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How to Seduce a Guy and Make Him Yours on the First Date

Dating is not easy. But the first date shouldn’t be rocket science, right? In order to get him to like you, you must know how to seduce a guy to make him want to see you again and again. Easier said than done… Here is seducing a guy in a nutshell.

How to Seduce a Guy You Just Met, Every Time

You naughty temptress, you. You want to learn how to seduce a guy, eh? Well it's not too difficult, if you keep in mind a few clever ways to make a man attracted to you for good. Guys are all the same, for the most part. They work on the same biological mechanisms and are all attracted to girls who use their sass to get what they want. Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just a pretty face to turn the switch on in a man's brain.


How to seduce a guy

1. Flirt with Him, but Make It Subtle

Show him you are interested by dropping hints when he seems clueless about how you really feel about him. He will question himself and he will have doubts, but he will find himself attracted to you unknowingly because you are hiding your true feelings.

2. Emphasize Your Best Features

Every human is beautiful and has physical attributes that the opposite sex is attracted to. You just have to find out your best attributes and use your natural beauty to your advantage.

3. Show Him Your Value

Without displaying your value to a guy you are just some girl who means nothing to him. In order for him to respect you and fight for your attention, you must show him that you are a wanted girl with many options.

4. Play with His Emotions

If you tease and poke fun at him he will want you even more. As long as you are being classy, anything is fair game when it comes to dating.

In order to seduce a man you have to understand the basic needs of men and that they don't want just any girl. They want a girl of high value and good moral character. They also want a girl that knows she's hot stuff and isn't available to just any guy. The dating game for girls is more about knowing what not to do than what you should do in order to keep a guy interested.

Understand the Basics of Attraction and You Will Know How to Seduce a Guy in No Time. Men Are Attracted to a Certain Kind of Girl - Now You Can Be That Kind of Girl

You've got everything going for you, now all you need to do is to learn how to seduce a guy and make him yours after the very first date.

1. Be Flirty, But Not Obvious

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The number one way regarding how to attract guy is to show him you are interested in subtle ways. Both guys and girls have an innate desire to be wanted by another person. The key is that you can't be too obvious, because men also have a desire to chase and to be chased. That shows that a guy will be committed to you in the long run, because they had to put effort in order to win you over. Making it too easy for them only kills their desire for you because every guy loves a challenge.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

The way to be flirty, but not to be too obvious about it, is to use body language effectively. The actual things you say make up less than 10% of what the guy truly remembers from your first encounter. The true way to gauge interest and show interest is to be mindful of your face and hands. Your face should be smiling and your eyes should be attentive. If you are easily distracted and avert your eyes constantly, it is showing him that you aren't interested. This is a hard thing to fake. Regardless of what you think, many guys are emotionally intelligent enough to pay attention to the signals you give.

Breaking the Touch Barrier

The first thing that a guy wants to do with someone he is interested in is to get closer to her. So, if you are interested you should get a little closer. Maybe playing hard to get is a good option most of the time, but eventually you will have to open up and be comfortable with him touching you. In fact, if you aren't comfortable with touching guys or having guys touch you then you should practice it sometimes. Make a conscious effort to touch a guy's leg, arm, and hands when the conversation is starting to heat up. The perfect time to touch a guy is while you two are sharing a laugh. Getting close at high points creates a powerful rapport between a guy and a girl.

Make Him Chase You

The most important thing you have to remember is never to be the one chasing him. Once you display a little interest, the ball is in his court. He should be the one approaching you and he should be the one trying to impress you. It should be your job to acknowledge his advances without being too obvious with your signals. A single girl should always be balancing her options and never be thinking about settling down with the first guy that has shown her interest. By doing so you are raising your standards in the dating game.

Things to Say to Show Interest on the First Date

There are many things you can say to give a guy the right idea without sounding too desperate. Just make sure to use these wisely, as they are potent weapons in small doses.

You are Strong!

Playing gender roles is key in your first couple meetings with a guy. Let a guy assert his dominance and play up to his manliness.

I Like Your Eyes

Perfect compliments about a guy you don't know well can be made about his appearance. Focus on things he was born with to create attraction right off the bat.

I Want to See You Again

It's important to show your interest in a guy by verbally confirming to him that you want to see him again. Otherwise, he won't know. This statement does not make you look desperate and is always a good choice.

What Not to Say on the First Date

If there is any one deal-breaker, it is this phrase. This is too direct and what you should be doing is playing down your interest in him after he has shown interest in you.

I Like You

This is actually a turnoff, for both girls and guys. There's no need to directly express your feelings so soon, as your actions are bigger indicators. Indirect forms of showing interest create attraction. Only desperate people use the phrase ‘I like you' as is or in any variation.

2. Highlight Your Best Attributes

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Whether your best assets are your physical features or your personality, make sure that he knows that you are a girl worth pursuing. If you have nice legs, emphasize them with cute skirts. If you have a cute face, a lot of makeup isn't necessary. Learn what your best attributes are in order to know how to get a boy to like you. Once you find out your secret weapons, the next step is to find out how to use them.

Flaunt What You've Got

Don't be afraid to show off your best features with pride. Guys like a confident girl and a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Guys also like a girl who is comfortable showing off her body at the right occasions. Dressing seductively should be done when you are pursuing a guy that's a great interest to you. Don't dress like this all the time, as it will make you look a bit promiscuous. Have one outfit to really seduce the guy of your dreams. He will chase you everywhere you go.

Guys Want a Confident Girl

Confidence is not faked easily. You have to look the part in order to feel the part. This is why you must take extra care of yourself and take extra pride in your appearance. Get in the habit of dolling yourself up on more occasions you are used to. This gives you a leg up on many other girls, because they might not feel like going out this particular day and you will have less competition. Just keep in mind that there are guys everywhere and your appearance is all they have to go off of when they meet you the first time. Never waste a day or a night out.

3. Show Him Your Value

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This one is important and is easier said than done. Basically you are trying to show a guy in the shortest amount of time possible that you are a girl of true worth. Your beauty and mind are what he must see. You must show him that you are an interesting person with loads of real life experience. There are certain ways to do this in order to show him that you are a potential life partner.

You Aren't Just ‘Another Girl'

If a guy sees you at a party or other venue with people, there is competition everywhere. Who says that girls can't be competitive when it comes to dating? If you don't find some way to separate yourself from the other girls around him, then you will be just another girl he won't look at twice. You need to ‘peacock' yourself and make your appearance noticeable right from the first glance and he will be magnetized towards you.

Play the Field

The easiest and most effective way to show him your value is to show him how popular you are with other guys. This can and should be faked if you aren't exactly the playing type. You do this by flirting with other guys as soon as you first arrive. This shows you aren't too desperate for him and that you aren't looking for a night's fun but rather to meet many people. Make sure he knows that you are a wanted girl and that if he wants you he is going to have to stand in line with the rest of the guys.

Tell Him Interesting Stories

If you have any passions, tell him about them. Any guy worth anything is always interested in a girl who is passionate about something. For example, you are well-traveled then tell him about your experiences in other countries. A guy loves a girl who lives a life of her own and has many interesting stories to tell. Just make sure that you listen to what he has to say too. Make sure he is listening to your story and take pauses so that he has chances to ask questions. This is a way to know if you are effectively seducing him.

4. Tease Him

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Whether you are a good girl or a bad girl, it is crucial to learn how to seduce a guy by teasing him. Do this by poking fun at his ego and making him know that he's no better than you. In fact, you are the one in control and he needs to work to catch you. So, make yourself seem interested and when he falls for the bait then you pull back and make him chase you. This is the best way to spark attraction when you are with a guy.

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

In order to effectively tease a guy, follow the "two steps forward and one step back" method. Make him think that he has a chance with you and then when he has left himself vulnerable, pull the rug out from under him. Tempt him with your flirty charm and when he's head over heels then show him you don't need him and he will want you even more. Teasing works especially well for guys with high self-esteem because they aren't used to girls rejecting them. You aren't rejecting him flat out, but merely poking fun at his confidence and knocking him down a peg. That shows him his place and that you are the prize that he should be working for.

Don't be Mean-Spirited

Dating is just a game, therefore there is no reason to be malicious with the way you tease guys. You shouldn't be putting them down or stomping on their heart. If you are truly rejecting a guy, let him go gently. If you are teasing a guy, it is okay to take a shot at his ego in order to get him interested. Guys like a challenge, but nobody likes a girl who is rude. Choose to be a classy girl, instead.

Don't Dish It Out if You Can't Take It

A guy who is experienced with dating should also be coy in his attempts at seducing you. If he starts teasing you, don't take it personally. He is just trying to get you to start chasing him. Show him that two can play that game and that you can tease him more. Make it a game to see whether you can one-up each other. Of course this will get old after a while, so let the mind games cease once you get into the relationship.