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How Timing Can Help You Accurately Measure Weight And Body Fat Diet Progress

Does the body fat your scale is reading have you worried?
Don’t let false readings keep your from accurately tracking your diets progress.
Find out how you to can get an honest opinion.

As women we are always conscious about our weight, stepping on the scale first thing in the morning and shortly after using the bathroom. Even the slightest loss in weight gives us hope that we are making progress in our diet. That is why it is not uncommon for people to ride their scale monitoring their weight several times a day. The problem is in knowing what time of the day you should be weighing yourself, i.e. the time of the day that you are happiest about what you read off the scale.

In addition to allowing you to monitor you weight, scales nowadays come with many other useful built-in functions, such as being able to monitor your body composition. It's now possible to be able to check you body fat percentage in the privacy of your own home. Just as you would monitor your weight, staying on top of you body fat percentage makes and excellent metric when tracking your diet's progress, finding the right composition that is right for you.

It's perfectly natural to be worried about whether or not you are doing it right. That is why in this column we are going to look various ways to properly and accurately measure your weight and body fat percentage. Let's get started and see what you have been forgetting.

Correct way to weigh yourself that nobody told you about

Although it is said that you weight reads about half a pound lighter when stepping on the front of the scale and depending on where you weigh yourself the reading you get may differ. Don't fool yourself; stepping on the scale centering your body in middle of the scale gives you more accurate readings. It's important to remain consistent in your reading, checking your weight at the same location, always standing in the middle of the scale. No tricks necessary, lets start on the right foot and do it the right way.

In addition, it is not recommended for accuracy that you weight yourself on an unsteady surface such as that of a carpet or any other elevate movable surface for that matter. In that respect, try to find a hard sturdy surface such as the flooring in your bathroom or hardwood to place your scale before weighing.

Does the time you weight yourself even matter?

There are no studies indicating without a doubt that weighing yourself at one time of the day is better than another. However, as you track you progress in weight over time, it is necessary that keep things consistent, weighing yourself under the same conditions every time. The right timing is the time of the day that you are able to consistently weight yourself. Whether this time is right after you wake up or after using the bathroom in the morning is up to you. What's most important is that it is conveniently repeatable.

As you may be aware, you weight changes throughout the day when you eat, sweat, and drink fluids. This is why it you may want to check your weight after waking up or before eating breakfast. Note that as good as the advice is, what is important is finding what is right for you, so if you for example exercise everyday and like to check your weight before and after working out that is okay too. You are always in charge.

What if you want to check your weight several times a day?

As mentioned previously, checking your weight every day always under the same conditions is in your favor; however while making adjustments required by your lifestyle, there may be a particular part of your day that you would like to know how much you weight at. That is why besides weighing yourself first thing in the morning or before breakfast, you may prefer to do so for example, after taking a bath, before going to bed, or after working out.

Measuring you body fat percentage the right way

You body fat is measured indirectly by passing current through your body and measuring its resistivity. Current reacts differently to fat than muscle. This is what allows your body fat to be measured without pinching your skin with a caliper like they use to do in the old days.

When measuring you body fat special care needs to be taken, especially after eating and around the time you take a shower. It is possible that measuring you body fat around these times can greatly affect your readings, giving you surprising results. This is why you should refrain from measuring you body fat at these times to avoid false readings and misinterpretation. Depending on which time you choose to measure you body fat percentage, results may vary. Early mornings are known to be high, whereas right after working out is known to be low. Take this into consideration when planning when to track you body fat percentage.

It is said that by waiting 2 hours letting time pass after eating, taking a shower, and exercise can greatly improve the accuracy in measuring your body fat. This is not the only why to lock down accurate readings when measuring body fat. People our constitutionally different and can often be found to differ in lifestyle greatly. Finding the right time that works for your day is all about good timing and knowing yourself.

Depending on the scale you use, your body fat readings may differ?

There are many companies out there putting out scales that have build-in functionality to measure your body composition as well as body fat percentage. The inner working of how each scale makes measurements differ from company to company, which is why you likely to get different readings depending on which scale you use.

You may have noticed this when checking your body fat at the gym. The reading you got may have differed from what you are use to getting at home. To avoid confusion, it is better that you learn to trust one scale and stick with the readings it is giving you. This will make a difference in tracking minute changes in your body's body fat composition. Trust you scale.

Important things to remember when checking your weight and body fat

Checking you weight and body fat percentage is not only important in knowing when your body is undergoing changes, it also serves as a way to check up on your health. So as you make progress throughout your diet and exercise program, it's imperative that you keep in mind that above tracking your weight and body fat over time, you are looking to know your body better. Once you understand your body, and then is it that can begin to shape it with your will.

Ride the wave, don't to stress out over little loss and gains here and there

Don't treat you weight as if it were the stock market. It is common for you bodies weight to fluctuate throughout the course of a day, or weeks. You weight going up 1lb shouldn't be the cause of you to bottom out. The secret to dealing with this stress is to always keep the big picture in mind. If you are looking to lose weight, this might mean that you give yourself some breathing room before making reform changing the course of your diet. Be able to differentiate what is a trend and what may be bad timing. In either case, don't let a few pounds through you off balance. It's not a sprint; it's a marathon.

Misinterpretation between weight loss and slimming down

If you are currently on a diet, then you may find it hard not to worry about your weight. Along the way, you exercise shaving off body fat. However, though exercise you managed to put on muscles mass. In this case, you step on the scale and notice that you've actually gained weight. “How does this happen?" you might be asking yourself. Just because you may have put on weight doesn't indicate that you diet went in the wrong direction. Don't let the scale fool you, focusing too much on how much you way and not enough on how you feel. Since getting into shape, you may have developed a newfound sense of youth, contributing to you overall well-being. Balancing how much you weigh with how you feel is the secret to any diet's success.

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