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Chores To Exercise Around The House Getting Things Done

Chores to get things done around the house with exercise.
Exercise secret that all live at home house people should not live without.
Make it happen.

When you are on a diet the last thing you want to do is extra work that doesn't help you exercise so stay under your covers and thing think about it. Is sitting around the house not doing anything because you are exhausted from working out and eating right going to help you lose weight?

What are some good chores to do around the house to lose weight?

As it becomes cold out going out for a walk is not an option you want to take not to mention a drought in the number of days you spend going to the gym. Cold weather makes it bothersome to go outside and get more active making you worry how you are going to get through the cold winter months without gaining weight.

It's a good thing that you can get all the exercise you need at home doing household chores to burn off extra calories you don't need instead of going to the gym. If you could turn all the housework you do every day into a catalyst for losing weight, what would you choose? This is just one more reason to work even harder cleaning the house.

In this Slism, we will discuss various household chores that you can do at home to burn off just as much calories as you do going to the gym.

Putting Your Elbows Into Cleaning Can Help You Burn Tons Of Calories!

Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry these are only a few things that someone around the house has to do are else you are going to be asking what to wear tomorrow. It may feel like a hassle but look at it this way if you do it right you can burn off calories to take to the weight loss bank before you know it.

The secret to burning of more calories into doing chores around the house is to put some elbow grease into it by really getting into it. You would be surprise how much taking cleaning seriously affect the amount of calories you get out of the deal.

So over several minutes of doing housework how many calories you end up burning? Here is a table showing a list of household chores with their exercise equivalent values. Note that it is most effective to perform each chore in series due to the shore amount of time spent doing each for best results.

Housework Exercise List Of Chores That Can Be Done To Burn Off Calories
Type of housework Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) Calories burned by a 110lb person doing chores for 15 minutes
Wide wiping motions
  • Car washing
  • Large window washing
This would also include doing chores such as washing the floor or dusting around the house
3.0 39Cal
Floor mopping with a broom and a dust pan 3.5 46Cal
Dishwashing standing in front of a sink thinking 2.5 33Cal
Vacuum cleaning the carpet leaving no dust 2.5 33Cal
Cleaning the bathroom scrubbing the toilet 3.8 50Cal
Carrying in the groceries into the house 5.0 66Cal
Moving furniture from room to room space 6.0 79Cal
Cooking and food preparation for great meals 2.0 26Cal
Watering plants keeping it green inside house 2.5 33Cal
Grocery shopping stocking up the refrigerator 2.3 30Cal
Ironing clothes for the next busy working day 2.3 30Cal
Washing clothes removing stains and wrinkles 2.0 26Cal

Now you see why the calories you burn working around the house are such a big deal. It would be a waste not to add this to your diet portfolio of tips to lose weight at home getting things done.

House cleaning as exercise for a healthy active body

When compared to walking, which is considered to have of MET of around 5, housework exercise hold up their end of the bargain by being just as good a form of exercise as walking and simple calisthenics. So mix it up. Take extra laps around the dinner table when cleaning and you will be on to sure weight loss success in no time not the fact that you are actually getting things done.

Housework exercise is especially recommended for busy people that lack the time to make it to the gym and need to take care of their house as well as people who need to warm up during winter by moving around. In that respect exercising around the house getting things done is such a great way to burn of excess calories and steam.

If you though housekeeping is troublesome then you might want to pick up housework exercise for a round of getting things done around the house while losing weight in the meantime. If you already have a clean house, you may want to take up housecleaning that lets you exercise while getting paid to tidy up.

  • Household chore exercise

    Household chore exercise

    For decades the secret to trimming down and getting a slim figure was all at home. With exercise chores you can burn calories and get it done.

  • Cleaning better than walking?

    Cleaning better than walking?

    In terms of their metabolic equivalent of task walking and cleaning fall under the same umbrella of great exercises to lose weight.

  • Cleaning slims down your body

    Cleaning slims down your body

    Burning of more calories each day means progress towards getting the slim beautiful body you deserve.