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5 Inspirational Movies to Watch when You Need Inspiration

Take a look at our list of top inspirational movies that will make your day. Create your own list to know what you watch when you are about to start a whole new endeavor to keep your motivation on the top.

Top Inspirational Movies to Add to Your List

There are hundreds of so-called inspirational movies, but the truth is that there are only a few things that inspire people. If you want to make sure that the movie you watch will be truly inspirational, you should look for the all-time classics. There might be some drama in it, some difficulties that the main characters have to get through, and there should also be a happy end. If the movie you watch has all these elements, you have yourself a winner. Take a look at the list we have come up with and choose the one you like the most.

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1. Dead poet's society

In case you are looking for inspirational stories to show you that you don’t always have to settle for what is given to you and that you can live your life on your own terms, this is the movie you should watch. For sure you will be touched by it and it could also result in a change in your life.

2. A beautiful mind

Just as the title suggests, the main character of the movie is a brilliant man who has to learn to live with is demons while being realistic enough to pass on his knowledge to the future generations. The movie is meant to show people that nothing is impossible if they have a strong power of will.

3. Stand and deliver

For sure you have seen movies portraying children of poor backgrounds who manage to succeed in life and this is what this inspirational movie is all about. It tells the story of a teacher who believed in their students and the students who didn’t fail him.

4. About a boy

This movie presents the journey of a man without any responsibilities becoming a responsible adult caring for and about a child. Actually, it presents the development of a man who never wanted any responsibilities turning into someone society can be proud of.

5. Babe

Although you might think this is a children’s movie because of the talking animals, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the inspirational films as well. You could think of Babe as the little piglet that could and that proved the world what he is made of.

5 Inspirational Movies That Will Leave You Motivated and Ready to Take Action Whatever Your Goal Might Be

So, which are the inspirational stories you shouldn’t miss out on? Take a look at our list and choose the movies that impress you the most.

1. Dead poet's society – true inspiration

The movie is about the group of boys attending a private prep school and their (somewhat nonconformist) English teacher. While the other members of the faculty wish the boys to live by the rule and obey their parents, this English teacher shows them that they are unique individuals. As the title suggests, this one of the inspirational videos revolves around poetry and writing. The teacher organizes a secret society, which helps the boys find who they really are and what they wish to make of their lives. All boys seem to develop their personality to the point they are willing to defy the wishes of their parents.

Although this may sound everything you ever wanted, lightning strikes when one of the boys isn’t allowed to do what he would like to and commits suicide. You might think that this isn’t a good story for motivation videos, but the plot further complicates. The teacher is blamed of their death and the students are forced to sign a document attesting to it. However, in the end the students come clean, even if the teacher is dismissed from his function. This is one of the best inspirational movies for students.

2. A beautiful mind – a truly beautiful one

When you are feeling down, you should watch some of the top inspirational movies. This movie is one of the best because it focuses on a brilliant professor fighting his demons. As a young adult he goes to Princeton where he proves his magnificent mathematical abilities. After publishing articles and developing his skills, he is offered a job at the Pentagon decrypting secret Soviet messages. He becomes obsessed with spies and secret messages, so he begins having trust issues. In the meantime he meets a girl and he marries her.

This inspirational story is all about the professor and his journey through life. After a violent scene he is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and is institutionalized. He believes that the Soviets are to blame. He is given therapy and then released. Because of the side effects of the medication the professor decides not to take them anymore and he starts hallucinating again. After hurting his family he is confronted with the fact that the people he thought were real were only a production of his imagination. Still, he doesn’t want to take medication, but decides to ignore the hallucinations, making the movie one of the movies that inspire you.

3. Stand and deliver – faith in children

Children of poor backgrounds are always given smaller chances of succeeding in life, but this inspirational movie is meant to prove that they can bring surprises as well. The movie is about a math teacher who starts working at a school in a bad neighborhood. He tries to change the system of the school to help children excel. He also recognizes the untapped potential of the students and he sets the goal of them taking the AP calculus in their senior year. The children start working very hard for this, they even take summer courses.

Naturally the other faculty members are cynical with the teacher, not believing in the potential of the students. One of the best things about this one of the motivational video clips is that it is meant to change the way society sees these children. They actually pass their exams, but the exams committee believes that there is too much overlap in the mistakes they made and they suspect the students have been cheating. The teacher trusts that these accusations are based on economic and racial reasons and he insists that the children take the exam again. The students pass the test and they show the people who didn’t believe in them that they can, making this one of the inspiration movies.

4. About a boy – all about him

When looking for feel good stories, you should make sure to give this story a shot. It revolves around a man living a life of luxury because he is getting royalties after a song his father wrote. He wishes to meet women and so he goes to a single parents’ meeting where he invents a son. As a result of his story he gets a date and they go to a park. There he meets a little boy he lies to the park ranger for and they develop a connection. The boy sees him as the big brother he never had.

One day the mother of the boy wants to commit suicide and the child seeks the main character’s help. He just went through a breakup and isn’t really responsive. However, the child decides to sing at a school show to cheer his mother up. This is one of the motivational movie clips because it would be an embarrassment for him, so his new friend decides to save him. After this the boy and his mother become his extended family and they celebrate Christmas together, turning the movie into an inspiration movie.

5. Babe – a classic

If you are looking for cute inspirational films, this is the one to go for. It is about an orphan piglet (Babe) who is taken home by a farmer. There he is adopted by a sheepdog. For a while there is the possibility for him to become the Christmas dinner, but he escapes and starts his new adventures. He finds that he has a talent for sheep herding simply by being polite to the sheep. After being discriminated and even laughed at, he is allowed to enter a sheep herding competition. He is helped even by those who didn’t believe in him and he manages to finish the tasks. In the end he is rewarded by the farmer, acknowledging his talent.

Although this motivational movie is also a family movie, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t as inspirational as Dead Poets’ Society, for example. You can find the same themes, but they are wrapped in “animal fur”. Babe was an underdog who managed to overcome his difficulties and reach his true potential. As a matter of fact, we can say that he is as much of a hero as Rocky without all the violence and all the fighting. While the movie works for adults, it teaches children that they achieve anything they want if they have ambition and they work hard.