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How to Love Life: 10 Defining Steps to Happiness and Prosperity

A lot of people are wondering how to love life but there are only a few who actually manage to find the key. Although there are some tips that could help you, the answer is buried inside you; you just have to look.

Learn to love life

Being as busy as you are, it is easy to forget how to love life?
Like everyone else, you live according to the clock telling you when to start and when to go, and do things others expect you to, but where does that leave you? Think about all the small things that make you happy and the enthusiasm you feel when working towards a larger goal. In order for you to love the life you live, you have to focus on the things that make you happy on a daily basis. A lot of people make the mistake of working hard and saying that one day they will have to time to focus on their happiness. What if that day never comes? That is one sad outcome to think about.


How to love life

1. Allow yourself to be distracted on a regular basis doing things you enjoy

2. Work on becoming independent

3. Reduce stress

4. Be good at something

5. Appreciate your circle

6. Don't base success solely on outcomes

7. Think positive

8. Help others

9. Reduce emotional baggage

10. Enjoy yourself

How to Love Your Life and Make the Best of It so That You Will Not Have Any Regrets When the Time Comes to Look Back on It

So, what should you do to live the life you love? There is no shortcut; you have to take some steps - one defining step at a time.

1. The little things that make you happy

Most probably when you come up with a to-do list, you only think about the things that need to be done. However, if you wish to live a life you love, you also have to think about fun things. You may like to read a good book, take a long walk, go out for breakfast, sit quietly for a while, or listen to music. Make sure you make time for one of your favorite diversions on a daily basis. It is easier to love this life if you don't have things hanging over your head. There might be some things you meant to do for months, but never got around to it, such as reorganizing the sock drawer. Just get them over with. In order to make more time for yourself, think about your activities and give up those that bring no benefits to your life in any way.

2. Become independent and strong

All people have days when they feel like they don't have energy for anything. On those days you might be tempted to skip on your workout. However, by having a bit of exercise, you will reenergize yourself. Repeat to yourself as a mantra: "I love my life" and tell yourself that you only need to do 10 minutes of exercise. You can do anything for 10 minutes, right? Once you're up and moving, most probably you will get the motivation you need to keep going. Even if you don't manage to do more than 10 minutes, you will have something to be proud about for the day. Sticking to an exercise routine is a very important part of how to love your life. If you exercise regularly, you will feel better about yourself, have higher levels of mood boosting hormones, and have a stronger immune system.

3. Limit the sources of stress

Woman breathing deep

Focus on reducing your stressors on a daily basis. One thing you could try is to take short breaks during which you take deep breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth. By repeating this process 3-4 times per day you will bring more oxygen into your body and you will feel a lot calmer. The people who say "I love life" are usually calmer than most people. To reduce stress, you could also be thinking about meditation, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation. If you are feeling a little down and are looking for something to make you feel better, you should skip on munching snacks that don't do you any good anyway and go for a short walk. This will help you clear your head and take your mind off things. If you can see problems from a different perspective, it will be easier for you to find solutions and you will simply love your life.

4. You are great at something

women volunteering at senior home

All people have something they are good at. If you know what it is, you might want to share your skills through volunteering. According to research, when it comes to how to love your life, volunteers seem to enjoy life more and to be happier with themselves. Being engaged in social activities and being able to give back to society do good for your emotional health. Aside from all these benefits, it is one of the reasons to be in love with your life because you will learn new skills and meet new people. Having new people around will help you shake the feeling of isolation and, who knows, it could do good for your love life as well.

5. Appreciate the people in your life

You should make sure you spend some time with friends and family a couple of times per month. This is a great chance for you to unwind and share a good laugh. The trust and openness you share with these people will help you find ways to be happy in life. It is a known fact that laughter is the best medicine. Although you might think that this is only a figure of speech, keep in mind that laughter lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins (that make pain better), and reduces stress hormones. Even though friends and family are important, you shouldn't forget about your colleagues and co-workers either. They can offer you the support you need to handle stressful situations.

6. Don't think about the outcomes

Most people can't be happy with their lives because they are constantly overthinking things. Let go of control from time to time. The only thing you need to control is your reactions. The need for control is often caused by fear and living in fear makes being happy impossible. In order to keep loving your life, you should analyze the things you are afraid of and ask yourself whether these fears are rational or not. Maybe they are just self-limiting beliefs that you force upon yourself.

7. Let Go of Thoughts that Don't Help You

young woman in blue tank top arms wide open on clear day

Let life come to you, don't force anything. When you flow with the current that life brings, you will find that your daily routine becomes easier. A way to accomplish this is to let go of self-defeating thoughts. If you are your own worst critic, then it's time to give yourself a break. Constantly berating yourself with negative thoughts isn't helping you or anyone else. You need to build yourself up with positive thoughts. Nobody can give you as much confidence as yourself.
Thoughts are a powerful force guiding your behavior. And with no will power, it's almost possible to control them. The key to turning your negative thoughts into positive thoughts is a slow process that will happen when you are conscious of when you are being negative. Some of us have gotten into the habit of being negative our whole lives. It's a self-defeating habit that must be eliminated if you want to enjoy life more.

8. Be a Giver, Not a Taker

young woman talking cheerfully with elderly

Love is the gift that keeps on giving. Learn to help yourself sometimes by helping others. The point is to take care of others when you yourself are already taken care of. When you already have everything in life necessary for your survival, then consider helping others who don't or are less fortunate. The elderly and the homeless are always in need of help. So get involved in your community to make a difference in the world. This is the kind of fulfillment in life that many people will never come to know or understand. People can become so focused on themselves and their problems that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Keep things in perspective and help those in need in order to get that warm feeling that can only come by being a giver and not a taker.

9. Leave your Past Behind You

woman in boots walking down street

Your past does not define you however successful you may have been. All that really matters is what is true in the present moment. In whatever walk of life you come from, you will find that your past will always exist in your mind, but others cannot see it. It is beneficial to stop thinking and talking about your past all the time. It frees up time and energy for you to invest in the present and make your future better. The past is history that cannot be changed. It is best not to dwell on past events out of our control.

10. Make the Best of Your Time on Earth

two people in mid skydive

Make your life the best you can and make every day count. We only have limited time to live, so love your life by spending it doing things that you love. Remind yourself that we aren't immortal beings, and that every life is precious because of its limited time. Make your life one of continual improvement and dedication to making yourself the best person you can. When your life ends, you want to be proud and not regretful of the way you lived your years.

Some people might whine that they are not loving life, but most probably these people never tried to make their lives better. Change always starts with you. Do you want to stop whining and make a change for the better in your life?

If you think that there is more to loving your life, or that the list of ways to love life should reordered, don't hesitate to let us know.