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How to Trust Again After my Heart Has Been Broken Many Times

Nothing that is worth it is easy. If relationships were easy, then everyone would be in one. How to trust again after many sour breakups? In order to trust him again, you must learn how to trust yourself and your own instincts first.

How to Trust Again without Being Vulnerable

He has broken your heart one too many times. So, how to trust again? It’s not an easy thing to do sometimes. You must learn to forgive and forget in order to move on with your life. In order to trust again, you must have a short memory, in a good way. If you are able to put the past behind you, you open up more opportunities in the future. Letting your past decide your future will ensure that you stay stagnant in your ways. There is nothing more empowering than taking the high road and deciding to trust people.

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Why should you learn to trust again? Because one guy’s actions aren’t representative to every other guy out there. There are people you can trust, if you know when to put your past experiences behind you and move on. Time heals all wounds and eventually you will forget about that guy who lost your trust.

Is There a Possible Way to Know How to Trust Again without Sacrificing Ourselves and Putting Our Hearts on the Line?

If you’ve had your trust broken, you are not alone. The best medicine after a violent break-up is support. Rely around your friends and family and they will help you move on.

1. Why is it Important to Trust People?

Learning how to rebuild trust after we’ve been hurt is a slow process, but by not believing in the process you are only hurting yourself. We all have reasons not to trust people. Bad relationships are a common weak point that is hard to completely remove from our minds. Every time we get hurt, we get a little stronger, a little more callused. Instead of losing trust for people as a whole, use your previous pain to make you more cautious. It will serve you well in future friendships and relationships.

Trust in Relationships

Trust is a crucial part of relationships. If you can’t learn from your past mistakes, you will keep losing potential partners. If you can’t get over your exes, then you are not ready for a new relationship. The foundation of relationships is a union of two people who stand by each other under all circumstances. How can you do that if you are still ruminating about the way your ex-boyfriend treated you? If you can’t get over it then you are constantly sabotaging new relationship by comparing guys to your ex.

2. How to Trust Again

There are no guarantees in any relationship. There is no guarantee that he shares the same trust level as you do. There is no guarantee that he respects you as a person. These are things that are out of your control. In order to have a successful relationship you must be in control of yourself. The secret to how to trust again is to observe the good deeds of average citizens. Look to find the good in people to re-affirm your faith in humanity. If you don’t trust people, you will never find a meaningful relationship.

It Starts from Within

Life is not about finding the perfect, trustworthy people; it’s about dealing with your own negative feelings so that you can bounce back from disappointment. Negative feelings are sure to arise in any relationship. The beginning is a roller coaster of ups and downs. But if you are mature enough to understand each other enough to get past the first part of the relationship, it will be smooth sailing from there.

3. Trust in Yourself

How is it possible to trust him again? You must trust yourself first. You have to trust that you will make the right decision, because you have been through a lot in the past. If you trust yourself, other people will begin to trust you. Understand what you are getting into and have faith. Without faith, you will be alone, because nobody can help you if you aren’t willing to help yourself.

See the Good in Others

If you trust yourself, you can give others more room for mistakes. You know from past experience that guys are not perfect, but then again, neither are you. You must look past his flaws and embrace his good qualities. In fact, remember your exes by their best qualities. If you remember the quality aspects of people, it will help you regain trust. Your perspective of people, whether positive or negative, will be one of the keys to how to trust again.

They are Exes for a Reason

All of the guys who have broken your heart in your past were in your past for a reason. Instead of holding grudges, be thankful that they were in your life to teach you valuable lessons that you wouldn’t have gotten without the relationship. The more failed relationships you have, the more lessons you will learn, so never give up hope. That is assuming you are learning something from your exes. After the pain of each failed relationship subsides, your trust will become more valuable.

4. How to Know if He is the ‘One’

When your trust becomes more valuable, it will take longer for any guy to gain it. No more free lunches; they have to start earning it now. Keep yourself a closed book until you find a guy that you really like and respect. Trust begins with a commitment to be honest to each other. Make him prove his trust to you by making him do things that a loyal partner would do. You can start deciding for yourself if he is worth your effort or he is just another guy who will break your heart.

Know His History

Before dating, ask his friends what kind of guy he is. If he has a long history of dishonesty, then treat him with caution. A guy’s friends and past girlfriends can be a key indicator of his character. Trust cannot be demanded; it comes naturally over time. When it does, you will have reason to trust him again.