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Water Diet Roundup for Dieting and Exercise Using Water

Is it true about what they say about the water diet?
Like any other diet, you never know until you try.
Water diets are in the same boat. Water Diet Roundup

The Water Diet is not limited to just drinking water. In addition to plans such as the hot water diet, there are water diets like the ginger tea diet that shouldn't be forgotten on the journey to slim. In this daily roundup of Slism, we will present ways to get the best out of your water diet.

Quick Water Diet Roundup

How to Do the Water Diet for Losing Weight Drinking Water

How to Water Diet

The water diet plan like other water diets is simple. All you have to do is drink at least to liters of water per day preferably after waking up and before a meal.

Water Food Calories and Detailed Nutritional Information

With only half a gallon of water as your goal, what is there to lose in water diet weight loss? The only thing you will be losing is unwanted weight when you benefit from the detoxing effect, constipation treatment, and overeating prevention effect of drinking water.

Drinking tap isn't as bad as it is made out to be. In fact hard water that comes out from your faucet has more mineral content than soft water coming out of your water softener. Hard water is said to help suppress you appetite.

Hot Water Diet to Cleanse Your Body and Improve Circulation

Hot Water Diet

The hot water diet plan very similar to other water diets such as the water diet as you would expect involves drinking water. Only this time you will be focusing on drinking hot or warm water during select times during the day.

Sometimes referred to as the warm water diet, on the hot water diet plan all it takes is drinking a cup of hot or warm water every day first thing in the morning and preferably before eating a meal. Doing this is said to help raise your core body temperature giving you little boosts in your metabolism throughout the course of the day.

The key to making it work is sticking to the plan and taking your time. Spend 10 minutes drinking hot water pacing yourself as you drink. This can easily be done by drinking in a time of leisure such as when you do your daily reading.

Drinking Ginger Tea to Get More Out Of Your Hot Water Diet

Drinking Ginger Tea

The ginger tea diet allows you to maximize results from water diets such at the hot water diet by simply adding vinegar the equation helping you boost your metabolism and lose weight.

Add thin slices of vinegar to water in combination to the hot water diet. When combined with drinking hot water, ginger is said to help you raise your core body temperature even more. By raising your core temperature you boost metabolism allowing you to burn more calories and improve circulation allowing better natural detox.

Ginger can be cut up and added on the spot or prepared before hand to be added to hot water later. Freezing ginger not only allows longer storage but adds convenience to your ginger hot water diet.

Best Teas for Weight Loss Rounding Up the Hot Water Benefits

Best Teas for Weight Loss

A roundup on water diets would not be complete without a list of the best teas to help you lose weight drinking hot water. Here you will find the foundation for tea weight loss in addition to information on the cosmetics benefits of drinking tea.

Opening discuss about the tea diet doesn't go without saying something good about black soybeans, goya, and Tochu tea. Digestive fibers found in these tease are said to help flush fat through your body having a natural fat blocking effect.

The bitter gourd or Goya as it is referred to on the island of Okinawa where it is commonly used in local cooking as well as Goya Tea. Among other facets of thee Okinawan Diet, this tea is one thing you want to pack on the journey to slim.

Coconut Water for Natural Sports Recovery during Exercise

Coconut Water

Made famous by celebrities like Madonna and Rihanna, coconut water adds tropical nutrition to your diet while allowing you to recover from fatigue, just what you need when the going gets tough in your diet and you just want to relax.

Drinking coconut water is said to fire up your metabolism with magnesium and help you get rid of edema leg swelling as well as helping you restore your electrolyte balance after working out. Coconut water has twice the amount of potassium as bananas.

In terms of nutritional value coconut water contains up to 15 times more than regular sports drinks. What this means is that while you are replenishing fluids lost during exercise, you pack nutrition into your diet.

Water Bottle Exercise to Get More Fit and Save the Planet

Water Bottle Exercise

Exercising reusing old water bottles may not be a water diet you eat or drink but in terms of water diets it has to be the friendliest to the environment. Turn empty water bottles into a home fitness gym that you can boost is helping you tone those flabby arms saving the planet.

There is treasure in your garbage that can be used to get fit. Build water bottle dumbells for light weight training you can take with you wherever you go and use as long as there is a source of water.

It may not seem like it at first but empty water bottles filled with hot water make excellent massage devices just what you need to work out excess fluids in your extremities getting rid of edema making your legs look fat.

Burn Fat with Cold Water Activating Brown Fat Cells

Burn Fat with Cold Water

Brown fat activation may be the secret to burning fat faster. Brown fat cells or baby fat that is used in a process called cold-induced thermogenesis is the most efficient way your body has to burn fat. This activation happens when exposed to cold temperature at which point your body has to put off heat.

Similarly to the way diet-induced thermogenesis works with fat burning foods, brown fat activation can be triggered simply by exposing your body to extreme cold simply by using a water bottle filled with ice cold frozen water.

How you burn more fat without exercise is tricking your body into thinking that it's cold. This can be a repeatedly cooling and warming hands or taking cold showers. The latter is not recommended for people with heart problems.

  • Tips for going on a water diet

    Tips for going on a water diet

    There is no one water diet. Water diets are for losing weight using water. How simple is that? Boost your metabolism drinking hot water!

  • Water diet basics for success

    Water diet basics for success

    Like any other successful diet plan the water diet is about building up healthy habits in your routine such as drinking water before a meal.

  • Cheap ways to lose weight

    Cheap ways to lose weight

    Using water in exercise and your diet is the most affordable way to lose weight. It may not be much but every little bit counts.