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How Bad Is It? 3 Dangers of Sugar That Could Ruin Your Life

One of the main dangers of sugar is that it is addictive. It is cheap and it is abundant, and available everywhere. Be careful and learn to read the labels of the foods you buy, as there are many types of sugar. Some are less healthy than others.

The dangers of sugar are bad

When thinking of sugar, what are the first words that come to mind? If some of the words addiction, poison, and toxic aren’t among them: then I suggest reading on. Added sugar has become an accepted part of the average American diet. There is almost no way around it anymore.

box of chocolates

Before you find yourself sitting in a room alone with someone with no lack of greys asking how bad is it? knowing about the dangers of sugar should be high on your to do list. Hence, you are in the write place, stepping off the tracks of ruin-your-life and stepping on the tracks of run-my-life. Congrats!

Previously, we’ve seen how to maintain weight by moderating consumption levels. That was easy. Now, we attack diet’ worst enemy, sugar. If you improve upon your chances of maintaining your weight, you must limit sugar in your diet at all costs. Buying and cooking your own food from the supermarket isn’t good enough if you don’t check the food labels. Everything is loaded with artificial sweeteners, processed ingredients, and hydrogenated oils. Even the additional sugar in one-hundred-percent-fruit-juices are detrimental to your health.

The Dangers of Sugar Can be Devastating when Not Consumed in Moderation. The Health Risks Associated with Sugar Will Leave You Wondering Why it is Not Regulated

Maybe you will think twice before having that soda or binging on the whole carton of Oreos after you read some of these facts about the dangers of sugar.

Sugar Feeds Cancer Cells

You aren’t the only one with a sweet tooth. Cancer cells grow and are even caused by too much sugar in your diet. Since cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, you should take precautions since cancer isn’t fully understood yet. Insulin is one of the hormones regulating cancer growth, and insulin is spiked from sugar. Having elevated insulin levels too often can result in cancer cells growing.

Sugar as a Primary Health Threat

Sugar is responsible for the majority of people with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Sugar can be just as dangerous as any other toxic drug in the market. The dangers of sugar have shown that in excess, it could even be as dangerous as many illegal drugs. The problem is that the quantity of sugar is not being regulated in supermarket products and passed off in combination with other ingredients as nutritional part of your meals.

Save Yourself

It’s not as simple as “just eating good foods” anymore, because unhealthy sugar-packed food is passed off as healthy food these days. The only way to combat the misinformation about nutrition is to research yourself the dangerous ingredients and start monitoring more closely the things you are buying. The more natural the ingredients are, the less risk you pose on yourself.

Sugar Triggers Weight Gain

The dangers of sugar are a long list. Most notably is how sugar is a leading contributor to obesity. When you become accustomed to a diet high in fats and sugars, you gain a tolerance. Your taste-buds are desensitized to sugar and it no longer tastes as good as it once did. The addiction triggers you to satiate your appetite with more sugar.

Weight Gain in Children

The link between childhood obesity and over-consumption of sugar is undeniable. The leading killer in this statistic is soda. If you only knew what happened to your stomach, intestines, and other body organs when you ingested a can of soda: you would never drink it again. Soda is literally poison in a can. And some children in modern society go unmonitored in their consumption. If you allow your children to drink soda and other sweets regularly, don’t be surprised if they are exposed to risk of more serious diseases.

Risk of Diabetes

People who drink sugar-sweetened beverages early in their life are at much higher risk to be diagnosed with diabetes by the time they reach adulthood. When people eat too much sugar, it causes resistance to insulin. This can pave the way for many future hospital visits. That money you save by buying less nutritionally-dense food catches up to you in the form of medical bills later on.

Sugar Promotes Aging

There is evidence that the dangers of sugar is responsible for chronic diseases associated with aging; such as cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. The common sugar ingredient fructose has been shown to speed up the aging process drastically. It also helps grow fat cells around your vital organs, leading to heart disease. Too much sugar increases your insulin levels to stay far too high for far too long.

High-Carb Diet Means a Diet High in Sugar

Carbs cause you to gain resistance to insulin in the same way as sugar does. Thus making it more difficult to burn calories and making you more susceptible to put on more pounds. Your metabolism slows down, thus causes you to prematurely age. You will notice wrinkling of the skin faster and be more susceptible to illness earlier in your life.

How to Phase out Sugar from Your Life

Do you feel like you have a dangerous sugar addiction you need to quit? Some of us consume more sugar than we even realize. It’s okay to reward ourselves at the end of a day with a sweet snack, but constant sugar cravings and withdrawals mean our body is lacking nourishment. Limiting sugar intake is giving your palate a fresh start. Self-control is the first step to achieving a healthier diet.

Don’t Own Sugary Drinks and Sweets in the First Place

Monitor your cravings and cut them off at the source. If you don’t have these addicting foods in your house to begin with, you won’t consume them. Simple as that. Use these unhealthy foods as rewards for going a whole day without caving in to your sugar cravings. Then make the rewards less regular. Substitute unhealthy sugars with healthy ones such as the sugars from organic fruits and raw honey.

Pay Attention to Labels

Take a closer look at everything you buy, including condiments sauces and salad dressings. These are sneaky sources of unhealthy sugars and preservatives. The worst kinds of ingredients are found in the things you wouldn’t have known otherwise without checking for yourself. Just because the media doesn’t report on the risk of certain foods doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware for your own safety.

Learn the Difference between Simple Carbs and Complex Carbs

Simple carbs include white breads, pastas, and crackers. These are refined foods that are more difficult for your body to break down and cause the similar insulin spike that sugar does. Complex carbs are the whole-wheat alternatives to these foods and are the much preferable choice for someone suffering from sugar withdrawals.