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How to Be Classy and Have Fun: 5 Tips to Be a Classy Woman

In case you are asking how to be classy, there are some tips and tricks you could use. We have compiled a list that would help you if you are looking to improve or enhance your style to show a more mature picture of yourself.

Be classy without losing your own style

Fact: not all men want the same thing. There are some who like bohemian girls while others prefer classy girls. If you would like to have a classy man, you should show some class too. The secret is not to overdo it. Use the tips and tricks in this article to enhance your style while making sure that you don't lose your unique approach in the process. All people have something special about their style and you have to make sure you can maintain it. Most people think of elegance when it comes to classy ladies and maybe this is what you should be striving for.


Things to do to be classy

1. Watch your manners

2. Think first. Talk later.

3. Satisfy the social norm

4. Practice modesty

5. Be yourself

How to Be Classy - Improve Your Style and Have Some Fun in the Process to Show a More Mature Picture of You

So, how to be classy? What do you have to do to be considered classy? Start at the bases and work your way to perfection.

1. Good manners do matter

woman eating while on the phone

If you wish to stay classy, you have to think about good manners. A classy woman is always good-mannered. She talks to people on a friendly voice, she smiles at people, and she knows when to say "please", "sorry", "welcome", and "thank you". You should never be loud in a group. If you talk loud or without thinking things through, you become a disaster in other people's eyes. It is crucial for you to avoid being inconsiderate or rude with those around you. You will be treated the same way as you treat others. If you are treating them with class, they will do the same for you.

2. Think things through

A group of women talking

The women who wish to keep it classy don't babble all the time and they don't let the mouth lose without thinking. They don't participate in bitching or gossiping. If something of the sort happens around you, excuse yourself and find a more elegant partner for discussions. Although there is nothing wrong with sharing some of your problems and frustrations with others, it's not classy to talk ill of people behind their backs. Sharing can be something that helps women bond while gossip is a way to put someone else down for you to feel better about yourself.

The same applies to arguments as well. A classy girl has an opinion on most matters, but she knows when to walk away in case the argument becomes heated. She doesn't find it important for the other person to admit that she was right just for the sake of winning. Walking away doesn't mean that she admits that the other person is right. Classy people just know when to end an argument so that they don't become frustrated or upset and turn into a social monster that nobody wants to be around.

3. Learn about social etiquette

bus full of people

While some women claim that they know all this by instinct, there is no shame in admitting that you need to learn about how to behave in public, how to walk, what posture to adopt, and so on. There are a lot of different aspects of social etiquette to be thinking about. The basic aspects include sitting up right, not propping one leg on the other, like men do, not talking with food in your mouth, not eating with an open mouth, and not yawning without covering your mouth. The classy broad knows all this stuff and a lot more.

In your interactions with other people make sure that you always look the person you're talking to in the eye to make sure you're keeping it classy. If you wish to be classy, make sure you put your phone to the side and not look at it while you're having a conversation. By handling your phone in the middle of a conversation you show disrespect towards your partner. You send the message that your phone is more important than what they have to say.

Good hygiene is also important when it comes to being classy not trashy. This means that you should never wipe your nose with your sleeve, you should never burp in public, make sure you don't have any unpleasant body odors, and there should be absolutely no nose digging or spitting in public. If you have the habit of doing any of these, make sure it doesn't happen in public to save yourself the shame.

4. Modesty is important for being classy

woman holding umbrella placed in romantic setting

When talking about modesty, you should be thinking about being humble and down-to-earth. You should accept compliments with gratitude, treat people with respect, and never flaunt your power over people. The same applies to the dress-code as well. In order to be classy chic you shouldn't dress to impress, but dress to express. You have to know your body well enough to know what kind of clothes enhance your natural beauty. Look for something that will hide your flaws and focus on your positive side.

In order to be classy you should avoid flamboyant dressing, showing too much skin, over-the-top looks, and showing too much cleavage. However, this doesn't mean that you can't show any cleavage or skin at all. When you do so, your aim should be to enhance your features and not to draw attention upon yourself. You have to do this with taste. It is a known fact that classy woman are fans of subtlety. You have to be confident enough to know that you don't need to dress loudly or follow all the latest trends in order for people to notice you.

5. It's all about authenticity

woman walking down the middle of road

The advantage of being very classy is that you can be yourself. You are free to cry if you are sad, you can laugh heartedly when you are joyful, you can dance when the time is right, and you can empathize with the people going through a hard time. You should embrace life and everything it has to offer with positivity. Some might say that a lady doesn't show emotions, but that's just not true. If you show no emotions you will be considered cold and rigid instead of classy.

Being classy is something you could learn until you become so classy that you will think there is nothing left for you to learn.