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Prank or Be Pranked: 8 Irresistible April Fools’ Day Pranks

If you are wondering how to celebrate April Fools’, you should know that there are many pranks and tricks you could set up that will make everybody laugh. Just make sure you don’t target just one person or they will feel picked on.

April Fools' Day Prank Ideas You Must Try

April Fools’ is a great excuse to prank the people you love and don’t love. There are numerous April Fools’ day pranks you could put in motion when the time comes. If you are a beginner prankster, you should be looking for easy pranks, but if you have some experience in the matter, there are some awesome April Fools’ day pranks for you to try.

A guy with silver wig holding a banana.

The only rule is that you should make sure nobody will get seriously upset because of your pranks. This is a day everybody should be able to enjoy. On the other hand, you have to be prepared to be pranked as well.

The Best April Fools' Day Pranks that Will Give You a Good Laugh But Will Not Offend Anybody So Everybody Will Enjoy this Day

So, which are the best April Fools' day pranks? Choose from our list of 8 irresistable ones and make this day truly memorable for your friends and family.

Make the milk… Blue

In case you are looking for April Fools' day pranks ideas, you should think about what you family or partner does each morning. Most probably they drink a glass of milk. If this is the case, you could use milk to prank them. All you have to do is to add some blue food coloring to the pitcher.

A bottle with blue milk and white mug with a smiling face on it.

This is one of the good April Fools' day pranks especially because nobody will get hurt. Just watch the face of people as they pour milk in their cups. Once you had your fun you should tell them that it’s only food coloring so that they don’t throw the milk out. It would be a pity.

Play with breakfast

If you are living with your parents or your boyfriend, here are some jokes for April Fools' day: sweep sugar with salt and watch people put it in their coffee. Remember that your dad or boyfriend didn’t have their morning coffee yet so they might not fully appreciate your prank. This is why you should have a second cup at hand, just in case.

A cup of black tea, jar with sugar and a flower.

Another one of the April Fools' day tricks you could try is to take the cereals out of their boxes and mix them up. Then just wait and see how long it takes for people to find their favorite cereal.

Play Cinderella

The people wondering how to celebrate April Fools' should know that the best way to celebrate is to prank others. Naturally you shouldn’t get upset if you get pranked either. A nice way to prank others is to stuff something in their shoes so that they won’t fit anymore. Make sure you’re not too obvious about it so that you will make them wonder. Most probably you don’t know which pair they are going to wear the following day, so you might have to “work” with several pairs.

A pair of black sneakers.

Mix the drinks

There are numerous April Fools' day ideas to be thinking about, especially if you have friends coming over. Let’s face it, your friends must be very brave to go over on such a special day. In order to prank them, you should add some lemon juice to water. Wait to see your friends’ faces.

Sliced lemon thrown into the air.

As another option, you could also think about coloring plain water so that it will look like some kind of fruit juice. Serve it to your friends and just wait for their reaction. After such a prank you should expect to be pranked as well.

Pinch the cup

If you’re not up for more elaborate pranks, there are some simple April Fools' day pranks that you could think about too. As an example, if the people in your household use disposable cups, you should make small holes to the sides of one cup and put it back on top of the stack.

Transparent plastic cup with sliced lime in it.

Than just make sure you will be around when someone drinks from it and gets the drink all over his shirt. This prank works the best with water. Make sure they don’t drink anything that stains or the joke’s really going to be on the person who has to do laundry.

For tech savvy people

This one of the pranks for April Fools' day will work for people who aren’t really tech savvy. What you have to do is to take a screenshot of their screen and open the picture. When they sit to their computer they will simply freak that it has frozen. Make sure to tell them it is a joke before they call the repairman.

Closed laptop, glasses and a mouse.

As another idea, you could stick a post-it note to the bottom of their mouse. This way the pointer won’t work. For sure they will pick the mouse up to see what’s happening, so you should write on the note “April Fools'”.

Daylight saving time

The truth is that nobody likes to wake up early in the morning, especially if they don’t have to. If you know why do we celebrate April Fools', it is a must for you to prank somebody. All you have to do is to set all the clocks in the house an hour or two early. This means that people will wake up way ahead of time.

Black and gray photo of a big clock in a station

Once they realize you have pranked them you should expect them to be quite cranky. This is why it might be best to offer them to take them out for breakfast. This way they won’t be so upset with you that you have stolen an hour of their sleep.

Have some fun with food

A lot of people don’t know why we celebrate April Fools’, but if you do, you are bound to trick people. You could have some fun with their food. For instance, you could switch the cream of Oreo biscuits with toothpaste. As another option, you could get some donuts with powder sugar. Remove the sugar and add baking soda. This won’t hurt anybody, but the donuts will have a horrible taste.

Two doughnuts sprinkled with sugar.

Have you ever asked why do we celebrate April Fools' day? Although it’s not a national holiday, for sure everybody likes to have some fun on this day with the people they love.