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2 Ways Burn More Fat: Brown Fat Cell Activation For Everyone

Don't you wish burning fat was easy as taking a shower every day.
Now it is when you learn how to activate brown fat cells for the most efficient fat burning known to man. Get your body back now!

Researchers in Japan and throughout Asia have been looking for ways to harness the power of brown fat cells (aka “dark fat cells” ) to burn fat more efficiently for decades. Is this the next stage in Japanese diet and weight-loss? Waiting for a super-pill to be tested an approved can take decades. Try it out now.

Learn how to burn fat more efficiently by activating brown adipose tissues.

Activating brown adipose tissue to burn off fat is easier than you think. The diet method for people to longing for new ways to get to those hard to reach places like your waist is now here.

There is nothing to lose. It's time for Slism!

Fighting Fire with Fire: Using Fat to Help You Burn-Off Fat?!

You don't have to be a lead researcher in medical health to know what's best for you and your diet. That's why it's about time we started breaking down the big biology words so that you can be on your way without feeling like it was one long lecture after the next.


When you were just a baby, gifted and blessed with a loving family, your mother would hold you in her arms to keep you warm.

On the other hand, when you were not being held, waiting for your diapers to be changed, the world was cold. For this very reason, infants and new-born babies have brown adipose tissue (BAT) or brown fat to keep their bodies warm.

As you grow older (and hopefully become adapt to wearing close) the fat you put on, a layer serving the purpose of proving your body insulation from the cold, storing energy excesses, white adipose tissue (WAT) or white fat becomes a standard for your body.

So far, scientist have discovered that there are two types of tissues "layers" that is commonly associated with what we refer to as "fat" in our diets.

In a past Slism, we discussed the effect of foods on producing body heat, effectively burning more energy so that you don't have to, diet-induced thermogenesis. This approach could be thought of as taking the problem up from inside your body.

In this episode of the Slism you know and love so dearly that you wouldn't feel obliged into liking us even more, we are going to induced way to stimulate brown fat to burn off white fat by triggering cold-induced thermogenesis, i.e. tackling the problem from outside your body.

Let's get started with the question that all dieters are asking.

Will activating brown fat cells make it easier for me to lose weight?!

Brown fat cells are like the antimatter of fat in your body. Knowing how to use them effectively could mean miracles, or just a smart way to slim down.


Even though brown fat and white fat are both considered adipose tissue found in the same places in the body, how they are burned off and stored away are distinctly different and some may even say bipolar in nature, leaving yet another mystery to be thrown at the heroes of modern medicine.

Most important to the discussion at hand, brown fat cells are essential to mobilizing white fat stores, turning your fat into energy. "That's amazing!" you might be saying.

"Why didn't I hear about this in school?" you may ask. Well, this technique has not gone full circle yet. The world is still flat. The planets don't move around the sun. Yes, it's in its primitive stages, but don't let that stop you from making discoveries of your own.

When it's cold out your body temperature drops. Your body's thermoregulatory functions (i.e. keeping you warm) activate brown fat cells that then acquire energy from (white) fat stores.

The following methods are two ways you can apply cold-induced thermogenesis to activate brown fat cells burning energy stored away in fat.

2 Simple Ways to Active Brown Fat to Stimulate Fat Burn

Activating brown fat cells is as simple as tricking your body into thinking that it's going to get cold, which is analogous to how weight training works. The prescribed methods that follow let you do just that. Before forming adaptations, please read through the whole article so that you understand where to draw the line.

Method 1: Use a chilled bottle of water to fool your body into thinking it's cold

This method is as simple as taking a cold bottle of water out of your fridge and following the illustration presented immediately bellow. All you need in this exercise is a (preferably frozen) bottle of want and we are set to go.

using a water bottle to trigger cold-induced thermogenesis

Preparations: 1 frozen bottle of water

  1. Switch on brown fat cells by holding the frozen bottle of water in your hands.
  2. Bring hands together as if you are doing a breaststroke, rocking your head back and forwards. A good rule of thumb for this portion of the exercise is about 15 times. FYI, back-1 + forward-1 equals 1.
  3. Warm hands in warm (semi-hot) water before repeating.

It's recommended that you repeat steps 1-3 up to as much as 5 times for best results.

Method 2: Alternate the water temperature while taking a shower

Alternate the water temperature between 20C (68F) and 40C (104F) repeating up to 5 times with each interval, single temperature shower, lasting up to 30 seconds focusing on your neck area.

  1. Start showering at 40C (30 seconds)
  2. Switch the water temperature down to 20C (30 seconds)
  3. Turn the water back up to 40C and repeat step 1. (don't forget to wash)


  • Although cold-hot showers are known to be beneficial in certain cases, people with high blood pressure should refrain from this exercise as there runs a the risk of stroke, shock, or other complications if not careful.
  • People that have high blood pressure, heart problems, are of old age, suffer from anemia, or similar complications should consult with their physician before showering this way.
  • If you condition, or the winter season makes this exercise difficult, bring up the water temperature or limit the affected area to your hands and feet.
  • Most importantly, don't take things too extreme.

The Difference between Being Chilled and Simply Getting Cold

What now comes to mind when thinking about activating brown fat is chilling your body.

Hey wait a minute! Isn't chilling your body supposed to negatively affect your diet not help it?

Hold your horses! Yes, you are right; but that would be the case where you don't have a choice. In activating brown fat cells and chilling our bodies on purpose, this doesn't have to invite the chills or affect your blood circulation.

Another mistake is in thinking that people who often get the chills and feel like their hands are cold are naturally adapted to this method, i.e. do it without thinking.

It turns out a majority of what makes people feeling colder than others has to do with that persons hormone balance and blood circulation exterior to being cold outside.

On the other hand, ignoring the effects the chills have on your diet can adversely affect results, preventing you from slimming down the way you want, which is way it is seen as every dieter's sworn enemy.

Temporarily chilling your body

In fact, before being introduce as a method to activate brown fat cell tissue in the body, cold-hot showers was prescribed to people battling the chills with impaired metabolism to improve blood circulation and basal metabolic rate.

As port of the motivation to active brown fat cells to help burn off energy stored away in fat, what's most important is the process of tricking the body into thinking that it is getting cold and needs to warm up.

In chilling your body to stimulate brown fat cell activity, it's important to take things at a moderate level, not trying to go cold turkey when it's not necessary.

Angels and Demons in your Diet – Two Kinds of Fat

It is said that the reason why your friend can get away with eating all he or she wants, an indulgence the many have grown to envy, is that on occasion (or even more frequently) the brown fat cells of you friend activate helping to burn off tons of (white) fat that make it hard to gain weight. Don't you think that this would come in handy when dieting?

Even if this is not the case, brown fat cells are still crucial for turning energy stored way in your fat into energy that you can use, whether that may be to warm up your body or use in case of an energy deficiency.

Before trying to harness the brown fat cell activation in your diet, you need to understand the process that occurs between the two types of fat.

White adipose tissue aka "Body fat"

White fat is commonly associated with what people refer to ask body fat. One of the major functions of white fat is storing things (such as energy, vitamin & minerals, ect.) away for later use.

In order to dip into your body's white fat stores, we need yet another fat, "Brown fat" to get the job done.

Brown adipose tissue to turn body fat into a resource to produce body heat

Brown fat is what helps your body access energy stored away in body fat to burn in order to raise body temperature when cold.

When you get cold, your muscles help raise your body temperature by shivering. Brown fat this chemically when your brain knowing it has extra energy stored away somewhere (in your fat) triggers a reaction sending body fat up in flames.

The processes that brown fat cells are a part of improve blood circulation that then increases your metabolism.

However, brown fat cells are said to dissipate (be gone) as you age. This could explain why your metabolism may no longer be what it used to be.

It is said that even at the time in which the prominence of these cells are most abundant (when you were a baby) only about 100 grams is said to exist inside your body.

When compared to the amount an infant has full grown adults have at most only half as much. This is very little considering the drastic difference in body weight and overall size.

Even though the amount of brown fat cells in your body is almost negligible, the way they burn fat is more efficient than any other method used by your body, which is many researchers are looking for ways to use these cells to cure obesity.

What you need to know about brown fat cells to slim down beautifully

Before using brown fat cell activation to burn off fat stored away in your body, it's important to realize that just cooling down your body doesn't guarantee that activation.

How using a frozen water bottle to activate brown fat cells works

The reason way you feel cold has to do with whether are not your body's thermo-receptor responsible for cold sensation in your body (end-bulbs of Krause) is stimulated.

The part of your body that is contains the most of these cold receptors is your lips. Even though when you drink an ice cold beverage, surprisingly brown fat cells are not stimulated. That is why we must turn to the second most prominent area of your body, your hands.

In your hands are many channels to your brain, which makes sending the signal easy and failsafe. When your brain determines that your body is cold, it then sends a signal out to all brown fat cells, activating them to warm your body, initiate cold-induced thermogenesis.

Holding a frozen water bottle in the palm of your hands (where the thermo-receptors are located) efficiently activates brown fat cells.

With that said, it's important to note that the object of using the frozen water bottle is not to make your hands cold, but instead to trick your brain into thinking that your body is cold to activate brown fat cells.

The Reason Why Antioxidants Are the Key to Anti-Aging

Although brown fat cell activation can help turn body fat into energy to heat your body that is not all. There are some side effects that are important to know about.

Broken down white fat cells (fatty-acids) are used by your mitochondria in the process of energy conversion. Brown fat cells are rich in mitochondria, which is how brown fat cell activation helps convert body fat into energy.

However, the side effect of the mitochondrial energy metabolism is the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Reactive oxygen species are a chemical unstable compound that can be found in the body, free radicals in your body though to be related to aging.

It is said that the oxidation due to ROS is can negatively affect your health and skin care.

In order to prevent ROS oxidation from speeding up the aging process of your body, it's important to take in enough antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, and polyphenols.

Combining Shoulder Blade Exercise for Better Results

For reasons such as lack of exercise you metabolism may slow down. This can potentially affect the efficiency of brown fat cell activation, acting as a deterrent for this technique to work.

When your metabolism is down, this is not only an obstacle in your diet, but can adversely affect your beauty and health as well.

In the case of when you metabolism is affect by bad blood circulation, performing simple shoulder stretches may be what you need to get your body back on the tracks.

Your back contains many muscles of different variety and function, which is why simply by rotating your shoulder-blades, you can boost your metabolism.

Developing moving your shoulder-blades into a daily habit is a good way to prevent stiff muscles and fix problems associate with poor blood circulation. In depth comparison would show that shoulder-blade exercises accompanied by brown fat cell activation to be more effective than each exercise done separately.

Burn fat making, it easy to maintain and control your weight by activating brown fat cells and doing shoulder-blade exercises.

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