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How Adding Pure Cocoa To Your Diet Is Not Only Duty-Free But Tastes Good Too

Having trouble slaying that sweet tooth and keeping your diet off the rebound?
Now you don't have to feel like your are starving and can appreciate sweets more often, with the Cocoa Diet.

Two things that make dieting hard are limiting your food intake and staying away from sweets. These are two major reasons that may be causing your diet to rebound. That is a diet that doesn't restrict how what you eat too much, saving room for desert, and still allows you to lose weight is so attractive. These are the promises that many diets make but fail to realize. Let's see how most diet's fail in this regard.

Failed diet example

At this point you are probably wondering what to do and where to look now. Calm down there is a solution. The answer to all your worries is in your cocoa. The diet that can help you to start eating more, while still appeasing your sweet tooth is what is known as the Cocoa Diet.

What is the Cocoa Diet, anyway?

The Cocoa Diet is a diet that prescribes drinking cocoa before and after each meal. Surprisingly enough, that's all you need to, do when on the Cocoa Diet. Who would have thought that going on a diet could be so simple. With a high nutritional value, drinking cocoa has many diet, health, and skin care benefits that come along with it. It is filling, making it easy to satisfy you hunger even while restricting food intake. In addition, by drinking cocoa, you are less likely to crave sweets. That is why a diet that allows to you sit relaxed, not stressing-out over a cup of cocoa is so appealing.

What in cocoa helps you eat less and feel less hungry?

Cocoa contains theobromine, which has an effect of support serotonin production in the body. Serotonin is often referred to as the happiness hormone, even though in fact it is not a hormone. Amongst other things, it plays a large role in helping you satisfy your appetite. When your body's serotonin levels are low, it becomes harder to reach a point where you feel satisfied with a meal.  As you drink cocoa, your body's serotonin levels become adequate, making you less likely to overeat. This is why it's possible to decrease the amount of food you eat without having to fight off urges to eat associate with hunger. That's right no more hunger pains.

What is the best time to start drinking cocoa?

The best time to drink cocoa is before and between meals. Drinking cocoa before eating dinner is most effective. Other than that, feel free to drink it at a time that is your fancy.

The food you eat during breakfast and lunch giving the time frame you have active after eating is more likely to be burned off as energy compared to dinner. When you overeat at dinner, you are only setting up your body to store away energy as fat. That is why as a tool to prevent that from happening, it is recommended that you have a cup of cocoa before your meal, to lessen your appetite. This can be the secret behind your diet. In addition, for people who have the habit of snacking between meals, cocoa gives not only gives you the fix you need, but prevents compulsive snacking, keeping relaxed before you next big meal. This in two makes drinking cocoa most appropriate between meal times.

Getting the right cocoa for your diet, pure cocoa

Although there are many kinds of cocoa to chose from such as pure cocoa and milk cocoa, but what we are going be drinking is pure cocoa. Pure cocoa is the best for your diet. Unlike milk cocoa, which contains sweeteners and milk adding to the amount of calories, pure cocoa is as the name suggest just cocoa. This makes it easy to manage the amount of calories you will be drinking. A cup of pure cocoa is said to contain only 10Cal; whereas milk cocoa may contain as much as 80Cal, even while taking milk calories out of the picture. This is why drinking pure-cocoa is recommended over drinking its cutely sweeter alternative, milk cocoa.

Drinking smarter cocoa for your diet

Pure cocoa doesn't contain additive sweeteners like milk cocoa does. For this reason, you may feel that it is harder to drink, even bitter at times. If this describes your experience drinking pure cocoa, then you should be reading what comes next. Since starting to drink cocoa as a dietary supplement, you've (somehow) managed to get by without adding sugar and are reluctant to do so, because you feel that it could defeat the purpose drinking pure-cocoa. You can stop vulture-ing your sugar bowl now. In the case that you are going to sweeten your cocoa, use the low-calorie soybean (Origo:oligosaccharide) sugar or soymilk. Origo compared to other sweeteners has a minimum effect on your blood sugar levels, making it ideal for those with diabetes, and is said to help maintain healthy bowel functions. Soy milk is rich in vitamins and minerals, giving you the protein you need without leaving a fat footprint the way ordinary milk does. Employing these two methods not only makes sweetening your cocoa duty-free, it also helps add more nutrition to your day one cup at a time.

Cocoa can do wonders for your health and skin care too!

Cocoa is rich in B vitamins, dietary fibers, calcium, iron, zinc, and an assortment of many other minerals that your body needs. Drinking cocoa serves as a preventative against getting enough of these nutrients while dieting, limiting your food intake, and exercise, increasing nutritional demands on your body. In addition, it is rich in polyphenols, giving your body the antioxidants it needs, promoting beautiful skin.

Polyphenols contained in cocoa have anti-aging effect on your body?

When think about polyphenols, it is often easy to associate it with red wine. What you get from cocoa, in fact differs from what you get from drinking red wine. The substance contained in cocoa, coco polyphenols, is known to produce an anti-aging effect on your body. Polyphenols in general, contain antioxidants that are said to improve and maintain your skins health over time, i.e. silky smooth skin.

Dietary fibers bowel functions

Cocoa is rich in dietary fibers necessary to help your body thorough complete bowel movements. Dietary fibers increase the number of good bacterial intestinal bacteria, fighting off bad bacterial. By preventing bacterial overgrowth in your intestines, your body is less likely to store waste-products and fat in your digestive tract. This means more for your metabolism, sending what comes in your body out faster. This in turn, prevents problems such as constipation that are a nuisance if you are on a diet.

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