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How to Be That Shy Girl: 5 Ways to Drive Guys Crazy with Shyness

Guys may be different but there is something that they all like in a girl and that is shyness. So, follow the few steps we have described and your love troubles will be over for ever.

Make boys like you by being cute and shy

One would say that shyness is not a very desirable character trait if all those self-help guides for coping with it taken into consideration, but we shouldn't forget that in some particular situations shyness is more than desirable. For example, being that shy girl might be what it takes to stick out in the crowded of other girls. When a girl wants to make a lasting impression on a boy there is no better way than to act shy.

woman hiding behind hat

Men have always liked that in women, even when it was obvious that it didn't come naturally to them. If it wasn't like that we wouldn't have had a rich tradition of love poems written by the smartest men and dedicated to the coy objects of their love. If you have the ambition to become part of the courtly love tradition and be the main character of some romance or a couple of sonnets here is what you need to do so that every guy would be at your knees begging for your attention.

5 Ways to Drive Guys Crazy with Shyness: Classical Girls Are in Fashion Again And You Can Turn Into One by Following a Few Simple Tricks That Lets You in on a Secrets of being Shy

If you are wondering how to be shy, then you are in the right place. Here are ways to drive him/them/any guy crazy with your shyness even if it means never talking again.

Show him that you are a good listener

The girl that listens

While it is true to say that shyness may complicate one's life it is also true that it can also bring about many positive characteristics in a person, good karma?? It makes you more thoughtful, more loyal and a good listener, all of which is essential for any relationship to flourish. Therefore, if you have a plan to make him your long-term boyfriend, you should show him that there is more to you than just an egocentric, self-obsessed girl. Assure him that you can be a worthy guardian of his dreams, desires and secrets. If he is the one he would be knocked of his feet.

Avoid Long Eye Contacts ?

The girl that can't keep her eyes on him

They say that eyes are the mirror of soul, so having this in mind the first thing you need to do to be cute and shy is to make your eyes as shy as you can. This means that whether this is the first time you meet the guy or you have gone out together a couple of times, you should always make your eye contact as short as you can which means that you shouldn’t hold your look for more than two seconds. As soon as you can lower your gaze and avert your eyes in an attempt to find some other object of interest. This simple trick will send a sign of submission and give your date space to enjoy all wonders of your physical appearance. Moreover, this will bring a touch of mystery to your looks and make your date even more interested in discovering the person hiding underneath those long eyelashes.?

Dress Modestly

The girl that dresses well

When choosing what to wear have in mind that less is more if you want to go for a classical girl looks. Avoid flamboyant designs and tacky accessories. Find simple cuts that suits you and take the advantage of the things that are already in fashion like A-line maxi skirts and dresses. These would make? your legs seem longer, and your figure would look taller and slimmer. You shouldn't hide that you have a beautiful figure but there is no need to show all your assets on the first date. In other words you should give your guy a hint and leave the rest for his imagination. When It comes to make-up the principle is the same, show him that you are a keeper but choose to stress either the eyes or the mouth, both would be too much.

Let Him Be The Initiator of Your First Contact

The girl that doesn't make first contact

Since you have only one opportunity to make the best first impression on him there is no place for mistakes. Nevertheless there is no need for you to worry because all you need to do is wait for him to make the move. Just be cute and shy an let him do all the work. Guys like shy girls because they get the chance to show their masculinity. The more sensitive and vulnerable you seem to be the braver they would get and in no time you will be surrounded by many admirers of yours. Make them believe that you are a damsel in distress and the alpha male in every guy would show off ready to fight and win your honor.

Play Hard to Get

The girl the is harder to get than other girls

However big and strong they may seem, deep inside man are but little boys who never seem to grow up. So if you want to keep them happy and busy all you need to do is engage them in some game-like sort of activity. One of the main principles of being shy is not to be open to another person which is luckily the basic rule for playing this game. Just give him as hard time as you can never showing him openly what you really feel and how much you really like him. Be a mystery for him, a puzzle that he needs to crack. Make him think about you all the time, wandering what is really on your mind. Your aim is for him to become insecure when it comes to your relationship and another benefit is that you will see how much he is willing to put effort into gaining your confidence. This game will make a good test of all the aspects of the guy you have chosen so that when you're through with him he there would be no other girl for him but you.??

Does being shy improve your chances with guys?

Recently I was asked a serious question about being shy and how it improves your changes at getting dates with guys. Is it true? Is it a myth that is better to forget? You would be surprise how time changes since the old-fashioned days of the people that raised you.

One would argue that we are usually taught that we shouldn't be shy and that we need to go out there and ask for everything we need and that that is the only way to get it, shyness won't get us anywhere they say, and it is so. We also understand that you are an independent, modern girl ready to fight for yourself, but when it comes to boys the traditional way is the right path you should take. While everything is changing, our boys are still in a way old-fashioned when it comes to relationship with girls. Being direct and talking openly about your needs and desires will get you far in life but it won't help you be more likable to them. So, don't waste any of your time and go and use the new knowledge on how to be shy that we have bestowed on you. Cute and shy is all you need to be to make every boy crazy about you.