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Hula Hoop Exercise Routine to Slim Your Waist in Minutes

Slim your waist exercising 10 minutes a day doing hula hoop exercise.
The routine is simple. All you need to do is get your 10 minutes in and that's it.

Hula Hoop Exercise Routine to Slim Your Waist in Minutes

Hula hoop exercise isn't overrated. When it comes to the effect it has on your body to slim your waist, there may be no better exercise that can be done in only 10 minutes a day. Not sure whether you are ready yet? Take it to the yard!

What's a good hula hoop exercise routine to slim your waist?

Hula hopping for 10 minutes 1 day is the simplest hula hoop exercise routing for slimming your waist.

At this point you may be thinking that's all it takes!? Hula hooping exercise is more effective than you think. You would be surprised how easier it is to make dent in hard to reach areas like your slim waist in weight loss by simply picking up a hula hoop.

Almost everyone has the pastime of working the hula hoop in school as a child. Maybe at the time it didn't seem any more than fun and game, however hula hopping for 10 minutes a day puts your daily calories burned up to 100 calories a day, which is more exercise than most.

More than 100 calories a day!

On top of helping you burn 100 calories a day using only minutes of your time giving you more time to do other things, hula hoop has many benefits that make it such an attractive exercise.

Inner Muscle Training

Doing hula hoop exercise is said to stimulate the inner muscles in your waist training areas untouchable by conventional deliberate exercise such as running and step climbing.

Training the inner muscle around your waist can boost your metabolism helping you burn more fat exercising. Yet, that's it! Hula hooping is great for burning fat giving you what you need to stay on top of the fat game.

In addition to the fat burning you will be doing while training your inner muscle hula hooping is said to be great for getting rid of constipation. So be sure to give it a try the next time you feel constipated. You would be surprised how effective it is actually.

Pitfalls to this hula hoop exercise routine to keep in mind

Hula hope exercise is an exercise you can easily do at home. However that only works if you've got the space available. Hula hoops for adults can be surprisingly big requiring room for space if you ever need to clean up.

A lot has changed since the first time you tried hula hooping as a kid. What most people find out fast is that it is hard than it looks. Don't worry though because with practice you can do almost anything.

3 workout Tips for the best hula hoop exercise routine

There are tons of people that can hula hoop despite being able to it as a kid. In the beginning don't expect too much. Start out trying to get 10 revolutions in gradually increasing the number of times you spin the hula hoop around your waist.

For people having difficulty performing hula hoop exercise, you may be working too hard. Having the pressure of the hoop dropping below your waist struggling to keep it up is not good for the heart. Take baby steps beginning with doing 10 for the first time, Then, work your way slowly and surely to being able to practice for 10 minutes straight. Note that this may include the time spent picking yourself up after losing your rhythm.

Focus on working the inner muscle around your waist and hips imagining yourself with a slimmer waist as you exercise.

Hula hoop exercise is asymmetric meaning that it can turn one sided neglecting to alternate between sides. That is why when hula hooping for 10 minutes, do 5 minutes each clockwise and counterclockwise.

1        Keep your back straight keeping in mind good posture

Bad posture while doing hula hoop exercise affects your ability to hula hoop properly. Straightening your back out allowing better rotation while hula hooping is key.

2        Bring the hoop against your back before getting started

Bringing the hoop flush against your back before getting started puts you in the best position to start hula hooping. Start at the high you want to spin the hula hoop around your body at.

3        Avoid turning at your hips trying too hard to hula hoop

When you do hula hoop exercise it is going to be hard not to turn at your hips. As natural as turning your hips in order to keep the hula hoop from falling below your knees sounds, doing this is said to actually be counterproductive when it comes to hula hooping with the right form meant for endurance.

Finding the right hula hoop for exercise for a price

Although most people may think all hula hoops are the same, in fact there is a big difference between the hula hoop you played with as a kids and the one you need to start using now. That is size and durability.

For kids getting your hands on a decent hula hoop for around 5 dollars may be the best investment you've ever made. However, especially in hula hoops in hula hooping for exercise people of bigger or smaller frame are said to cost between 50 and a 100 dollars max.

For people without little space around the house that really want to get into hula hoop exercise, there are inflatable and collapsible hula hoops available. When you are thinking about taking hula hoop exercise to the next level, there are hula hoops that can be used with weight added. Now that sounds like fun! Doesn't it?

No matter what type of hula hoop you choose to exercise finding what feels right for you is the best approach to take before diving in head first feeling like you overspent investing too little time in research. Get set up and stick with it!