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10 Bad Habits Worth Quitting: Behaviors at Best Destructive to You

Get rid of old habits, and adopt new ones. This is the mark of someone constantly learning from past mistakes. Don't let your bad habits weigh you down. Instead, take control of your life and make choices that you will be proud of later.

Bad habits, behaviors, all things destructive to you

Are you without bad habits?
Breaking bad habits is invigorating. If there are any bad habits you need to break in your life, it's these seven. For your health and well-being, you owe it to yourself to learn how to break bad habits, because nobody else will do it for you. They are taking away from your life and preventing you from enjoying yourself the most. We have one life to live; so think about your good and bad habits, change them all to good habits and keep them.

bad woman eating a danish

Bad habits

1. Checking Smartphone

The not-so-classic bad habit of technology dependence is further eroding our ability to have good conversations with people anymore.

2. Eating Too Fast

It's worse for your health than you think. And it is an easy bad habit to quit. Just be more mindful while eating, and try to enjoy your food for once.

3. Drinking Little Water

Sometimes we eat more because we are dehydrated. One of the many effects of drinking not enough water. Our body craves it because we don't drink enough of it, so we form unhealthy habits around our lack of water consumption.

4. Sitting Too Much

Get out and move about, this is the mark of an active person. If you aren't active, then health problems will always loom around the corner. Don't wait to see what will happen if you don't: just get it done.

5. Having Too Much Junk

We buy too much stuff, which is apparent with how stressed we are. If only we could free up that space and save our money for more important things. Then, how much simpler life would become.

6. Snacking

Snacking is a terrible habit because most snacks these days have no nutrition. Fruits make a good snack. Leave the chips and soda at the supermarket, they don't belong in your mouth.

7. Smoking

Smoking is the bad habit that kills. We all know it, yet it's still around. If you or anyone else you know that smokes, just be aware of the damage it does to the body.

8. Debt

Impulse-control is what is necessary in order to avoid massive credit card debt. Materialism is a modern bad habit that is on the rise. Buyers beware.

9. Sunburns

Bronze skin is ideal, red peeling skin is not. The sun is a natural resource available to us half of the day, and is a good thing in small quantities. Don't forget the sunscreen lest you develop skin problems later in life.

10. Cursing

Although seemingly harmless to some, cursing can actually have a devastating effect on moral values. If everyone in the world were to start cursing in their daily conversation, societies would begin to degenerate. The quality of interactions would be dumbed down and the meaning of these words would carry little weight.

What are you waiting for? For one of your bad habits, which you know is bad, to create serious health complications for you? "But I can stop any time, I'll just enjoy for today and worry about it tomorrow!" If this is you, then stop procrastinating. There is nothing more important than your health. And if it takes one of your common bad habits to do you in for you to learn that lesson, then it's a harsh lesson to learn. Once your health has been compromised, there is no second chance to re-do it over again.

Good Habits Replace Bad Habits, and Then Your Life Will Start Changing Bad Habits for the Better. Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things

With changing one of any of these list of bad habits, you are deciding on a path towards healthy living. And once you see the benefits, you will never look back on your old habits again. If there ever was a "D" in bad habits, the following behaviors give destruction to it at best.

1. Checking Your Smartphone Every 30 Seconds

woman and phone
Smartphone addiction

Technology addiction can be a real killer. Once smartphones were invented and we had easy and quick access to the internet, social skills were destined to take a huge dive. You know who those people are: always looking at their phone rather than paying attention to the people around them. It's such a bad habit to have because you disconnect yourself from reality. A smartphone addiction is a bad habit that can get you fired from work, destroy relationships, and give you a false sense of reality. It really is no wonder that cell phones are banned in some places, because it is a danger to everyone around them when someone isn't paying attention.

The Cell Phone Fix

Your phone should be stowed away at all times for emergency calls and then checked when you have some free time. I really question the practicality of smartphones sometimes, when a regular flip-phone was all that was really needed. Now there is a myriad of issues, and we haven't even touched the surface of what technology can offer yet. Buckle your seatbelts, kids.

2. Stuffing Your Face with Food Too Quickly

girl stuffing face with spaghetti
Chew your food

Gormandize much lately?
Learn to slow down while eating, because eating too fast causes bloating and weight gain. The proper way to eat is to chew your food and relax. Food tastes better when you enjoy; it's not a race to see who can finish the fastest. I picked up this habit early in my life from always having to be in a rush. I would always finish my meals in five minutes and be out the door. But it's very unhealthy, and one of the most underrated bad eating habits. This bad habit can be easily fixed and replaced with better eating habits.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

jogger drinking water
Soda out, water in

Do you realize how much weight you will lose just by making this simple adjustment in your life? Breaking bad habits that can add years onto your life are as simple and easy to implement as this one. Buy some gallon jugs of water from the supermarket every day and just go to town on that stuff. The more water you drink to start the habit, the more water your body will be able to handle. And short of forcing water down your throat, there really is no amount of water you can drink that will kill you. You will notice the positive effects immediately. And you will feel better. It's arguably even more important than your diet. Enjoying sugary soda and energy drinks as a replacement for water is what is destroying the health of modern society. It's so bad that these poisonous drinks cost around the same as purified water now, which is a real shame. But when it comes to your health, always opt for the best value. Health is the real wealth.

4. Remaining Stationary

Sitting too much is a lesser-known culprit of health problems many of us experience. We humans are just like many animals in that we were designed to always be moving. The concept of getting some exercise every day sounds silly if you understand that we should always be active. Our evolution showed us to always be travelling and getting things done. It wasn't until we became civilized where we were told to suppress our natural urges. Eventually, by remaining stationary too often you become used to it and you are no longer motivated to exercise anymore. Since it is unrealistic to always be working out, you must set aside 30 minutes of strenuous physical activity at the very least. Quitting bad habits like these is imperative to a healthy lifestyle.

5. Creating Clutter in Your Living Space

We live in a consumerist culture. The junk is piling up and we don't know where to put all of it. It's crowding our living space and it's making us stressed. It would be a lot simpler if we were to clear up that space and stop unnecessary spending. All that stuff doesn't make us any happier, and it's just stuff we own that is just holding us down like dead weight. Next time you make a purchase, ask yourself if you really need it. Then keep asking yourself that for everything. The goal is a more simple life. Your shopping addiction is getting you nowhere and is possibly creating more debt for you to worry about. Give your credit card a break and instead use your free time with things other than spending.

6. Extracurricular Snacking

Most snacks we eat are either filled with sugar or empty carbs that end up turning into sugar. They are addictive and making us full when it's time to eat a nutritious meal. Either replace your snacks in between meals with produce or other organic foods or eliminate snacking completely. The extra calories add up. And it's unnecessary anyways when most of these snacks don't taste as good as actual food. I eat food for nutrition first, fuel second, taste third, and comfort never. Breaking habits like these is easy, it only takes a little self-restraint.

7. Smoking Cigarettes

Quit smoking cigarettes, since it's bad for your skin, lungs, and basically everything that you need to survive. You are basically punishing your body for no reason. If smoking is what helps you relax, there are better outlets for that nervous energy. Smoking is a result of stress building up and nowhere to take it, thus contributing further to an unhealthy lifestyle. The alternatives to cigarettes are no better for your health, either. It's making your food taste worse also, and annoys people around you. Smoking is a lose-lose for everyone.

8. Spending Yourself into Debt

This is a bad habit with disastrous consequences, because debt doesn't just disappear if you close your eyes and wish it gone. It will follow you for the rest of your life if you let it. And if it gets out of control, it will haunt you to the point of a stressful bankruptcy. Don't allow your impulsive spending habits result in this fate. It is becoming more common in the first world to rack up the credit card debt. But with a little bit of control you can save yourself the hassle of having to owe something to someone your whole life. It's not a good feeling.

9. Staying Out in the Sun Too Long

Getting some sun is a good habit. Staying out too long is bad health habits. The sun can be your friend or your enemy depending how much common sense you have. If you are prone to forgetting sunscreen and getting sunburned a few times every year, then you are at risk for developing skin cancer earlier than you would like. As a rule of thumb, you should never spend more than 30 minutes out in the summer sun unprotected. Just like anything you do for prolonged periods of time, you should be taking several breaks in order to avoid risk. Make sure depending on your climate to take necessary precautions. But the sun is everywhere you go regardless of your location, so always be aware of how long you plan to be outside with your skin exposed.

10. Swearing Too Much in Public

Remember that a civilized adult has no use for curse words in their vocabulary. Those bad words we got away with as kids no longer flies in our adult society now. You have to slowly break the habit before you get yourself in trouble. Or you could just keep your habit, and feel embarrassed when you can't control your tongue even around your new father-in-law. All it takes is a slip of the tongue. Then that's when complications really start to arise about your character. The funny thing is that swearing doesn't accomplish anything but makes us sound angrier. No matter how many times you explain that it's just your style, other mature adults will just never accept it or you. So grow up.