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Exercise Your Glutes to Shape up A Saggy-Butt At Home

Just say no to a saggy butt. Glutes exercises to restore shape to your behind without the use of special equipment.
Better your butt with glute exercise.

It's hard to know whether you have a saggy butt or not. However, as your figure begins to retreat diving into old age, signs in your hip line come to the surface, making undesired appearances in front of those around you.

A sagging butt hip line not only crumbles your behind, but also makes your look older than you really are. This is especially important to note if you are someone working to keep looking younger longer. When was the last time you saw a Japanese women with a saggy butt?

How do I keep a saggy butt syndrome from ruining my figure?

The reason main reason why people have saggy butts is because they lack training the muscles supporting your buttocks, namely the glutes – Gluteus maximus muscles.

Your buttocks are an area of the body easy to put on superfluous flesh. That's why you have to try even harder to train your glutes and lift your butt up eliminating worrisome saggy butt.

In this episode of Slism we will take a look at some ways you can exercise your glutes to keep your butt from sagging and enhance your figure.

Shoulder Bridge – Exercises For Glutes To Get Rid Of A Saggy Butt (1)

Here's a floor exercise that you can do to work your gluts called the shoulder bridge. In this exercise you will be elevating your hips above the floor from of lying position. Note that when your body is in this position, it becomes easy to flex your glutes, making a great exercise to lift your butt without costly surgery.

How to exercise

  1. Lay flat on your back legs open shoulder width apart with knees raised off the floor (Similar to the way you would lie doing ab exercises). Extend your arms at your sides palm down.
    shoulder bridge begin
  2. Elevate your butt off the floor such that a straight line forms between your hips and your shoulders. Keep this position for 5 seconds.
    shoulder bridge bridging
  3. Slowly return your hips to the floor. (Avoid abrupt movements gently bringing your back down to the floor)
    shoulder bridge complete

Alright, you did it! Your first shoulder bridge without breaking a sweat. Keep it up and your will be on your way to a better butt in no time.

Do the movements in this exercise 5 times concentrating your effort into your glutes (If you are just getting started out it is recommend that you start by doing 3 repetitions while gradually working your way up to five).

If you are finding it difficult to put energy into your gluts, then your legs are probably being placed too far out from your body. In this case, bring them closer to your butt will do the trick.

Bounding your hips (falling) on the way down can lead to burdensome pack pain, so as your lower your hips down toward the floor do so slowly enough to prevent injury.

Long Lunge – Exercises For The Gluts For A Better Butt (2)

This next exercise called the long lunge works your butt while exercising your balance. It involves doing a deep lunge bringing your hips down closer to the floor. This forces your body to push against your glutes making an excellent workout to tone and shape your butt for a better looking behind wearing jeans.

How to workout your glutes

  1. Standing legs shoulder-width apart, place your hands behind your head as illustrated bellow.
    long lunge initial position
  2. Inhaling take a deep step forward making sure to bend your knee no farther than 90 degrees dropping your hips toward the floor. Avoid standing in a bow-legged fashion stretching your back out so that you are not bent over too far.
    long lunge lunging
  3. Exhaling bring back the leg you stepped forward with to your body standing straight while maintaining balance.
    long lunge complete
  4. Repeat on your other leg

Right on! This may not have been your first time doing lunges but you are glad you did try out long lunges because only your butt can tell. Continue doing these exercises and results are sure to make the surface of your behind.

Concentrate on your gluts doing the movements in this exercise 10 times (5 per side).

Avoid brining your body too far over the top of your knee. Doing deep lunges extending your shoulders past the vertical line created by your knee doesn't only make it hard to keep your balance but increases the risk of knee injury during exercise.

Remember, there is no reason to rush things. Take your time keeping in mind balance and form for best results.
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