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Natural Allergy Remedies: 13 Things for Runny Nose and Red Eyes

The symptoms of allergies aren’t difficult to fight if you know about the right natural allergy remedies. These will help you handle the annoying symptoms and they will make your life a lot easier by not having to take medication.

Natural allergy remedies

Allergies represent a health issue that more people are struggling with than you may have thought. However, the good news is that there are numerous natural allergy remedies that you can choose from to help you handle the unpleasant symptoms. The good thing about the natural remedies for allergies is that they offer you the same positive results as the allergy medication does, without any side effects or added chemicals. All you have to do is to try some until you find your allergy remedy.

cup of apple cider vinegar

Natural allergy remedy list

1. Apple cider vinegar

2. Butterbur

3. Quercetin foods

4. Stringing nettle

4. Neti pots

6. Honey

7. Eucalyptus

8. Spicy foods

9. Fermented foods

10. Diet changes

11. Hygiene

12. Turmeric

13. Eastern medicine (acupuncture)

Which Natural Allergy Remedy Should You Choose to Take Care and Prevent the Symptoms Fast and Efficiently?

So, which are the best all natural allergy remedies that will work for you? Have you tried any of yet? You shouldn't dismiss any of them just because you think they won't work.

1. Apple cider vinegar

In case you are looking for natural allergy remedy, this is one of the best remedies you could be thinking about. Aside from allergies, it can be used for various other health conditions, including heartburn. It is supposed to help with the symptoms because it reduces the mucus production and cleanses the lymphatic system. As an added bonus, you can also use it for weight loss and to help digestion. All you have to do is to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to water and drink the mixture three times per day. Soon you will be relieved of your symptoms.

2. Butterbur

tray of butterbur sprouts

Although not many of us have beheld one or know about its the calories and nutritional value of butterbur, it is another natural allergy relief that you could be thinking about.
This works because its compounds can stop the swelling of the nasal passages. Some of the studies suggest that butterbur extract is just as efficient as antihistamines. However, the good news is that the same effects are reached without the nasty side effects like sleepiness. If you have to operate machinery or to drive, this is a good alternative for other commercial products. Keep in mind that you should never eat unprocessed or raw butterbur root because it might be dangerous to your health. Instead look for the products that contain butterbur extract.

3. Quercetin

box of red onions on wooden table

This is one of nature's allergy remedies that can be found in various fruits, vegetables (such as onions) and wine. It works by blocking the production of histamine that causes the swelling and inflammation. The truth is that there weren't many studies conducted regarding this remedy, but the specialists are confident that it could be used as a preventive measure. Although you might think that it would be enough to eat fruits and vegetables, the specialists believe that people can't absorb enough the flavonoid quercetin for it to have an effect on their allergy symptoms.
However, if you still think the words of so-called specialist is a pile of over-peeled onions, you might want to look into the onion diet. That will be the last red onion you over peel.

4. Stinging nettle

scoop of stnging nettle on wooding surface

The truth is that this plant can be used for a wide range of health issues and it is also one of the allergies' natural remedies. It is rich in quercetin, vitamin K, and carotene. There is some evidence suggesting that using stinging nettle after the first signs of allergies might have a benefic effect. In order for the remedy to be efficient, you should buy leaf extract and not root extract. As a matter of fact, root extract is usually used for prostate problems and most probably this is not the problem you would like to handle at the moment.

5. Neti pots

hand holding out neti pot

Although some people think they are exotic, neti pots are becoming one of the most popular natural cures for allergies. In order to use neti pot all you have to do is to fill a pot with water and add some salt to it. Make sure that the water is warm enough for your body. Tilt your head to the side and pour some water into one of the nostrils until it flows out the other. Repeat the process on the other side as well. Ensure that you always use distilled or boiled water. Simple tap water could have microorganisms that may turn out to be dangerous.

6. Eat some honey

honey dripping from jar on table

There is almost no person in this world who doesn't like honey. The good news is that this sweet delight is also one of the natural remedies for allergies. In case you are allergic to pollen, this might be the best remedy for you. Let's not forget that honey is made of pollen, so if you have a bit of honey on a daily basis, you will become immune to its effects. You might think that this is just some superstition. Although it is true that there is little scientific evidence to back it up, honey is known to have numerous health benefits.

7. Eucalyptus oil

spoon of eucalyptus next to leaves and container

When looking for natural allergy cures, you shouldn't forget about eucalyptus oil. In case you are used to steam inhalation, you might want to add few drops of oil to the water as well. The strong aroma of eucalyptus will open the nasal passages and sinuses. Some of the studies suggest that the eucalyptus leaf extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If you don't like steam inhalation, you could also add a few drops to the floor of the shower before you step in. If not, just add it to the hot water and start inhaling it. There is nothing like the feeling that you can really breathe again.

8. Have some spicy foods

chilli peper min mouth of woman

A lot of people who are looking for allergy home remedies swear by spicy foods. You should be thinking about foods like wasabi, chili peppers, fresh garlic, horseradish, and Dijon mustard. The active agents in these foods seem to have an immediate decongestant effect. Although it is clear that these foods have a positive effect on your stuffy nose, the truth is that it's still unclear whether they offer more than temporary comfort. Nonetheless, if they don't help, they will most definitely not hurt. Just make sure you don't eat spicier foods than you can handle.

9. Fermented foods

Probiotics such as teas made from fermented plants helps boost the gut bacteria that reduces incidences of allergic outbreaks. Allergies home remedies are a result of immune system imbalances that can be neutralized with the right amount of gut bacteria. That is where strange foods classified as "probiotics" can help. Fermented foods along with probiotic capsules can not only stop allergies but prevent them at the source as well.

10. Change up your diet

There is something toxic to your allergy symptoms when consuming refined sugars and processed foods. Which is why you should consider eating a healthier diet consisting of organic foods and many colorful fruits and vegetables. A variety of foods that have natural ingredients and few to no preservatives will help not only with allergy problems but all health problems. If you have allergies it's possible that there is something missing from your diet that can be found by just trying new foods. It is possible that you are allergic to a specific food you have regularly in your diet. In that case, it would help to get tested for allergies by your doctor just to make sure you don't have an allergic reaction to something you're eating.

11. Change your clothes more often

It's possible that the allergens you collect from being outside all day transfers into your home because you aren't washing your clothes enough. You could be collecting cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, among other things every day thinking that your clothes are still clean because they smell fine. You should be changing your clothes when you come home at night and making sure they are clean before mixing them with your other new clothes. Make sure to follow this tip especially during the allergy home remedy seasons because that is the time when it is most dangerous for you to be exposed to the outdoors.

12. Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice common in Indian cuisine and is especially effective for respiratory illness because it acts as a powerful decongestant to cure allergies naturally. Turmeric contains the herb curcumin and also is a powerful natural medication against colds. It is often more effective that many pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of dozens of illnesses. Turmeric is truly a wonder drug and the fact that it's grown naturally makes it a very valuable and underrated spice.

13. Give acupuncture a try

I know it sounds a bit extreme, but studies show that it actually may help hay fever among other allergic outbreaks. Acupuncture relaxes the nerve endings that are causing you stress and making your nervous system more likely to become inflamed and start an allergic reaction. There's no science to it, but if you have exhausted all other options then it's worth a shot. Acupuncture can actually be quite relaxing and therapeutic. It can have many more benefits other than curing your allergy symptoms. If your immune system is weak and you have been getting sick a lot lately, you owe it to yourself to try unorthodox methods such as acupuncture.

What do I do if one remedy isn't working out?

As you can see there is no exact science to curing your allergies naturally; there are numerous remedies you could try, but there is no guarantee that they will all work for you. This is why you will have to try several options until you find one natural allergy remedy that works. Please let us know if you've had an success. Good luck!