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How to Stay Looking 10 Years Younger When You’re in Your 30’s

All women want to know how to look younger. The good news is that there is always something you can do about your looks. However, it all depends on your attitude. With the right attitude you can rock this world.

The Best Ways to Look Younger than You Are

There is no woman in this world who wouldn’t like to look 10 years younger in her 30’s, especially if she was dating a younger man. The answer to the question how to look younger isn’t always obvious. First of all, you have to find the signs showing that you are aging that you would like to fight. Then start working on making yourself look younger from the inside out. This means that you will have to be more mindful of your lifestyle. In the end make sure that your look enhances your youthful features and you don’t wear clothes your grandma wouldn’t wear.

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1. Signs that you are aging too quickly

Getting wrinkles isn’t the only sign of getting old and it isn’t the scariest one either. It is just something that hurts your vanity. Some other, scarier signs include having dull or uneven skin tone, bloodshot eyes, or nor being able to physically do the things you used to be able to do before.

2. How to trick your natural aging process

As a matter of fact, there is nothing people could actually do to physically stop aging. Nonetheless, there are numerous tips you could try to maintain your youthful look and spirit and to trick yourself into believing you are younger. If you can believe it, you will make the people around you believe it as well (and young men won’t help you cross the street).

3. Dress for success

You don’t have to dress according to your age, but according to your spirit. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make wearing a T-shirt with Mickey Mouse acceptable at the age of 30. As you age you shouldn’t necessarily shift towards the classics and there is no reason to give up on wearing colorful clothes.

Learn How to Look 10 Years Younger Than You Are in Order to Turn Back the Hands of Time and Enjoy Youth Longer

So, what is there you could do to reverse aging? Is there anything you could do to turn back the hands of time? Give these aspects some thought.

1. Signs that you are aging too quickly

You might think that wrinkles are the most important indicators of aging. However, if you would like to have younger looking skin, you should know that wrinkles aren’t your only concern. One of the signs of aging is having dull or uneven skin tone. As time passes, the cell turnover of the skin slows down, which leads to a buildup of cells. As a result the skin can become uneven or dull. In order to fight the effects of aging, you should make sure to exfoliate your skin through scrubbing, using products with glycolic acid, or having microdermabrasion treatments. These remove the layers of dead skin, helping with the anti aging process.

Should I be worried about my eyes are bloodshot?

You may have seen numerous people with bloodshot eyes. You might think that this is a one-time thing, but in fact it is a sign of aging. The truth is that it could also be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis, so you shouldn’t write it off. If you want to stop aging, you have to listen to your body. In case you experience pain in the joints, you should discuss the problem with your doctor.

2. How to trick your natural aging process

Although you should accept the fact that you are aging, there is no reason not to be looking for ways to look younger. As one of the simplest tips, you should make sure to protect your face against the harmful sunrays while driving. Sun dries out the skin and makes the wrinkles become deeper. In order to repair the skin, you should increase your vitamin A intake. You can do this by adding fruits like mangos and watermelon to your diet and vegetables like sweet potatoes and spinach.

Omega-3 supplements

Naturally antiaging isn’t only about the way you look, but also about the way your brain functions. The studies conducted in the field show that taking omega-3 DHA supplements can improve the cognitive functions of the brain and it also improves learning skills and memory. The same studies also show that it can decrease the chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Stay active

Most people are dreaming of a life where they don’t have to work. Although in theory this sounds fine, when it comes to natural anti aging you should know that you have to stay active to keep your brain in shape. Staying in workforce will maintain your brain sharp. So will engaging in social activities and intense focusing. It also helps to learn new subjects and solve puzzles.

Coffee and soda

If you can’t imagine your life without your morning coffee, you would rather think again. When asking how to stay looking young, you should know that coffee is a diuretic, which means that it will leave your skin dry. In the same time, the acidity of coffee will remove the calcium from the body, leading to redness of the skin. Instead of coffee and soda you should opt for plain water or natural fruit juices.

3. Dress for success

The way you dress says a lot about your age – or does it? Some women might think that when it comes to how to look 10 years younger, they have to show a lot of skin. Nothing is farther from the truth. Keep in mind that you’re not in your 20’s anymore, so some pieces of clothing aren’t acceptable anymore. Wearing skirts or dresses that are too short for you can turn out to be inappropriate. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t wear anything shorter than an inch above the knee.

Your body type

Although it is difficult to accept that your body is changing, you have to be aware of the shape it has at the moment, not the shape it had 10 year ago. In order to find how to look young you have to understand what kind of clothing is advantageous for your body type. You may have had an hourglass figure in the past, but if now you have a pear shape, you have to adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

Look for quality

Cheap clothes are acceptable for most young people, but if you are asking how can I look younger, you have to make sure you focus on quality. Switch the low quality fabrics with high quality ones, forget about plastic belts and go for the leather ones. This might be the right time to look for some quality designs. Even if you don’t have the budget for them, you could find some models you like and search for a cheaper option.

Don’t forget about the accessories

The good thing about accessories is that they don’t have an age limit; they work for all ages. A long necklace worked for you when you were in your 20’s and it will work for you in your 30’s as well. Just forget about bows and other girly motifs and go for the more elegant ones. Make sure you update your sunglasses collection and you could add a few bracelets as well. Don’t forget that the simplest and dullest dress can become interesting if you spice it up with a few interesting accessories.

Woman wearing shirt with polka dots and skirt
You can ditch the classics

For sure you have heard women say that after a given age they prefer to wear the classics instead of the trendy pieces. Although it is alright to be classy, you don’t need to go for the classics. There is nothing more boring than a gray pencil skirt and some shirt you borrowed from your grandmother. Colors are here for you to wear them – and grey isn’t really a color. Also, there is no reason for you to get stuck with solids. Patterns are your friends; they can make you look younger and they can also draw the attention from your problem areas. Think about all those dresses with flower patterns that are just begging you to wear them and the ones with polka dots – there is nothing wrong with polka dots!

Looking younger doesn’t stop at your face…

When thinking about being youthful, you don’t only have to ask yourself how to make my face look younger, but think about your body as a whole. It’s not only your face that shows your age, but your spirit and your attitude. This is where you have to start making a change and everything else will change.