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Compulsive Eating: 7 Tips to Help You Stop Binging Cold Turkey

Stopping compulsive eating is easier said than done. Though if you were to ever stop, not only would you have one less thing to bother you but also total control over what goes in your body.

How to stop compulsive eating

Do often find yourself hungry one moment and full the next wondering afterwards what happened? No one should have to suffer through the guilt brought on by compulsive eating; and neither should you.

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Ways to stop compulsive eating

1. Identify the problem symptoms

2. Learn more about the subject

3. Freshen up body odor

4. Get more regular sleep

5. Drink less

6. Eat sweet basil seeds

7. Avoid eating late at night

7 Tips to Stop Compulsive Eating That Work Even If You Have to Go Cold Turkey

Follows is all you need to stop worrying about compulsive eating.

1. Identify compulsive eating symptoms

Get Help with Compulsive Overeating
Signs and symptoms of the compulsive eater

Follows are some things compulsive eaters have in common. If you find that one or more of the following describes you, then you may be a compulsive eater.

– Eating when not hungry

– Eating too fast

– Feeling guilty after a meal

– Obsession with body weight

– Drastic changes in mood

– Knowing you have a eating problem

– Gaining of weight

– Hiding of food

The above list is not all inclusive; however note that they all have a recurring theme, instability. If you need food to achieve stability whether that be emotional or weight related, it's a sign. Yes, it's highly likely that you have issues revolving around compulsive eating.

Now that it's crystal clear that you are in the right place for overcoming compulsive overeating, move on to learning more.

Bulimia nervosa

Bulimia is an eating disorder strongly related to compulsive eating and weight loss. Unlike regular compulsive eating, it is followed by behavior such as purging to compensate for binging. Not only are the behaviors associated with bulimia potentially life-threatening, they are harder to overcome.

2. Learn more about compulsive eating

Understanding Overeating

The problems related to compulsive eating are not limited to gaining weight. Binge eating is a serious matter both physically and emotionally.

Most weight gain can be attributed to stress and life events such as the holidays. When stressed you are dangerously prone to compulsive eating. Each day of our lives are filled with events that may trigger the next eating binge.

If you don't have a firm grasp yet on how to stop compulsive overeating, best start rethinking the way you eat. You will find out that one of the benefits of chewing your food is that it greatly lowers the chance of you overeating by giving your body more time signal that you are full.

If you are going to use your metabolism to eat as much as you want putting on no weight, why not go on a see food diet. The benefits of having a fast metabolism, be advised this does not eliminate compulsive eating as a potential problem.

3. Freshen up your body odor

Body Odor Prevention

If you where you want to be in overcoming eating disorder binge eating yet, freshening up your body odor may be the next best things.

Getting over body odor may be as easy as doing away with fad diets causing you to smell the way you shouldn't. Diets that give you BO are the danger zones of dieting. It only goes to say that if you start smelling there is something fishy about the diet you are on.

Low carbohydrate diet side effects may leave you second guessing. Along with tiredness, difficulty concentration, and malnutrition, ketone bodies give your body a sweet and sour like smell that characterize the odor diet.

Although good for you, onions are one source of diet caused body odor making you smell like an onion. Intuitively eating too much of anything has an effect on your body whether you like it or not. Look at carrots. They make you turn orange.

4. Get more sleep

Sleep For Better Appetite Control

Whether you like it or not your hormones (amongst other unsung villains) play an critical role in controlling your appetite and in turn your chances of success getting down to a healthy weight. One such "Hunger" hormone Ghrelin increases your appetite.

How do you control your appetite?

Besides regular exercise, suppressing your appetite can be achieved by simply getting more sleep. Sleeping helps you lower Ghrelin levels. That is how you suppress your appetite.

Another hormone balance trouble area is the release of Progesterone while dieting on your period. This causes excess fat to be put on making losing fat a dream until estrogen arrives restoring your body and your mood back to normal. Eating natto (fermented soybeans) or any other soy product helps restore your hormone balance with soy isoflavone. In addition to keeping you hormones in check, isoflavone from soy works in the same way as estrogen will all the benefits like antiaging.

5. Moderate drinking

Drunk Diet

If losing weight was as easy as having a cold drink, then everyone would be on the Lady Gaga "Luc Carl" drunk diet. As excited as you may be to hear about such concepts as empty calories in alcohol, it only works on a basis that you watch what you eat and drink.

On the other hand, losing weight drinking is not a dream on The Red Wine Diet. While helping you greatly reduce food craving the natural way, red wine gives you antioxidants to fight off diseases not to mention reduce swelling in your legs through its diuretic effect.

Truth be told, drinking isn't what causes you to gain weight. Eating under the influence of alcohol does. How drinking makes you overeat is by making you less full tricking your body into thinking that it needs to eat more.

6. Eat some sweet basil seeds

Basil Seeds

Eating the "superfood" sweet basils seeds is going to help you lose weight. By expanding 30 times in size in your stomach dietary fiber in basil seeds is just what you need for a natural detox as well as preventative measure against compulsive overeating.

When you are looking for a food to help you lose weight taking up a cheese diet doesn't hurt but in fact may be what it takes to fire up your fat burning metabolism as wells as vitamin A for great looking skin.

Lose weight eating right on the whole grain diet with great carbohydrate foods in the Japanese diet. Choosing low-GI carbs helps keep you insulin level down helping you lose weight still being able to the carbohydrate foods you love.

7. Avoid eating late

woman spooning food into face in front of dark background

Eating before you go to sleep is just like asking yourself to indulge in compulsive eating. If you are wondering why you put on weight the last few months, think about it. Have I been eating late at night? If you have night eating syndrome, it may be a good time to step back and rethink your decision before eating.

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