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5 Steps to Stretch Your Back to Slim Down Activating Brown Fat

Looking for a way to kick of your diet but don't feel ready to commit just yet?
That's okay because just by doing these simple back stretches you can lose weight, slim down your waist, and keep on improving.
Exercise and stretching for everyone.

If only losing weight was as easy as stretching your back, then everyone would be doing it. Stop wondering and discover how you too can turn simple back stretches into a catalyst to take your diet and fitness to a level you never knew even existed.

Back stretching is not only safe and so simple anyone can start doing with little instruction, stretching your back help slim down your waist, boost your metabolism, and rejuvenate your nervous system making your more alert than before, just like living again.

You may have heard about the revolutionary back stretching diet that is turning many away from conventional workouts towards a new age of exercise, the Aquarius of fitness. If you haven't been up and about these stretches may be what you need to get up and moving again.

Quick Back Stretches

Burn off More Calories than before just by … Stretching?!

Experts say don't stretch before exercise. However, there is more to stretching than exercise. A facet of stretching often overlooked by people is the dietary benefits of stretching. It turns out that stretching can help fire up your metabolism like you would not believe.

By stretching your back it is said that it is possible to stimulate inner muscles around your spine supporting your spinal column. Training your spinal muscles can help you boost your metabolism and give you a strong impressionable posture.

In addition, the area around your spine near spinal extensors are said to contain large concentrations of dark fat cells (aka “brown fat cells”) that can help you burn off extra energy in your body. Simulating your spinal extensor muscles helps activate these brown fat cells that make it easy to burn off fat.

Low brown fat activity can result in left over energy to be stored away as fat, resultantly making it easy to gain weight. On the other hand if you can activate the brown fat cells in your body, it is said that you set yourself up to store away less energy as fat.

Boost and Speed Up Your Metabolism The Faster Way!

Simply speaking, just by changing how you position your hands while stretching has a natural way to change how your breath. This fact is especially useful for people looking to practice abdominal breathing which is said to be good for trimming of superfluous flesh from your abdomen.

Combining respiratory with abdominal breathing promotes healthy functionality of your internal organs, which can help increase your metabolism so that can start losing weight easier.

The Benefits of Using Your Whole Body While Stretching

What you get out of stretching is not limited to the muscles aligning your back. In fact, it is easier to start seeing results in the area around your abdomen. That is why it is said to be effective in lowering the amount of fat you have in your midsection.

Moreover, by using more muscles around your body, you can prevent and remedy common health problems such as the chills, stiff shoulders, swelling in the face, and constipation.

Diet Steps: Stretching Your Back to Lose Weight

I know this isn't the first time you're stretching your back. Stretching is like waking up in the morning, you do it without thinking. However, that doesn't mean just doing anything is going to have a positive effect on your diet. Here are several points to keep your diet on the edge.

Step 1 – Make sure you have the right posture before starting

Spread your legs shoulder width apart placing feet slightly facing outward. Slightly bend at the knees, setting your body in a relaxing position.

right posture

Step 2 – Face your hands inward stretching backwards

Facing your hands inward, extend your arms above your head. Breathe from your nose, exhaling and inhaling for 3 seconds and repeat up to 3 times. This should take about 30 seconds, but don't rush yourself. Take your time.

As discussed previously, by turning grasping the airspace in the area above you head, your breathing technique will be adjusted naturally by your body. From this position, it is easy to force abdominal breathing without much effort. This can be confirmed easily by doing abdominal breathing before stretching.

Face your hands inward stretching backwards

DIET Checkpoint

  • When bending back, make sure so that your knees don't straighten out. Bending at your knees helps your maintain balance and not fall backwards.
  • There is no need to push yourself too far back when stretching. Go as far as comfortably possible. For some people this might not be that far; however as you get use to this stretch, there will be noticeable gains in how for you can go in this stretch.

Step 3 – Bring your hands together raising your arms above your head

Rising your arms above your head, bring your hands together, calms facing downward towards the top of your head. Look up in the air and slowly learn back stretching exactly the same way as done previously. Breathing from your nose, hold this position for 5 seconds alternating between calm inward and outward breathing. (30 seconds)

Bring hands together raising arms above head

Step 4 – Basic exercise putting it together stretching below your arms

The side is bent and lengthened

The movements you do in these back stretches shouldn't be much a burden. That's why it's important to break out with basic exercise to lightly exercise areas often left behind while stretching.

Without overdoing it, bend to your side horizontally as shown in the picture bellow. You should feel a stretch in the area around your armpits. Alternate between sides both sides, 1 time each.

Step 5 – Slowly bend your body forward towards the floor

The side is bent and lengthened

You are probably wondering; how we did all that back stretching without bending over once? Saving the best for last, here's your chance to put the final touches on your back stretching. When bending down, try not to force it. That is to say, it is not necessary to touch your toes. Go as far as your feel comfortable, relaxing because this is the final stretch your will be doing today.

Simple Way to Tell Whether You Are Doing Abdominal Breathing the Right Way

Changing how your breathing can be as easy as changing how you position your hands. Performing breathing techniques only half way, takes away the benefits your get from performing these simple back stretches. It's most important that you consciously look at how your breath.

Abdominal breathing allows you to make better use of your diaphragm, forcing the area of your stomach to seem to inflate versus your chest as seen in respiratory breathing. If you stomach is moving as your breath then you are in doing it right.

On the other hand, determining whether you are respiratory breathing is more obvious. Not that you wouldn't be able to tell yourself, if your chest expands pushing your rib cage outwards, then you are doing something right.

Keep in mind which breathing technique you are doing while exercise can make a big difference in the results you see overtime. So take a moment and give yourself checkpoints when you need a break.

When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Stretch Your Back Out?

Back stretches are best done when you have free time on your hands to do so. That is to say that do them as much as possible given you have both time and space on your hands.

However, in order to get the best results out of your workout or most relaxing stretch possible, it is recommended that you stretch before eating and going to bed.

Stretching before a meal is said to prevent overeating. This means less knots in your back and slow but sure progress in your diet to get the figure you need to show people what you are about when your hit the beach.

Stretching before going to bed promotes healthy release of growth hormones and gives your metabolism a boost, which is especially important during the night hours as your energy metabolism has basically flat lined.

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