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How to Get over Him with 4 Ways to Move on with Your Life

If it seems that he has already moved on after you two broke up, and you are still here, dragging around your apartment in your sweatpants, with only your cat to keep you company while you assure your bestie you are getting over him; find out how to get over him with less pain than ever.

Get over him and move on with your life

I still remember my first serious breakup. I use it as an example of what not to do when you want to get over him, and I share my story every time one of my friends has a problem with getting over him. I did all the right things the wrong way. And now, whenever I sense that my relationship is in a crisis, I recall that first serious experience, and try my best always to do a complete opposite from what I did back then. And because I learnt from my mistakes, you really shouldn’t have to.

girl under umbrella

It’s not always easy to jump out of your comfort zone when all you want to do is sit at home and cry while scrolling through his timeline.
But you and I both know that is no good.

When the Guy You Thought Was the One Turns Your Back on You and You Start Wondering How to Get over Him, Turn to These Handy and Supportive Tips, and Get over Him in No Time

Luckily enough for me, a couple of years after that troublesome breakup, I was able to chit chat with my ex-boyfriend without any trouble or tension. For me it was a sure sign that I was obviously over him, and that I have definitely moved on in every possible way. However, we couldn’t help but tease each other a bit about the things that had happened. He also gave me an opportunity to clarify the things I didn’t understand back then. It felt really good having the opportunity to openly talk about everything. But now, back to our topic:

No Like, No Retweet

Cut down on the time you spent online altogether

Don’t try to tell us that you never even thought about stalking him on social networks, because we know you will be lying. However, we don’t judge, we’ve all been there, and we have seen what stalking his profiles can do to our mind. That. Is. No. Good. I tell you. So, if you are one hundred percent positive that you want to get over him (and if you’re actually thinking about it, it’s a sure sign that you should), prevent yourself from lurking every link or photo he shares. How you are going to do that is a matter of personal choice. You can cut down on the time you spent online altogether, or you can ask your friend or sibling to hold you back whenever you get the urge have a peek.

Hide the Evidence

If you are wearing his tee shirt while crying and holding a teddy bear he bought you last summer, while the picture of the two of you hugging is still standing on you end table, you are hardly doing any good to yourself. That is not how you’ll get over him. Crying can be good (we’ll talk about that in a minute), but sitting in a room surrounded with all kinds of things that remind you of him surely is not. If you want to know how to get over him, remove every item that is related with him from your house. Or, at least, put everything in one box, and hide it in your closet (one day that could become sweet memories, when we are forty or something).

A Tear Here and There

In the process of getting over him, crying can actually be really healthy. It is a very important step getting over a breakup, and there is nothing wrong with it. If you are sad about ending your relationship and not being with the one you love, let it out. Cry. But have in mind that eventually you’ll have to stop, and move on with your life. End of a relationship is not the end of your dating life. It might seem impossible at this point, but you are currently only overwhelmed by various different emotions, and once they are back under control, everything will seem different.
However, if you don’t feel like crying, don’t worry; urge to cry is not a rule. But if you do feel that you need a let a tear or two, give yourself a brake and do so.

List it

Make a pros versus cons list

Sometimes, after we have broken up with someone who meant a lot to us, we can lose sight of why we actually did break up with him. We get carried away by the amount of emotions the breakup has caused, and we tend to forget the bad things that had happened before. We don’t try to cope with the facts, but we rather romanticize and create a picture of our own, which usually consists of only good sides of the story.

That’s why, instead of texting him late at night, telling him how much you miss him and that you want him back, try something more rational. Take a piece of paper, or, to stay up to date, open a new document on your tablet, and make a list about him. Pros and cons. List the things you liked about him and your relationship with him, and then write down the things you didn’t like about his behavior, his character, and everything that was wrong in your relationship and that led to the two of you being apart.
If you believed his words, but his actions were the one to hurt you, you will know. You will soon realize that the con list is significantly longer than the pro one. And when you realize your breakup was for the best, it will be easier. Just try not to lose that list. You might need it later.

Use your list as a constant reminder that you did the right thing, and that moving on and getting over him is simply something you have to do. Even though I wasn’t capable at that time, I now am, and I do have a friendly relationship with my ex. When I tried having it while I still didn’t know how to get over him, I felt horrible, and I wouldn’t recommend that to you ever. Think about yourself now, if he’s worth it, he’ll be a part of your social life again eventually. Now when I talk to him, I can easily laugh at all the things that happened years ago, and I can clearly see what were both mine and his mistakes. But back then… It was hard, and it took time. However, it was the experience that means a lot to me now.