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How to Flirt with Your Boyfriend with 4 Ways to Enjoy Every Minute

Finding innovative and cute ways to flirt with your boyfriend has never been this easy. If you have been eager to light a few sparks and flirt with your boyfriend all over again, here are some great tricks you could actually use.

Flirting with Your Boyfriend Never Felt More Fun

Who says that flirting is only reserved for that period before you officially become a couple? Not true, trust us! Flirting with your boyfriend should be practiced even when you start officially dating, and even if you've been dating for quite a while.

couple holding hands

Flirting is fun, there's no need to stop doing that solely because it served its basic purpose. If you enjoy it and love doing it, continue doing it later in the relationship. Flirting is what will help you spice up the boring periods, and have fun even when one of you is not in a good mood.

All out of Ideas on Cute Ways to Flirt with Your Boyfriend? Make Him Fall in Love with You All over Again with These Great Ways to Flirt

Here's how to enjoy every minute of flirting with your boyfriend or else!

1. When no one is looking

fingerprint heart
Hold hands

Holding hands is cute, we all love it, and we are all used to it. We like holding hands when we are 15, and we like it the same when we are 45. There is something to holding hands that makes it irresistible. It's an adorable way of showing mutual care and devotion. By holding hands we show to both our boyfriend and to other people that we appreciate the connection we have with that person. But that is not all there is.
When no one is looking we can show and share even more "with a system of touch" in words of Digital Daggers (or Tears For Fears, for that matter). If you are at the cafe, or on a dinner party with your friends, and you are sitting next to each other (naturally), while his hand which is closer to you is under the table, start a gentle round of Thumb war, or just go for playing with his fingers. If you feel particularly playful at the moment, go for some tickling. Bear in mind that your aim is to flirt with your boyfriend, and not to win a war. The point here being that you shouldn't drag his entire arm around just to win the round, but to create an intimate moment both of you will enjoy even though you are surrounded with other people (who, by the way, probably won't notice that you are doing anything at all). Try to be discreet, but playful, and this great and one of the cutest ways to flirt will surely boost his mood.

2. Kisses and… Wait for it… Yeah, more kisses

A blond girl kissing a guy lying in the field.
Kiss away

You can include kisses in your flirting routine any way you want. There is a sheer number of cute ways to flirt with your boyfriend that can eventually end up in kissing. In fact, most of the activities you can do with your boyfriend can eventually lead to kissing, one way or another.
You can dare him to do something for a kiss, or you can ask for a kiss in return for something nice you did for him. Or the two of you can play a number of interesting kissing games, like "Steam kiss" when one of you is drinking warm tea, the other one should drink cold water or juice before kissing, "Marathon kiss" (the name is pretty much self-explanatory), or "Who Lasts Longer" where you there him to sit really close to you with your faces nearly touching, but the trick is to resist kissing each other. These kinds of games will show him that there is still a little flirt hiding inside you, and that you are still willing to try different ways to flirt as long as he's there to participate and flirt back..

3. Have a closer look

A brunette girl looking at a guy in a gray sweater with a zipper.
Give him the look

As it is usually the case, eye contact can be very powerful in communication and relationships, regardless of whether you want to leave an impression, influence on someone, or just flirt. But when it comes to flirting, and different ways to flirt, eye contact can be powerfully used when flirting with your boyfriend. When the two of you are talking, and the topic is something he is really interested in, or something he is really excited about; as he is talking, lean closer to him, as close as possible while looking deep into his eyes. At first he might be a bit confused, but you should just signal him that you are paying attention and that he should move on. Eventually, he'll realize how pleasant and deep it seems when you are looking at him that way, and he will just keep looking back and enjoying that feeling. With or without talking, it doesn't matter. This way of flirting creates a certain dose of intimacy and surely raises his heart rate :)

4. Wireless flirt

For some, flirting via texts seems impossible, but for others it's actually kind of cute and they love those ways of flirting more than others. It's really not that complicated, it's just that some people find it a lot easier to come up with a cute text than anything else.
If you would like to try flirting with your boyfriend over text messages, here are some hints that will help you break the ice. For example, you could make some cute and challenging invitations, like "If you bring over pizza and that dazzling smile, I'll make sure to have to get some of those cookies you like." Okay, this may be a bit too cheesy, but you get the point.
If you haven't seen him in a while, and you are stuck in front of a TV with a cold, or your younger nephew, you could send him a reminder of how the two of you had a great time watching that chick flick you accidentally stumbled upon again. Sending such or similar text will help him recall some cute memories he has of you and that movie, and eventually one of you will bring up the topic of watching another movie together.

Flirt away

Until you don't try, you can't know which of the ways of flirting suits you as a couple. Some of these ways are could be something you don't find interesting; others could be out of his comfort zone. But that is why you probably know what would suit him. After all, you are his girlfriend, so you are surely doing something right. And, what is the most important about flirting with your boyfriend is that as long as the two of you are having fun, and enjoy it, you are probably doing the right thing.