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4 Types Of Diets To Match Your Blood Type As Well As Your Personality

Find that the Atkins diet isn't working for you? The reason why may be biological, in your blood, carved into you the makeup of your DNA. Knowing yourself is the first step towards a diet with balance.

What's your type? In Japan, it is common place for people to look at their blood type to gain insight on their personality traits! It is so popular in circles of Japanese women that it can be thought as a sole indicator when determining compatibility between couples. Are you my (blood) type?

The traits that make up your personality can often be mapped back to what your blood type is. Although the information out there regarding blood type personality traits may match some people, that doesn't mean there aren't people out there that play by an entirely different drum.

Early humans (our ancestors) gradually split into different families, each with its own dominant blood type. It's the diet we've inherited from our ancestors (blood type) really right for us. Although blood type (including your personality) doesn't determine everything, you shouldn't be surprised if it actually does a little.

Blood type with short history and dual personality - AB

The prevalence of people with AB blood type is said to come into play more recently years, the last thousand or so. The birth of the AB blood type is a rarity that often occurs when a child is conceived between parents of each blood type. The combination of both blood types, allowing the characters of each type to be present at the same time is said to be no less than genius.

Relating to your diet, people with AB blood type have the healthy advantage of being part of both groups, substantially diversifying the foods they are likely to eat. However, the same can't be said for the reverse. In the same way, the foods that people with AB blood type may differ from eating the same types of food that A / B people would also. 

Behind what blood type you may belong to, the foods you eat aren't necessarily dictated your blood type. Even if your blood type shows data indicating that should be eating a certain food, you may differ as a matter of preference. People of the AB blood type are encouraged to eat dairy products, and green vegetables; and told to avoid red meat. In the case when eating meats, it is recommended that you do this taking bromelain, a digestive enzyme found in pineapples often used when tenderizing meat.

People with AB blood type are known to have their body temperature cool down easily. This is why taking that into consideration, AB people may want to exercise more to improve circulation warming up the body. It's often said that activities such as dancing or yoga can help you get the job done.

Blood type of the original settlers and spirit of farming - A

People with A blood type (A people) are known by for their strong sense of responsibility, seriousness, and ability to make sound decisions. The tendency of trying to solve problems by alone is said to cause them to build up stress easily.

Predecessors of the A people often were farmers who depended on grains and vegetables as staples in their diet. Shortly after the rise of the human race, people depending primarily on meat to survive drastically changed their lifestyle starting to look more towards grains and vegetables. The utter dependence on meat as a food source was now unnecessary. Communities were around farming, and people began to life together, sharing a lifestyle not that different than what we have today. Here it is said that the A people came into being.

Therefore, you would think that A people would find a diet centered grains and vegetables most suitable. People of blood type A are well adapted to eating grains and their bodies handle carbohydrates better than other groups. This is why eating oatmeal is okay; but on the other hand eating too much meat will makes it easy to gain weight. You may also by lactose intolerant. So if you have trouble when drinking milk, it might be because you are an AB person.

A people are said to often suffer from fatigue, so you may want to consider lightening the load in your workout everyone in a while. Exercises such as golf or Tai Chi that show results (calming effect) as you exercise are recommended.

Blood type of immigration and nomadic nature - B

The human race as made much progress since its birth, having its numbers grows steadily around its settlements. It is said that nomadic lifestyle began as agriculturist choose to separate from their settlements to see towards new areas.

Out of this movement, it is said that the B blood type was born. People of with B type blood are often said to have a personality characterized by being self paced, making their likes and dislikes apparent, and have many interests. It is said the food such as dairy products, eggs, and liver or most suitable (encourage weight loss) for people with B type blood. On the other hand, foods such as wheat and peanuts should be avoided as B people are prone to gaining weight by eating them.

Exercise that can be done at home while watching TV is recommended for people with blood type B. This may have something to do with B-people mutating off of A-people, so it not surprising that they are similar.

Oldest blood type giving you heightened perception - O

The first people to walk the earth are said to all have the same blood type, O. These old-bloods were gifted with superb sensory abilities that made them a hunting people who ate mostly meat. Type-O people today like the people that came before them share the same steal belly digestives system, containing ample stomach acid, giving them more immunity than people with different blood types. However, there is one food that people with type-O blood should be wary about that is grains. It is said that type-O people are prone to gaining weight when eating grains.

The eating habits that are most suitable for O peoples are starting with something rich in protein (meat) and finishing with fruit, fish, or sea foods. If you are an O person then you may be able to see results fast. Workouts such as resistance training allowing you to train your muscles directly are recommended if you are a person with type O blood.

  • The Settler (Type A Blood)

    The Settler (Type A Blood)

    Work hard in the fields. Eat hearty meals of grains and rice. Take a load of everyone in a while you deserve it.

  • The Hunter (Type O Blood)

    The Hunter (Type O Blood)

    Eat as much as you want as long as its meat. Refrain from eating to much grains. Exercise and get protein.

  • The Nomad (Type B Blood)

    The Nomad (Type B Blood)

    Your travels have brought you far. By eating eggs and dairy products you can keep your weight off. Beware nuts.

  • The Hybrid (Type AB Blood)

    The Hybrid (Type AB Blood)

    With twin lineage, you inherit the benefits of your forefathers' diet; however on the other side, the same can be said about what not to eat.