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How to Stay Young: 5 Things You Don’t Realize Until You’re in Your 30s

Eat right, think right, and behave right to keep yourself looking youthful in your appearance and keep guys baffled by your real age. The answer to how to stay young, if done correctly, can completely transform your life and make you beautiful well into your 30s.

How to Stay Young: 5 Things That You Wish You Started Doing in Your 20s

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know how to stay young. The things you do to stay healthy and fit are the same things you do if you want to stay young well into adulthood. For a start, check out some of these anti-aging foods that will keep you young. The antioxidants in certain foods protect your cells from being attacked and damaged by bacteria and disease. This is just one example of how to stay young and healthy for a long time.


It is possible for anyone to look like they are in their 20's when they are in their 30's. Genetics play a crucial role, but so do many other things that you can control. There are many harmful behaviors people engage in that contribute to an increase of the stress levels that accelerate the aging process. The least you can do is to educate yourself about the natural ways to prevent these behaviors or to detoxify your body after the fact.

In Order to Drink from the Fountain of Youth and How to Stay Young, Practice How to Live Naturally and Organically

Boost your immunity and age gracefully by being aware of how you are living. You may think you are living healthy, but you may be accelerating your aging process without knowing.

1. Keep Fit

Woman doing pushups
Stay less sedentary

Want to stay young? Don't we all... How are you going do it? Exercise in order to stay young doesn't have to be as hard as you make it out to be. Even something as simple as adding a 10 minute stretching routine to your mornings can give you energy throughout the day. Staying sedentary for too long invites a whole list of nasty health detriments into your life if you aren't careful. A part of keeping up with your personal hygiene is to keep your body active every day of the year.

2. Drink Water and Only Water

Always Have a Glass of Water Nearby

Milk and water are the only guaranteed staples to a healthy diet. Other beverages are filled with excessive sugar. There is too much sugar in soda, flavored water, and fruit juices to be beneficial for keeping a youthful appearance. Get your vitamins from real fruit instead and opt for water as your main beverage.

You are losing water as we speak...

I know you are thinking, Great! I'm losing weight! Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. You might not be ready to go on The Water Diet just yet but it wouldn't be wrong to start drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. Maybe you are but that still doesn't change the fact that the amount of water in your body decreases over time, so it is especially important to drink more water as you enter into your adulthood for the best results later in life. If you do your part to stay hydrated, you will enjoy a long and prosperous life.

3. Eat Organic

Keep a youthful appearance well into your mid-life by eating only natural and organic products. Make organically-grown fruits and vegetables the staple of your diet. Eat many colors and eat the most important parts of the produce such as the stems, pulp, and skin. These are the parts that contain the most nutrients that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Eat meat that only has been fed organic products and was raised in a healthy environment. Say no to GMO's, chemicals, and pesticides.

Supplements are Not Enough: natural sources first supplement later

These vitamins and minerals cannot be fully replaced through supplements. That is why they are called ‘supplements', because they only work in tandem with a healthy diet. The purpose of eating only organic foods is to be doing what we were meant to do when created. We are one with the Earth, so we should be consuming only the finest things that the world has to offer.

Stay Away from Sugar and Processed Foods: don't touch fast food

These products are made to taste like food, but are not real food. Stay away from fast food like the plague. The artificial nature of fast food is destroying your body and its natural aging process. Much of what is available at supermarkets is also not real food. Learn to read ingredients and see for yourself that the average American diet is not as healthy as people are led to believe. The market for healthy eating is very small now. But it is possible to eat healthy and to eat affordably.

4. How to Stay Young: Sleep

Get your beauty sleep in

Not only getting enough sleep, but getting enough restful sleep is the key to staying young for a long time. REM sleep is the final stage of your sleep cycle, synonymous with dreaming, which re-energizes your body. Good sleep restores your functioning and getting regular sleep prevents aging wrinkles on your skin. Considering sleep as one of your natural functions. It's no wonder that a lack of sleep has a multitude of health risks on short-term and on the long run.

Active Mind: Active Box

The point of sleep is to restore your body and mind to full capacity so you will be able to take advantage of it during daytime. Sleep goes to waste if you spend your days doing unproductive things that don't give your mind a workout. You need constant activity and exercise. The moment you sit to rest for an extended time is the moment you are wasting your potential. An active life where you are always moving and always thinking ahead of time is the preferred method for staying young.

5. Don't Eat Too Much

Control your hunger: don't eat your way to your 30s

One of the life longevity secrets of some of the oldest people on earth share in common: limit your food consumption. This means calling it a meal after you are almost full. Consider cooking smaller portions and stop eating when you have reached 80% capacity. Some of us have the nasty habit of feeling that we need to ‘fill' up during every meal in order to have the energy to go through our days. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

Everything in moderation: monitor your diet

We operate best with moderation. Small amounts of food throughout the day is able to sustain us enough until the next time we need to eat. It shouldn't be a habit; it should be a need to survive. People can survive with smaller amounts of food, they just decide to stuff their faces because food is so abundant. For everyone who has cravings for certain foods, learn to limit your consumption of food to keep healthy and young. How to stay young and aging gracefully can be as simple as monitoring your daily diet.