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7 Lucky Ways to Get Your Ex Back in No Time while Keeping Your Dignity

Sometimes it may seem possible to establish that connection you had when you just started dating. But, it's never too late get back on the right track.

Rekindle romance with your ex-boyfriend

Once someone captures your heart, it's one of the most difficult tasks to let go. If you are one of the many struggling and wondering how to get your ex back, don't go too far.

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These simple guidelines will not only indicate the ways to get his attention back but also how to keep it. After all, charming someone into getting back together can be pulled off easily; however, keeping that person is a whole other topic that requires much more work, will, and love!

7 Ways Get Your Boyfriend Back Fast without Losing Your Dignity

Getting back on the love track is a tricky task, but for those love birds who have just stumbled upon a slight bump, some advice will come in handy, and before you know it your relationship is going to be as it was, and even better!

Create enough distance to help draw him back to you

When just coming out of a breakup already feeling you want to get back together with your ex, it is crucial that you distance yourself from him, making realize the void that only you can fill.

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When you are going through a break up and feel like an emotional wreck, take some time to unwind. All you can probably think is: How do I get his attention, and get him back again? However, try to relax, and calm down, so you can get your thoughts and feelings organized.

Distance is a plus

It's never a good thing to rush into a relationship again, especially if it ended in a fight. Taking your time, and giving your ex partner some space will benefit both of you, and give you a chance to reflect on your relationship's ups and downs. Don't call and text, even if you feel like you need to. Wait for two weeks at least, or any time necessary for you both to truly get back to positive thinking, and then proceed into action. And if by that time your ex has already moved on with another girlfriend, he wasn't worth the trouble after all. You can only get your boyfriend back, if he is actually willing to go back to you.

Get your life back on track, showing no signs that you desperately want to get back together with him

Being positive is an essential quality that you must master in order to get back with your ex. Leave behind emotional baggage obstructing you from making it work.

Get ready for action

When you have taken the right amount of time to get back on track, grieve and work to improve yourself; it's time to kick in with the plan on how to get his attention. Send him a text message or an e-mail, letting him see that you are dealing with the break up just fine and that you are positive and ready to have a nice chat while snacking on some food at that favorite restaurant the two of you always loved to go. Your ex needs to see that you do no longer desperately want him back, but that you are calm and ready to distance yourself from all the emotional baggage you have carried on for the quiet period. Remember be positive, be clever and be cool. Don't put pressure on him; don't talk negative about what happened. Leave it all behind, and focus what has been going on in his life during the period you didn't communicate.

Talk with him about what went bad the last time you two were together, focusing on the positive

Talking with him is the best way to clear up misunderstandings and mistakes that lead to your breakup. Here is your chance to show him you two can still talk the way you used to.


Of all the ways to get your boyfriend back, being honest to yourself and your partner is one of the most important! If you are not ready or willing to change something, you are definitely on the wrong track. Get your ex back by being positive and open for new ways of co-existing in your little love world. It's okay to make mistakes, but work your way through them by communicating about whatever is bothering you both. Communication is a healthy way to start a relationship, and it is even more important to keep it up. If you can't be honest to each other about each other's flaws, without starting an argument and getting mad, then that's a problem!

Put his needs on the top of your priority list

When you first started dating (when you were dating) it might not have occurred to you that you might from time to time want to elevate him on your list of things to do in order to maintain the status-quo of you are my boyfriend and nothing else can change that.

Put their needs first

Sometimes all your ex needs is a little bit of reminding why you fell in love in the first place. And the best place to start off with would be from the surface. Listen to him while he is talking, but actually listen! It's not always about listening when he is talking about something you like. Go the extra mile to be there for him while his excited about sports, even if you don't know much about it, being there for him will mean a lot. Make a delicious dinner, even if it's something you may not like, you always have to remember that there are two people in the relationship, and it's not just about your needs. NEVER underestimate the power of senses. Human beings enjoy seeing, tasting, hearing, or touching something pleasant to them, so think of what your significant other might like, and do it for them!

Give him a sense of place as your boyfriend even though he's still your ex

Don't be picky when trying to win him back. Compliment him; but draw the line before he finds out. Be sincere.

He should be your hero

When you first started dating, you gave him all the attention in the world; and then some. He was your knight on the white horse, your prince charming; he was the most handsome, smartest and funniest guy on the planet. Then you started to nag him. Then, you broke up.

Now getting your boyfriend back requires just a little bit of rekindling. Men require attention. Men need to be admired just as much as women do, linking to be complimented.

Compliment your man when he does something for you, or even if he does a good thing at work. Compliment his looks and physique. These might seem insignificant, but they are actually crucial.

Make him jump for the rebound with you

Sometimes (most of the time) it pays to tickle with his imagination. That is you need to do what it takes to keep him excited physically and emotionally; after all, you still want to get back with you ex, right?

Tickle his imagination

If you keep yourself asking the troubling question: But how do I get his attention, anyways? First, don't let your physical appearance deteriorate just because you are no longer together. A little bit of make up, or dressing up will go a long way, because when it comes to men, they are creatures who like to indulge their senses, as we have already mentioned. Be comfortable in your skin, but experiment a little bit, so that you catch his attention next time you meet up. Get a haircut, or buy some new clothes even. Have a positive attitude so that he can feel that energy. Be more spontaneous as well; don't get too comfortable on that couch, sitting around watching movies all the time. Plan your days and activities, and he will get interested in your life as well.

Refrain from begging; that'll only make it harder to get him back

Do whatever it takes to get back with your ex, as long as it leaves you dignity intact. There is nothing worse than losing it, trying to get back with an ex. In fact, it might give him a reason for leaving again, i.e. never lose your dignity trying to get back with him.

Keep your dignity

Don't plan to get your ex boyfriend back through begging and pleading. Not only will it make it harder than it already is to get him back; that's no way to keep your dignity.

No matter how emotionally tough it is on you, evaluate the situation. Getting your ex back does not imply losing your dignity, on the contrary, make yourself even more confident and attractive so that your ex will want to see you and be with you.

Let's take a simple example. If your ex left you, because of something that you did, you might jump to conclusion that you need to let your ex do what he likes with you. That's a big mistake. Just because you made a mistake, doesn't make it even. That is, he doesn't have the right to trample all over you and make you feel guilty all the time.

How hard is it to get your ex-boyfriend back after a break up?

Getting your boyfriend back must seem like a dreadfully difficult task, but in fact it isn't. We all go through reevaluation in our love lives at least once in our lives, so use it as a time to progress and make positive changes for yourself and the partner you wish to rekindle the love with.