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How Much is Too Much? 6 of the Most Dangerous Addictions in Modern Society

Save yourself years of potential health hazards by preventing dependence on any of these six things. Addiction is dangerous but very preventable by sticking to one rule: enjoy in moderation.

How Much is Too Much? Common 6 Addictions

Everyone experiences addiction within their lifetime early on. It’s how we deal with the addiction that decides how our future will unravel. It is key to understand some of the most common addictions and what you can do to prevent them.

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First, you must ask yourself, "how much is too much?" Depending on the behavior or product, it could range from a little to a lot. Regardless, you want to stop yourself before it becomes an addiction. The dangers of addiction are far-reaching. We will never be able to fully eliminate many of these things from our lives. But we can be smart in the choices of our exposure to them. Choose a healthy life; one that doesn’t revolve around dependency.

How Much is Too Much? Too Much of Anything is Unhealthy. If You Have an Addiction You Need to Rid Yourself Of, You Must First Admit to Yourself that You Have an Addiction

So how much is too much when it comes to the unhealthy habits we enjoy in excess? The key is to enjoy yourself in moderation. There is no bigger turn-off for a guy than a girl falling into an addicting pattern with the following:


New technology becomes more intricate and fascinating every year that goes by. Technology is quickly replacing things that used to be done manually, and it’s getting to the point where we are reliant on it. We rely on convenience over traditional labor. The value of hard work isn’t the same as it used to be. The time you spend wasting online and watching television cannot be recovered.

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The rise of social media marked a new era in technology. Don’t get me wrong technology has changed the world for the better. But that still doesn’t change the fact that social media one of the most addicting things on the planet.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, how much is too much? If you are with friends and can often be seen on your phone instead of interacting, that’s when you know you have taken it too far. Social media addiction can be crippling and account for hours, days, and weeks out of your life wasted. There is less to be learned from social media than real-life experiences. Social media addiction is living in a virtual reality.


Social media is especially addictive because of attention-seeking behavior. Through posting selfies and blogs online, we seek artificial validation in the form of “likes” and “retweets” that doesn’t add any value to our real lives. And our hunger for attention only grows the more we engage in this behavior.


There are good fats and bad fats. Whether healthy or not, fat tends to be one of the most addicting things on earth. Cheese, fried foods, sweets are among some of the most addictive foods and consuming enough regularly can lead to dire consequences. Those consequences can be seen with a vast percentage of America’s population. Obesity has soared to amazing levels due to this fat addiction.

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Fat is on the rise! No biggie, right... Believe it or not, fat is an addition. It’s one of those addition you don’t see until its too late, or if you happen to own a scale and weigh yourself every morning, you will find out sooner than later; fat is on the rise!

Obesity Issue

The problem of fat addiction is leading to an epidemic of obesity, causing people to look for alternatives to the genetically-modified foods of many fast food chains. When it comes to fat, how much is too much? When you go on binge-eating sprees to not only fill your appetite but your mood, it can lead to disastrous health results.


Coffee and soda are among the main culprits to feeding a caffeine addiction. If you are one of those people who no longer gets spikes of energy from drinking coffee, chances are you have gained a tolerance for it. If you drink so much to the point you even drink coffee at night to help you get to sleep, the caffeine tolerance you have built up has reached unhealthy levels.

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Who doesn’t love caffeine? That’s the problem. Drinking more coffee than you should on a daily basis is socially acceptable. I mean how else are you going to study and otherwise push yourself beyond the call of duty? Caffeine. By the way, you had better check that.

Kick Your Dependence

That caffeine is over-stimulating your mind and could eventually lead to burnout. Limit your caffeine consumption to a bare minimum. In order to avoid symptoms of withdrawal you must start out slowly.


Being prone to a certain type of addiction can partly be attributed to genetics. Some of us have no problem limiting our sugar consumption. Sweets are best enjoyed in moderation, or they have the same effect as a fat addiction or a carbohydrate addiction. Too much of anything is not healthy. So opt for one piece of cake, instead of the whole thing

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Toxic Substances

I will just group these all into one category, because we all know what they are. By consuming any of these you are sacrificing long-term health for short-term enjoyment. These are addictive, and dangerous when consumed in excess. Be cautious with these and take in moderation. Why do so many people abuse their body with harmful substances? How much is too much? By the time you figure out, it will be too late.


It’s apparent that humans are addicted to power. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a system of social hierarchy in all developed nations. I included power on this list because it is indeed dangerous to become addicted to power. Whatever the reason for needing power, whether it’s for money or popularity; it’s clear that power corrupts us. The act of going on a “power trip” is when we let the rush of adrenaline get to our heads from being in control over other people.

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It might not be obvious to you at first but money and love may be the root to you problems if you are addicted to power. I mean, who crave for money, love, or both.


“Money is the root of all evil”, we’ve heard. Money itself isn’t the evil, but the things that humans are willing to do to obtain it are. You must understand your priorities out of life, and that money should not be at the forefront. We should find ways to make money in order to live, not live in order to make money.


Love is addicting, isn’t it? Just the feeling of knowing that someone else thinks the world about you is a feeling that cannot be replicated. The problem is getting so addicted that you become obsessed with one person. Guys don’t want a girl to dedicate her life around him. That’s why you need a life separate from your boyfriend. Otherwise, if it falls through, the withdrawal from the love addiction will hit you hard.