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The Cookie Diet: Slim Down Eating Japanese Okara Cookies

Everyone's talking about the latest and greatest cookie diet on the diet scene.
Lost weight eating Japanese okara cookies. Tofu in cookies to lower cholesterol.

The Cookie Diet: Slim Down Eating Japanese Okara Cookies

Like your body diet come in all shapes and sizes. What if the diet you were going to lose weight by eating was all about cookies? - Kooky as it sounds. Cookies diets like the Japanese okara cookie diet and other cookie diets are the real deal when it comes to losing weight eating.

What sets the okara cookie diet apart from other cookie diets

With a name like the cookie diet, there are bound to be countless diets that use cookies to help you lose weight. As vast as the cookie diet is after shifting through a few cookie diets what you will find are the following three cookie diet that might be worth considering.

The Japanese cookie diet

Even before Snookies cookies was baking cookies for big-wig Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman and Justin Timberlake who mentions Snookie and her cookies in the Hollywood box-office hit, Social Network, there were people eating okara or tofu cookies in Japan. Then, eventually the Japan cookie diet to lose weight by eating okara cookies came to be. Now there is no shortage of people picking up okara cookies to lose weight eating.

Okara cookies

soy bean and okara

Okara cookies are a different breed of cookies than tofu cookies.
First and foremost despite being a byproduct of soy beans okara isn't exactly tofu.
Okara comes from the manufacturing process of soy milk and tofu. In other words it's the leftovers. It is no more than the pump that doesn't go into the production of tofu and soy milk. However, soy milk and tofu may contain traces of okara or soy pulp, it is very important to note that tofu and okara are two different beasts even though they are both the spawn of our friend the soy bean.
So why would anyone bother using it?
Flavor-less as it may be okara full of soy bean nutrition that gets squeezed out trying to make soy milk and tofu. It's just pulp. What do you expect?
Okara is the best tasting pulp you are ever going to eat. Of course, that is only when combined with other foods are using to bake cookies.

Tofu cookies

As an offshoot of the vegan baking movement, tofu cookies are made using tofu instead of eggs to lower cholesterol in baked goods such as cookies.
Vegans love it!
Using tofu to bake goods such as cookies as an egg substitute is one of the easiest ways to lower your cholesterol.
There are many different types of tofu including firm tofu and silken tofu to name a few. However, the best cholesterol lowering egg substitute amongst soy products is said to be silken tofu. Unlike firm tofu, silken tofu has a creamy consistency which best mimics the texture of eggs especially when baking cookies.
Cookies made using tofu instead of eggs help lower the cholesterol as well as helping you balance nutrition in your diet incorporating nutrients from soy in every bite of tofu cookies.

Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet

In the states the cookie diet took off like a rocket.
Dr. Siegal's cookie diet took the diet scene by storm. Infamous as it was in the world of fad diets, everyone who is anyone including Jersey Shore's own Snookie was up on it.
Lose weight by eating was the game. All it took was eating a Dr. Siegal's every 2 hours from the time you wake up till you go to sleep followed by a big generous meal that kind of makes you worry about eating too much in one sitting.
The philosophy was that you feel less hungry through the day spending less time between meals not eating but instead snacking.

Snookie on the cookie diet

Even though Dr. Siegal's cookie diet didn't make its way into catchy phrases of Hollywood movies like Snookies Cookies did, doesn't mean it didn't get its own fair share on the boob-tube.
Considering the fact that Americans are rumored to watch the most television in the world, that is may come out to more air-time spent by Justin Timberlake in Social Networks. If you spend more than 34 hours a week watching live television you know exactly what I mean.
Snookie is no beginner when it comes to weight loss and neither is any self-proclaimed bigwig celebrity.
Taking breaks from the usual 7 day workout routine that she bolsters like doing calisthenics dressed in a pink and black outfit calling it easy, she explores other options.
As you would expect from a Jersey girl, she made it clear she was going on a cookie diet.
Call it a deal; losing 5 pounds on a 6 cookie a day diet isn't easy unless you are Snookie. In her embrace holding on tight to a gigantic bigger than Snookie sized bottle of Corona Light, the cookie diet was over but that wasn't the last time we saw Snookie.
She'll be back!
Maybe this time she might even consider the okara cookie diet.

Snookies Cookies

Snookies Cookies not to be confused with Snookie on the cookie diet in any way shape or form is a cookie shop famous for high class clientele such as larger than life always looking for a way to promote Hollywood actors and actresses.
The cookie store was so popular that when it became known that titans of the movie industry like Clint Eastwood were eating these cookies, people began to wonder about what's so special about Snookies Cookies.
Hollywood under-hill started to take notice. After thorough investigation which I suspect only paparazzi ninjas were able to get away with, the Hollywood cookie diet was born.

The Hollywood cookie diet

Hollywood cookie diet meal replacements have become a household name right next to slim fast. They can be bought just about anywhere online or at your local wholesale store in large quantities. Fundamentally speaking, the method differs very little from other cookie diets. As effective as they may be carrying out the Hollywood cookie diet is not recommended for long periods of time. Please consult with a physician before proceeding.

How the cookie diet eating okara cookies to lose weight works

Like other cookie diets, the okara cookie diet is simple. In order to lose weight eating all it takes is replacing your meals with cookies to reduce calorie intake without feeling hunger by increasing the number of times you eat throughout the day.

Method - Replacement diet

The Japanese okara cookie diet like other cookie diets is a replacement diet. What that means it requires replacing a meal with cookies. Note that it should not be carried out over long periods of time. Best results can be achieved over a course of a week. If at any time you feel a little unsteady, revert back to eating as you would normally.

Eat okara cookies 3 meals a day replacing breakfast lunch and dinner with okara cookies.

You are going to have to choose between eating three meals a day eating anything or replacing the three meals you would normally eat with okara cookies.

What it takes to lose weight

Just when you thought you had it all figured out and were ready to start on the okara cookie diet, there is more.
Here are the basic rules of this cookie diet to follow along the way as you lose weight by eating.

Eat 5-10 okara cookies a day in replacement of meals

Depending on how many cookies it take a day to pin down your hunger whether you choose to eat between meals are save the cookies you get to eat in a day for meal time, limiting your intake of cookies to between five and ten okara cookies with make sure you don't overeat when hunger strikes back.

Focus on hydration

Eating okara cookies is going to make your mouth dry to say the least. As increased fiber in your diet calls for better hydration, you are going to want to pay special attention on how you are hydrating your body. That means drinking enough water to keep from becoming dehydrated.

Benefits of eating okara cookies for losing weight eating right

No one would even doing something as outlandish as going on a cookie diet if there were no benefits of eating okara cookies. Would you?
You wouldn't (or at least let's hope not).
Whether you are doing to be like Snookie or for the benefits it brings to your diet helping you lose weight eating, here are a few ways that eating okara cookies may help you.

Control your hunger

Hunger takes a toll not just on your body as you start to lose face with nutrition in your diet that you need to stay health but also on your mind as your fight for better days without hunger pains. The cookie diet was created out of the demand of people looking to control hunger.

Lose weight by eating

Controlling your hunger is often associated with losing or maintaining weight. Conversely, not being able to control your hunger leads to overeating that spells out weight gain if you are not careful. The cookie diet gives you a means to an end for hunger allowing you to lose weight by simply eating.

Lower cholesterol

Fiber rich diets are said to help lower cholesterol. With okara cookies you are in luck because on top of containing soy nutrition okara cookies have more fiber than regular cookies serving as a cholesterol lowering agent.

Dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is an essential nutrient to your digestion system. Getting enough fiber in your diet can mean the difference between being able to lower cholesterol in your diet or having your cholesterol level increase.

Balance your diet

The main reason why okara cookies are even considered as a meal replacement diet is that they hold valuable nutrition while having very little calories.


Calcium is essential for building strong bones and maintaining bone health. Ultimately, the amount of calcium you get in your diet plays an important role in how well you age giving you what it takes to fight off osteoporosis and other early signs of aging.


Iron is essential for blood health. Not getting enough iron could mean developing an iron deficiency especially important for ladies before after and between periods. Okara cookies are rich in iron.

Soy isoflavones

Okara cookies are rich in soy isoflavones. Soy isoflavones promote healthy bones as wells as working the same way as the female hormone estrogen. 

Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin is in okara cookies. Lecithin gives you choline, a substance promoting cellular health.

Bottom line on okara cookies and eating cookies for weight loss

No diet is perfect and neither is the okara cookie diet. Besides avoiding practicing the diet for more than a few days or a week, there are some precautions you need to take into consideration before starting on a cookie diet of your own.

Too much fiber

Fiber in your diet isn't a bad thing. In fact, there are many benefits to a fiber rich diet. However, too much fiber in your diet may have dire consequences.


Diarrhea is every dieter's nightmare.
Not only does it take you out of the game for a few days. It has the potential of putting your weight on the rebound due to the fact that it may affect your ability to pick up valuable nutrients you need to stay healthy.
Too much fiber in your diet may result in unwanted diarrhea.
Since okara cookies are rich in fiber there is a chance that you could get too much fiber in your diet. That is why you should never cross the line eating more okara cookies than directed by the prescribed diet method.

Too much iron

Getting more iron than you are supposed to affects your digestion system potentially causing indigestion.


Indigestion bloating and heartburn run in parallel if you get too much iron in your diet. Okara cookies are high in iron, which if eating in large amount have the potential to trigger indigestion.