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Nigari Mineral Water Diet: Magnesium Chloride Benefits

Are you doing what it takes to lose weight in your diet?
If you haven't heard of Nigari mineral water, you had better check it out!
Magnesium chloride is just that good!!

Nigari mineral water is big in the Japanese dieting scene. Although it's just the water diet combined with magnesium chloride, you can expect the magnesium chloride benefits to kick in when it counts most, when you are trying to lose some weight.

What is magnesium chloride water?

The Nigari Diet as it is called in Japan is a simple weight loss method where all you have to do is drink magnesium chloride mineral water with your meals. Starting off with the superior magnesium compound, magnesium chloride mineral water brings other vitamins and minerals to the table for better looking skin and lifelong health.

Combined with sources of vitamin B1 such as healthy pork, you can look forward to the fat burning benefits of drinking Nigari mineral water. Like similar diets including the salt water cleanse diet, simply adding magnesium chloride water to your diet may be the kick you need to lose weight.

In this diet Slism, we introduce the Japanese Nigari Diet where you drink mineral water containing magnesium chloride before or while eating to boost your metabolism helping your burn more fat with skin benefits.

Quick Nigari Diet

How the Magnesium Chloride Diet Works - Nigari Diet Basics

Add magnesium chloride to water and what you have is Nigari mineral water big in the Japanese diet scene. Drinking before or during a meal is quite common. Adding foods high in citric acid such as lemon can be used to boost nutrient absorption.

DAILY DOSAGE of Magnesium Chloride

In short mixing 15-20 drops of natural magnesium chloride with between 1.4 and 1.5 liters of water is okay.

Different Types of Magnesium Chloride

When you don't have natural magnesium chloride purified for your use available, bringing together foods rich in magnesium such as sea lettuce and green laver may be another option worth exploring On the other hand, taking supplements may be just what you are looking for.

The daily dosage of magnesium that you should be getting daily especially when on a diet is around 100mg. While drinking Nigari mineral water try to stay within this amount.

In addition to the magnesium you get from drinking Nigari mineral water, simply adding magnesium chloride to rice before setting the cooking timer works just as well. Added to a hot bowl of miso soup not only makes an excellent way to add seasoning but get more magnesium in your diet.

Be careful when mixing magnesium chloride with salt, sodium chloride, while cooking. The result could be a flavor disaster that you don't want to have to clean up.

Benefits of Magnesium Chloride in Your Diet for Weight Loss

Nigari is a rich source of magnesium as you would expect helps dampen the absorption of sugars and fat in your diet. The benefits in your metabolism are said to help prevent obesity. Overall, you can count on magnesium chloride to help you pull through your diet successfully.

Turn the Corner in Your Diet Preventing Obesity

For people with high blood sugar looking for a diabetes friendly solution to dieting such as a low insulin diet you can find the solitude you need to make it happen in the Nigari mineral water diet.

Adding magnesium chloride to your diet give you more leverage in achieving a low insulin diet. In addition to helping slow down the effect of sugar on your blood, magnesium is said to help speed up the fat burning process making it possible to burn fat even faster.

Enhanced Fat Burning When Combined With Vitamin B1

Consuming magnesium chloride with vitamin B1 is highly recommended. The reason is that vitamin B1 helping you burn fat combined with magnesium chloride that boosts your metabolism makes the best natural way to burn more fat.

For natural sources of vitamin B1 there are pork, ham, mushrooms, brown rice, and spinach you can add to your meals for best results getting the most out of your diet.

Drinking Magnesium Chloride Mineral Water Is Good For Your Skin!!

Just when you though magnesium chloride was too good to be true and the only option you had were drinking it with water, there's more! Magnesium chloride lotion helps in the production of ceramide by your body. That is to say don't through rubbing magnesium chloride mix with water out as a homemade skin care method.

Bottom Line on Drinking Magnesium Chloride

Magnesium chloride has many medical uses such as its use as a laxative.

Too much magnesium chloride in your diet may cause unwanted complications to occur as well as disrupting the nutrient absorption of your body. Magnesium is said to be hard on the kidneys, which is why it is especially important to stay within the recommended daily dosage amount.

People with known kidney problems should not try the Nigari mineral water diet.


When on the Nigari water diet, timing your drinks before or during a meal is important. Failure to meet the timing needs address by this diet may not guarantee the results you want. Take special care in drinking magnesium chloride at the right time and staying within the daily recommended dosage.

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