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Your Sugar Addiction: 9 Ways Sugar is Killing You Slowly

Put down that cupcake. Don’t even thinking about it. Going for a run afterwards may burn off the calories, but that sugar stays and is absorbed in your body. Sugar addiction is no joke, these are the ways it is harmful for your health.

Your Sugar Addiction is the Silent Killer

Those chocolate, doughnuts, and soda binges on the weekend. It seems so harmless. Just sitting there waiting to be enjoyed. You've earned it from a hard week. But make no mistake; they are drugs. The difference is that sugar doesn't have such a bad stigma surrounding it as other poisonous drugs. But it is just as dangerous, because it kills you slowly. You will have to live with crippling health issues for the rest of your life. And in some cases it can be worse than death. Don't be one of those people. There is one thing that you know you need to eliminate from your diet, and it's entirely possible for you to do it. A sugar addiction cure can be found with some self-restraint and knowledge about the dangers of sugar.

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Sugar Addiction Problems

1. Insulin Spikes

The insulin spikes resulting from sugar trigger your nervous system and then result in an immediate crash afterward. Doing this too often will raise you blood pressure and cause weight gain eventually.

2. Allergies

That's right. Sugar can actually cause food allergies and other allergies too. Allergies are an annoying health problem that can't be cured but only temporarily relieved.

3. Obesity

Obesity strikes where there is sugar in abundance. Try getting fat on vegetables and fruits; it's a very difficult thing to do. Sugar, on the other hand, has the effect of blowing us up like a balloon.

4. Cancerous

Sugar contributes to cancer and helps cancer cells grow in our bodies. Scary thought, and is starting to be realized by mainstream science.

5. Vitamin Deficiency

If you have a vitamin deficiency, it means you aren't eating the right foods. It's likely that you are eating processed foods instead, with low nutritional value and a lot of sugar.

6. Illness

Sugar addiction can cause many physical illnesses in ways that other foods cannot. Danger of sugar can be seen in the addiction itself that causes us to feel sick after sugar binges.

7. Aging Quickly

Eat enough sugar and you will start to notice your health deteriorate. Part of this is an increase in the functions responsible for aging hormones in your body.

8. Dehydration

Dehydration happens when we are low on fluids. Eating sugar replaces our need for water. Sugar absorbs the fluids from our body, and in excess can lead to being chronically dehydrated.

9. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a result of sugar spiking our insulin levels. High blood pressure can cause many serious health conditions later in life.

The more sugar you eat, the more you want. It's a never-ending cycle of satisfying your sugar cravings. A sugar addiction will leave you tolerant of sugar to the point where you aren't even interested in vegetables or any food with nutrition anymore. Being addicted to sugar can get worse over time until someone finds out all of the ways that sugar is killing them slowly. If you have sugar addiction symptoms, then you may still have time to undo the damage. Save your own life before it's too late.

Little Do They Know that Their Sugar Addiction to Sugary Sweets Makes them More Likely to Pick Sugary Foods Over Real Food Afterward

Before your next snack, consider the options. Don't just reach for your first impulse. The implications of a sugar addiction are looming large around every corner.

1. Sugar Increases Insulin Levels

Whenever you eat a simple carbohydrate like white bread, your insulin sensitivity is being decreased. Every time you have a candy bar, your insulin level spikes. If your insulin spikes enough, you become tolerant of the spikes in your blood pressure and becoming a sugar addict becomes inevitable. Then processed foods with tons of sugar will seem like a rational choice to you. The more sugar you eat, the more worn out your insulin sensitivity becomes. It's a vicious cycle towards needing a sugar addiction detox and eventually diabetes.

2. Food Allergies

Did you know that a diet heavy in sugar can create new allergies for yourself? Especially food allergies. If you never had any food allergies before, you will develop them with a poor diet high in sugar. Allergies being genetic is a common fallacy. Many are developed by our environments, including an addiction to sugar. What we put into our bodies on a regular basis is a big deciding factor on our overall health. Allergies are a flaw in our bodily functioning that can only be caused after years of poisoning our bodies with substances such as refined sugar.

3. Weight Gain

This should come as no surprise. The American diet is becoming increasingly sugar-based, and more people are getting fat. Sugar in our diets is accepted, despite the fact that it is making society sicker as a whole. Obesity makes life harder. You are eating more, and your organs function less efficiently. Being obese significantly decreases your lifespan by many years. The culprit is sugar, and a sugar addiction can be cured in order to live a healthy life.

4. Sugar Can Lead to Cancer

Eating too much sugar can help cancer cells grow inside your body. This sounds like a radical assumption, but the increasing rates of cancer have to be explained by something. With all of these different types of sugar in our foods, the rate at which things are contributing to cancer are exponentially increasing. Medicine can't keep up with the cases of cancer, because the disease is constantly evolving. Cancer is a slow degenerative disease that is brought on by poison in our bodies. It doesn't just happen by itself. Something is feeding the cancer, and the main problem is sugar. Seek sugar addiction help, because cancer is more famous than sugar as the silent killer.

5. Vitamin Deficiencies

Well with all that sugary food you're eating, there are bound to be foods that you aren't eating. Those foods you aren't eating contain the nutrition you need to live a healthy life. Sugars have no nutritional properties, only addictive properties. The sweets and processed foods are empty calories that provide no benefit to yourself in the long-term. Enjoy yourself in the moment too much and there will be consequences later on. This is seen in our poor diet and health problems.

6. Various Physical Ailments of the Sugar Crash

If you've binged on sugar, you can already attest to the feeling of the inevitable sugar crash afterward. Similar to a caffeine crash, you feel sluggish. More often than not it will come with other certain "hangover" effects, such as headaches and dizziness. This is your body's way of telling you that you had too much sugar. Your body can only tolerate so much of a poisonous substance before it starts fighting backs. Those migraines are a serious indication that your health is in danger. Too many experiences like that require sugar addiction treatment and it won't be long before a hospital visit is in your future.

7. Premature Aging

Like other self-destructive habits such as smoking and drinking, consuming sugar in large quantities will make you look older a lot more quickly. The evidence will be seen in the wrinkles in your skin and sunken eyes. The sugar absorbs and leeches off of our youth and vibrant energy like every other drug does. Sugar will make you more lethargic, and weaken your bones so fast that no amount of calcium can undo the damage.

8. Reduces the Fluids in Your Body

Our body is mostly made of up fluids, like the Earth's surface. Over time, your body's fluids will dry up the older you get. Sugar speeds up the process in fluid retention. You need to be drinking water, firstly. That will stop sugar cravings. Otherwise, you eat sugar and you will no longer want to drink water. If you aren't getting enough fluids, then you will find them in sugary foods in order to satisfy your cravings. People with a sugar addiction are always starved of fluids, thus why they are dehydrated so often.

9. Leads to High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the cause of many serious medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease and heart disease among others. You don't want high blood pressure at an early age. It is difficult and an intensive process to undo. This is why sugar should be avoided at all costs. Obesity, high blood pressure, and sugar are all interrelated and they all feed each other. To end the problem, sugar should be the first thing to go from your diet.