes will make you fat. That might be the case in HIGH CALORIE sweet potato recipes such as crispy Tempura or honey glazed Daigaku-imo. On the other hand baked sweet potatoes or steamed sweet potatoes are a whole other story. Despite being the simplest ways to cook sweet potatoes, these sweet potato foods are not as high in calories as you would expect.

Japanese sweet potatoes are an excellent source of dietary fiber. Eating sweet potato skin helps you do both get more fiber in your diet as well as balanced nutrition. You are probably wondering if you can eat sweet potato skin raw.

Here we will introduce calories in foods with Japanese sweet potatoes.

Japanese Sweet Potato (Satsumaimo) - Nutrition Benefits

Before we look at recipe calories for foods made using sweet potatoes, let's just go over calories and nutrition of Satsumaimo sweet potatoes. The per 100g serving size are 132 food calories. Practically speaking, a medium-size Japanese sweet potato is about 200g, which makes it roughly 264 calories each. Another way to look at it is that 1 sweet potato is the caloric equivalent of 1 bowl of white rice.

Now do you still think that eating sweet potatoes will make you fat?

Sweet potatoes by themselves are under 300 calories. This considered would make one believe that the calories in sweet potatoes is not bad at all.

Benefits of sweet potato nutrition

Here is a list of some nutrients found in sweet potatoes along with the benefits in your health and weight loss that you can expect to come in hand especially when dieting with such methods as the Japanese sweet potato diet with 7 reasons you might want to turn to eating sweet potatoes every day.

Dietary Fiber

More fiber in your diet could mean better inhibition of the rise in blood sugar, lower triglyceride levels; improve bowel movements, and promotion healthy gut flora for a stronger intestinal environment.


Carotene acts as provitamin-A becoming a source of vitamin A when your body needs it that cannot be produced by living organisms other than plants. It is said to promote healthy eyes and skin while improving mucous membrane production.

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 also known as thiamine is essential for healthy skin, production of mucous membrane and a strong nervous system as well as how well your body can metabolize carbohydrates into energy. It is only produced by bacteria, fungi, and plants. Eating sweet potatoes give you the vitamin B1 you need to dodge diseases like beriberi.

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B2 plays an important role in your metabolism affecting how well your body is able to metabolize carbs, fat, and protein. A deficiency in vitamin B2 in your diet may slow down your metabolism. Getting enough vitamin B2 in your diet promotes a strong metabolism.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in the health of your skin. Lack of vitamin C in your diet could mean affecting the synthesis of collagen. Most people associate deficiency of vitamin C with scurvy. A person with scurvy falls apart and diets because their body isn't able to build collagen. Vitamin C gives your body what it needs to make collagen.


Potassium is thought to be connected to the prevention of high blood pressure, cerebral stroke, and osteoporosis. The American Heart Association encourages eating potassium rich foods such as sweet potatoes and spinach to lessen the effect sodium has on your body helping you control your blood pressure.


Sweet potato iron prevents of iron deficiency, lifts fatigue, and helps your body maintain stable core body temperature. Dr. Oz says iron is for fighting fatigue. In fact, not getting enough iron is the most common deficiency in the world. Women during their periods are at the greatest risk of developing an iron deficiency.

Although you may be thinking that it doesn't matter how nutritious sweet potatoes are, they are going to make you fat. However, eating sweet potatoes give you dietary fiber and fat burning B vitamins most notably vitamin B2. All that is left to find out is which recipe with sweet potatoes is going to give you sweet potato nutrition without causing you to lose your mind over high calorie consumption.

Japanese Sweet Potato (Satsumaimo) - Recipes Calories

How much calories in sweet potato recipes depends much on how it is prepared. That just goes to say that there are limits to how far you can stretch cooking with oil if you want to stay in good standing in your diet trying to eat low calorie.

A lot of recipes for sweets with Japanese sweet potatoes use too much sugar. Adding this much sugar turns innocent sweet potato based meals into a high calorie meal faster than you know it.

Luckily enough, there are many simple ways to prepare meals with sweet potatoes that give you what you need to cut back on calories.

Steamed Potatoes (1 sweet potato): 264Cal

Steamed sweet potatoes is the simplest recipes using sweet potatoes there is. Using a microwave oven, you can make it with extra time on your hands.

Here is the calorie breakdown for all ingredients used in the recipes.

TOTAL 264kcal

Baked Sweet Potatoes (1 serving): 264Cal

Baked sweet potatoes cooked with heated stone is said to bring out the sweetness in sweet baked potatoes. Although at home you may not have the option of cooking with coal. That just means we have to do our best with what we have, a microwave or an oven. Notice how the calories in baked sweet potatoes is the same as doesn't differ from that of a medium sized sweet potato.

TOTAL 264kcal

Sweet Satsumaimo Amani(1 serving): 153Cal

Cut Japanese sweet potatoes into round slices while letting sit in water for about 15 minutes to remove astringent taste. After placing in water, simmer and remove before turning a blackish color.

WATER 200mL 0kcal
SOY SAUCE 1/2 Tbsp (8g) 7kcal
SUGAR 1 Tbsp (6g) 35kcal
TOTAL 306kcal

Daigaku-Imo (1 serving): 291Cal

Daigakuimo makes a great snack but once you have one it will be hard to stop. Be careful what you ask for. However, frying sweet potatoes is the secret to unlocking the true sweetness of Japanese sweet potatoes. Due to the fact that calories is going to be a big issue, here is the calorie breakdown for Daigaku-imo up to feed up to 4 people depending on how well you spread each ration.

COOKING OIL 20g 185kcal
SUGAR 2 Tbsp (25g) 69kcal
MIRIN SWEET RICE WINE 2 Tbsp (16g) 39kcal
SOY SAUCE 1 Tbsp (46g) 13kcal
ROASTED SESAME SEEDS 1 tsp (2g) 12kcal
TOTAL 582kcal

※Calorie values adjusted for the absorption of cooking oil in deep frying adjusted 10% of oil content.

Sweet Potato Tempura (1 piece): 99.6Cal

Japanese sweet potatoes are well known for their use in Tempura-style dishes that make an excellent complement to any meal as well as being eating as a snack. Due to the fact that it uses cooking oil, you may be thinking that it is going to come high calorie. However, the calories in sweet potato tempura are not as much as you may be thinking.

A whole sweet potato can be used to make 5 pieces each which is sliced into roughly 40g a piece. Here is what the calories for 5 pieces of sweet potato tempura looks like.

COOKING OIL 22 g 204kcal
TEMPURA FLOUR 8.5g 30kcal
TOTAL 498kcal

※Calories values adjusted for the absorption of cooking oil in making tempura to 10% oil content.

Satsumaimo Potato Sweets (1 piece): 137Cal

Satsumaimo Potato Sweets or just Sweet Potato in Japanese is a type of sweet made using Japanese sweet potatoes.

Depending on how it is made the amount of calories may differ. Holding back on the use of fresh cream, butter, and sugar, we are able to reduce calories.

Even when on a diet, Satsumaimo potato sweets made using Japanese sweet potatoes makes a low calorie snack don't you think?

SUGAR 15g 58kcal
EGG YOLK 1 yolk (17g) 66kcal
WHIPPED CREAM 20ml (20g) 85kcal
BUTTER 10g 75kcal
TOTAL 548kcal

If you love the confectionary Satsumaimo potato sweets, then you are going to want to look into calories in Japanese sweets called wagashi. Rumor has it that these sweets contain less calories and or better for your body than traditional western sweets. Come check it out or continue eating that cake.