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How to Not Embrace Change: 11 Ways to Stay Stuck and Love Every Moment

Have you ever been told by anyone to embrace change? Why is it such a spouted virtue, anyway? Change sucks, most of the time. Embracing change is just a way to leave behind your treasured memories.

Why Fix what Isn’t Broken? Refuse to Embrace Change

Change is for chumps. Give me old fashioned routine and familiarity any day of the week. Resistance to change is just so much easier than accepting something that’s out of our control. Why blindly accept authority when you can just fight back to protect yourself and the bubble you live in, right?

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Resist change and be happy with the way your life is now. You don’t need a boyfriend! There are plenty of ways to be happy without a relationship especially since heartbreak is inevitable. It’s better to have never loved at all than get your heart stomped on by a guy who never truly respected you in the first place.

Some Would Say that Resisting Change is a Narrow-Minded Way to Live Life. Well I Say That’s Nonsense: We Can All Benefit from Refusing to Embrace Change

Change usually makes things more frustrating. Forego a life of learning and instead choose to live comfortably. If people call you stubborn, just remember that living an easier life is better than living a challenging one.

Fear of the Unknown

New friends and colleagues are all such wildcards; you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. Choose to reject any new friendships and be happy with the friends you have. Fight to keep things the way they are. Give in to your fear of the unknown and choose just to not know about it! It’s so much easier than accepting change.

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You learn nothing this way, but at least you avoid possible confusion, embarrassment, and letdown. The risk of sticking your neck out for them is just too big, and the rewards’ too little!

Choose the Path of Least Resistance

We are told since birth that we should always keep moving forward, even if going forward causes harm! They say that even if things are going well for you, you should keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Well, new opportunities aren’t all they’re cracked up to be! Most of the time, moving forward in a new direction will disappoint you on the long run. Don’t move forward or backward, stay in the same place!

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Change is Just Temporary, Anyways

Fads come and go. They are abundant and overrated. Why get used to something that will just be gone in a couple of days anyways? It’s okay to be cautious with change; it’s even acceptable to be scared of it. Just decide never to embrace the change as something permanent and you will be a much happier person.

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4. Who Cares About Anything Anymore?

Just trust that everything going on in the world around you isn’t as big of a deal as they make it out to be. Your life is all that matters. In fact, the universe revolves around you and your problems. So make sure to let everybody else know about your problems regularly. Never accept responsibility. Blame it all on change.

5. Routines Make the World Go Round

Getting out of your routine means getting out of your comfort zone. Who wants to dive in the unknown while abandoning what makes our lives secure and worthwhile? Make it a point not to try new things today. Even new thoughts are toxic to our well-being. Straying away from what’s comfortable is a recipe for disaster. We live better when we know what’s going to happen. People who like surprises are weird.

6. Don’t Rock the Boat

There is plenty of things about life to be grateful for without having to whine about how life is boring or how nothing in your life is changing. Yet have you noticed that resisting change is our first instinct? We should never go against our instincts.

7. Reject the Status Quo

A change in the status quo makes us uneasy and when we are uneasy we are usually worse off on the long run. Don’t give your support for progressive thinking, because those kinds of people actually have the interest of making life easier for other humans. That kind of work is stressful. Stick to making life easier for yourself first.

8. Stay Stuck in Your Ways

Who said that staying frozen in our ways was a bad thing? Resisting change can be a lot more rewarding than trying to embrace change. Sometimes change means being uninformed. Not knowing what’s going on and being left out of the loop is one of the worst feelings ever. There’s no need to be informed of changes if the changes never take place.

9. Security over Excitement

Whether it’s your job or your relationship, wouldn’t you rather have peace of mind knowing your life will stay the same instead of knowing that there is the possibility of encountering unknown surprises? The fear of losing your job or your boyfriend cheating on you are two of the worst things to have to go through. The fear is worse than the occurrence itself. Life would be a lot easier if people were committed to one place and one person for the rest of their lives. Excitement from the unknown just complicates things.

10. It’s a Lot Easier to Trust When Things Don’t Change

Trust is built up over time with consistent behavior. If things go according to plan, then people become more comfortable with each other and it creates an atmosphere of trust. Changing things too often leads to a loss of identity where nobody can really trust the other. If you keep seeing the rules and the people change in your day-to-day life, how are you supposed to form opinions on anything anymore? The issue of lack of trust is why you should not embrace change.

11. April Fools!

…Just joking. Change can actually be a good thing, from an optimistic point of view. It’s also unhealthy to always expect the worst from new situations. Otherwise you are basically living alone, because the world is constantly changing whether you’re ready for it or not. Embrace change in order to keep growing as an individual. Keep an open mind to invite change into your life, and there will be many opportunities waiting for you.