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How to Be More Creative: 7+ Practical Ways to Improve Your Creativity

Is creativity something you are born with? The creative brain can be flexed like any other muscle in your body. Everybody has creative potential and there are many things to bring out your creative side. Creativity can make humans advance as a species.

How to Be More Creative By Having an Active Mind

Many of us have untapped surplus of creative energy. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. So learn the secrets of how to be more creative before life passes you by. Utilize your brain to its maximum potential and come up with better ideas using a few useful techniques to boost your creativity.

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Don’t place any more limitations on your capabilities. You can use creativity for many life-altering purposes. For example, find out some creative ways of letting him know you love him. Creativity is a skill that can be used to achieve a more enjoyable life. Hone your skills and become more creative by living outside your comfort zone from time to time.
Get enough rest and time to ponder your thoughts. An active mind means you are always using your time effectively, whether it is for work or relaxation. Change things up and expose yourself to diverse experiences every day in order to push your limits. The more you are able to question yourself and others, the more you are developing your creative skills.

Ways to Be More Creative

1. Meet people

2. Go outside

3. Always be learning

4. Do new things

5. Eat healthy

6. Make connections

7. Read books

8. Follow your own path

Do things within your boundaries and take other people's criticism with a grain of salt. If you know where you are going in life then nobody can stop you.

How to Be More Creative: The Definitive Guide to Getting Out of the Psychological Rut that Is Keeping You from Advancing Further in Your Life

You could use a refreshing break from your monotonous life. Warm up your creative juices by trying some of these practical ways to improve your creativity.

Meet New People

The way to get new inspiration is to learn new ideas. The best ideas come from real people with real experiences. News stories from media outlets aren’t sufficient for your creativity. You foster new creative thoughts through conversations with people. Making new friends has a way of changing the way you look at the world. Furthermore, expanding your horizons by meeting people of foreign cultures is an even better way for learning how to be more creative.

Get Out the House

You think more and have better thoughts when you are in motion. Stop wasting time sitting on your couch and push your limits. Next time you feel like relaxing, go out for a nice refreshing walk. Check out a local art show or performance in town. Do something where you are around other people and exposed to new things. There’s a good chance you will find something thought-provoking to give you the extra inspiration you need.

Be a Lifelong-Student

Those with the highest creativity have minds like sponges. If your goal is how to be more creative, you should dedicate your life to education and always keep learning regardless of the setting. You want to absorb information by remaining silent and always listening. You understand that you will never reach perfection, but keeping your ears open will get you closer to the end result. Always ask for feedback and make good use of it. Don’t be afraid to hear constructive criticism.

Have a Mentor

A person who has more experience than you is not one to take for granted. Young people don’t often spend their time around older folks because they don’t really have things in common. Yet a good mentor will get to know you and guide you to the right path. Having a mentor can be a great thing to foster your creative side.

Be a Mentor

You have a lot of experience that you too need to share with others sometimes. By having someone working with you, you are bestowing your knowledge to someone who respects your opinions. You are acknowledging your thoughts, which is important for believing in yourself and your capabilities. Your creativity can be stifled without someone to speak your mind to.

Break the Routine

Your work schedule, your sleep schedule, and your diet are in need of changes from time to time. Doing the same things every day can start to wear you off mentally and physically. The key to how to be creative is understanding that we need some unpredictability in our lives. We need breaks, vacations, risks, and more spontaneous behavior to break the habit. Creativity decays over time when doing the same tasks for too long. If we aren’t moving, thinking, and talking, your creative skills will become rusty.

Eat the Right Foods

Boost your brainpower with rich antioxidants you can find it many foods! Fruits, nuts, and chocolate are all not only delicious but good for your mind and health. Make a morning smoothie every morning with a variety of foods of every color. Avoid processed foods and stick to natural and organic brain foods to foster your creative side. In addition to antioxidants, the Omega-3 fatty acid and DHA you can find in salmon is another building block of an active mind.

Connect with Society

There are many ways to put yourself out there. Volunteering and charity work is a great way not only to meet new people, but meet people who are conscious of humanity. Dedicating your time to a noble cause is a great way to become more creative because you feel connected to the things that matter in life. It will make you feel good, thus you are giving yourself the satisfaction of being a productive member of society. Learn from society to be more creative and think freely.

Read a Book

And not a textbook from school, preferably. People who spend their free time reading books about topics they are interested in are using their brain productively. By reading a challenging book, you are constantly upgrading your vocabulary and thinking creatively with every new scenario.

Play New Games

Similarly, playing a video game is another great way to boost your creativity if the game is keeping your mind active. Creative thinking can be accomplished while having fun too. Choose a game that you are unfamiliar with and that has a steep learning curve. The struggle of getting adjusted to a new way of doing things is the answer to how to be more creative.