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9 Tips to Learn How to Be a Good Kisser or at Least Better at It

Most probably you have met good kissers before and you have been wondering how to improve your skills yourself. If you know how to tell if someone is a good kisser, most probably you know what it takes to become one.

Perfect the art of kissing and never be called a bad kisser never ever again

Let's face it: there is no person in this world that wouldn't like to stop asking "Am I a good kisser?" For sure you have been talking to your friends about the people you consider to be good kissers and you would like other people to say the same thing about you. Besides this, some people believe that the persons who are good kissers form relationships more easily, because who would like to be with a bad kisser? Nonetheless, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself; learning is a process and you have to practice a lot before you master a form of art such as kissing.

couple kissing

Naturally, a lot of things also depend on your partner because they might not like your style even though some other people might consider it amazing and they wouldn't mind at all kissing you.

9 Tips to Become a Good Kisser or to Perfect the Art of Kissing in Order to Give Kisses That Your Partners Will Never Forget and That Will Get Them Coming Back for More

What makes you (or your partner) a good kisser? Here are 8 tips to perfect the way you smooch.

1. Pay attention to your partner

close up of couple kissing
Figure out what he is expecting

The first question you have to ask yourself is "Are you a good kisser?" The majority of people might say "yes" but the question is are they realistic or are they just flattering themselves? If you ever take an "Am I a good kisser?" quiz you may notice that one of the questions you will have to answer is whether you pay attention to your partner. Some people consider kissing a dance of the lips. You have to know what kind of kiss you are going after which can range from closed mouth pecks to French kisses. You just have to take the time to figure out the kind of kiss your partner is expecting.

2. You don't have to rush into it

two people about to kiss in front of fence
It's not a race

Don't forget that in order to become a good kisser you shouldn't consider it a race. You're not on schedule here and this isn't something you have to get done fast. If you are asking how to tell if someone is a good kisser first you should see if they have a soft mouth. You can nibble on each other's lips and you can gently pull the upper or lower lip of your partner. There are some people who like a bit of teething, but there are also some who don't like it at all. This is something you have to experiment with to find out what works for your partner. When asking "How can I become a good kisser?" you have to make sure that you pay attention to their reactions.

3. Be careful with the smell of your breath

visible breath of woman in the cold
Check breath before you kiss

The people asking what makes a good kisser ought to know that there are some aspects that make people horrible kissers and it's not necessarily about their technique. One of the major turn-offs that people encounter is bad breath. When asking how do you know if someone is a good kisser you should think about the basics: do you like to kiss them? Most probably you wouldn't like to be kissed by someone with a bad breath, so you should start with the basic aspects: make sure that you have proper oral hygiene and the rest will come on its own.

4. Get creative while kissing

young couple nose to nose
Allow for different techniques

What makes someone a good kisser? Think about this scenario: you get kissed by your partner in a given manner and you love it. Then they kiss you in the same manner over and over again. Although at the beginning it might be thrilling, in time it becomes a routine and you don't get the same rush anymore. In case you take an "Are you a good kisser?" quiz it might ask you whether you make efforts to spice things up? Don't forget that you are allowed to try different techniques and to make experiments when kissing. This will make the act of kissing more interesting for you and for your partner as well.

5. You have to be gentle when kissing

couple with feet facing each other and woman on tip toes
Don't be pushy

Although French kissing is nice, for sure you don't want to have your partner pushing their tongue down your throat. If you are asking how to tell if a guy is a good kisser, the first thing to consider is whether he is gentle. Kissing them should feel comfortable. As it has been mentioned before, there are some people who like teething, but you should make sure that you do it gently. Also ensure that the pressure you put on the lips isn't too much. For sure you don't want to have swollen or painful lips the next day and this isn't something your partner wishes either.

6. People must have confidence

warmly dressed couple kissing near leaves
A little bit of confidence will take you far

Once you kissed a person, there is no turning back. Have you ever taken an "Are you a good kisser?" quiz for girls? Did it ask you whether you know exactly what you want? The people who know what they want and the way they want it usually show confidence and this is something that can be seen by their way of kissing as well. If you wish to become a good kisser, you can be sure that you partner wishes the same so there is no reason for you not to be confident. Nothing can really go wrong when kissing (except for painful kisses ? nobody wants that).

7. Being in the right place at the right time

woman standing at end of path of rose petals
Set the mood

The people asking how to know if someone is a good kisser ought to know that it's not only about the technique that people have, but also their timing. If you wish to kiss your partner you should also think about the circumstances. For instance, you can't have an intimate kiss in public. In case you are interested in how to be a good kisser, you ought to know that you might have to set the mood first. As an example, for an intimate kiss, you might light some candles, choose some romantic music, and make sure that you will not be disturbed. In order to learn how to be a good kisser, you have to learn to pay attention to everything that's happening around you and adjust your kissing style accordingly.

8. Practice makes perfect

Maybe you've never been kissed, but if you have you may have noticed the learning curve from becoming a good kisser and just making sure you don't end up hurting yourself. Nevertheless, the standstill on becoming a good kisser hasn't changed since forever; practice make perfect. So instead of worrying about whether you are your significant other is good at it, pucker up and practice. Only then will you have what it takes to say that you at least did the work to become a good kisser.

9. Kissing takes chemistry

Chemistry come up so much in dating, it should be considered a new kind of science, perhaps in the field of physiology; never mind that. The point is that without chemistry, your relationship won't work. That is after kissing a guy for the first time and coming to the conclusion, not feeling it, something's got to give. Kissing works the same way as finding the guy that is right for you, only more physical. To become a better kisser, sometimes what it takes is the right partner, Mr. Right, or whoever you really want to get to know better. Only then can you stop worrying yourself over, "am I a good kisser?"