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8 Magical Things to Say to Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Smile

Have you ever wondered if there are any secret words or phrases that, you can say to your boyfriend to make him appreciate you more? Of course there are! Stay tuned for our wise phrases!

8 Things to Say to Your to Him to Make Him Smile

Have you ever wondered why some men stick to one woman their whole lives? Here, we exclude the cheaters from the start. If a woman has her way with words, she will get on the good side of the man, and stay there, for good.

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Words can be powerful, so make sure you transfer all the positive emotions and energy through your words and onto your boyfriend.
These are our little suggestion of things to tell your boyfriend that will make him eat right out of your hand.

Say These 8 Things to Your Boyfriend and He Will Love the Way Your Relationship Is Going Not to Mention Make Him Smile

There's a lot of things you can tell your boyfriend to raise his level of happiness. Indeed, there are; which ones do you get the best results from? Yes; here is what to say to a guy you like to make him not just like you but love you more!

I’m proud of you

Let him know that, every time he deserves it

You should always compliment your man. If he deserves it. Just as ladies love the complements, men enjoy being praised once in a while. Once you say that you are proud of him, he will feel more confident, because he is your hero and pride. And men love to save the day and be the macho man. Let’s indulge them from time to time. After all, you too enjoy a man that makes you feel pride and amazes you with his abilities or acts of kindness. Isn’t that a lovely feeling? Makes you feel more and more in love with each other.

Thank you

Show that you are grateful

Don’t ask yourself what to tell your boyfriend on a daily basis to make him want to stay with you. It’s not really that complicated. It could be a simple thank you for opening the door for you, or for something bigger that he did... Like love you for example? In any case this is one of those magical things to say that will make him feel happy. He will know he has done well, and he will be motivated to do well! Never underestimate the power of words.

She checked you out

He is a hottie and he should know it

Don’t get all crazy when a girl checks him out. Be happy about it. He is with you and that hot stud is all yours. Let him know that you noticed that, and don’t be mad, show your appreciation. Tell your boyfriend that he is handsome and that you are so lucky to have him in your life. It does sound to corny and romantic, but every relationship needs that moment. He will feel good about himself, but what’s more, he will feel good about your relationship because you value him and don’t take him for granted.

I can’t stop thinking about last night

Every guy needs a pat on the back

These are one of the things to say to your boyfriend and often if you can! If you went out and had an amazing date or even an amazing walk where you really connected with each other, then you should definitely let him know that. Make him feel wanted, and you will do that by saying what’s on your mind. Not just any little sentiment, but try to emphasize the impression the date has left on you. He has to know you can’t get him out of your mind, without getting that creepy feeling. So make sure it’s the day after something fun or wonderful happened with you two.

My friend loves those earrings you gave me

His gifts are precious and everyone should know that

There are also some cute things to say to your boyfriend. Be appreciative of anything he gives you, or makes for you. Tell him that your co-worker couldn’t stop admiring the earrings he gave you, and that you boasted about how your sweetheart gave it to you. You can always exaggerate a little, for the dramatic effect and say that he has the best taste ever! He’ll be thrilled that he impressed both you and your friends!

Wanna bet?

Tease him, and make your relationship fun

Try to challenge your relationship in little things. Say these words if you want to guess which football team is going to win the cup, or how your favorite show is going to end. He will love doing the little competitions with you. It will bring you closer together while you participate in these little games, and, it will reflect on your relationship in the bedroom – positively. Get ready for some sparks.

You have to get some sleep

Acknowledge that he is a human being

Sometimes, men can get frustrated. Don’t expect them to do everything for you, at any time, at any given moment. Try to relax your man. If he is tired, say this sentence to him and you will give him a boost of positive energy and encouragement. You need to stand by your man and let him know that you are there for him, and understand him. And just like you get frustrated and tired from time to time, so does he. That’s where rest really kicks in, but sometimes you need someone to push you into the sleep.

8 o’clock at the bar, meet you there

Be spontaneous and make it exciting

Have a date night, but not the usual one where both of you know it’s coming up. No, surprise him. Send him a text message while he is at work, or even go to his office while he has a break and leave him a little note. Tell him the place and time where you will meet for a drink. Although it may appear strange to him at first, he will surely enjoy the surprise and adrenalin that he will get by going to an unknown adventure.

In no time, the winds of change will come

These are the best things to say to your man that will really spark up the relationship as well as get you closer. If you are a positive person, and speak encouraging words when your partner deserves it, it will have a great effect on your relationship. Both of you will be more happy and fulfilled and in no time, he will start giving back all the praise and love you throw his way.