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10 Diet Mistakes That Make You a Haphazard Serial Dieter

Diet mistakes make you your worst enemy when it comes to dieting.
Keep yourself from standing in your way in weight loss. Mistakes women can avoid while trying to lose weight.

10 Diet Mistakes That Make You a Haphazard Serial Dieter

Everybody makes mistake but when dieting those mistakes only result in one thing, you are stuck on a diet but not losing weight. Isn't that a just plateau? - At the surface, that may be true. However, there is a serial dieter in you. Here are 10 common diet mistakes you don't want to be making when trying to lose weight.

Are you a serial dieter? - If you make any of these diet mistakes chances are you are on a diet but not losing weight

If you make any of the following diet mistakes you may be in trouble of becoming a serial diet always on a diet but not losing weight.

Cutting back on food intake way too fast

Call it more than cutting back on food intake so fast that eating less food than you are used to starts to take a huge toll on your body.

Whether you are stuck on one of those "I only eat apples" diets or just quick snacking and eating deep fried foods, cutting back on food intake too fast, is one of the biggest diet mistakes you can make while dieting.

If being on a diet but not losing weight is not your think it is best to make reductions that have less of a burden on your body.

Jumping from one fad diet to the next

If you jump from on fad diet to another, you may be a serial diet.

I know it is hard, but just because another new and improved diet way better than the last one comes along doesn't mean you have to fly away from the perch you had setup in your previous diet.

Just because a diet is popular doesn't mean it is going to be right for you.

The most important thing to consider when picking a diet is whether it is stressful (i.e. can you keep it up?) and that will be the last diet mistake you make.

Setting weight loss goals that are just not reasonable and even impossible to pull off

I know you want to lose 30 pounds and be able to fit into close that require you have a 21 inch waist, making that your first goal in weight loss is the first diet mistake that many women make.

Think small.

Attempting to launch your diet routine by first off telling all your friends that you are going to lose 30 pounds is not going to move you any closer to landing on the moon

The only way you are going to lose 30 pounds is by losing 5 pounds first.

Divide your goals up into clearable checkpoints.

Spending all your money on expensive weight loss products and programs you can't afford

Spending too much money on diet pills and special weight loss programs may work for some with deeper pockets, but if you are doing it to lose 30 pounds fast; it may be better to change the direction you are going with your diet while you are ahead.

If you are worried about the only reason you may be getting results from your routine is that you are paying for it, pay the iron price.

Base you results on how much work you put in not how much money you spend trying.

Relying too much on exercise equipment

The same goes with exercise equipment. Getting stuck on one machine is not the way to go.

At first, it may have worked out like you expected but you are way past that now. It's time to start seeing and doing new thing. That means getting off your indoor bike and hit the trails.

Never take fitness lightly thinking you can keep your butt from sagging just as long as you keep working that machine.

Trying way too hard to lose weight

When you try too hard to lose weight you risk getting sick that is going to make it hard to continue moving forward with diet and weight loss.

Even if you do make it out and do workout that is not a good way to lose weight.

Always keep your health in mind when trying to lose weight. If what you are doing is starting to affect your health, then you may be trying too hard.

Snacking more than you should

I would have you know snacking isn't the enemy.

However, when you do snack try to keep it bellow 200 calories in one sitting.

Make healthy choices in what type of snacks you do intend on eating.

Drinking and eating not being able to turn down parties

When the weekend comes, not hitting the parties and going out with your friends is hard to say the least.

Just because eating and drinking don't mix, doesn't mean you can't have a good time. In fact, it is better if you don't resist too much.

Resisting your "urges" leads to stress. Stress will make you eat.  Eating…well, that'll be a good story to tell your grandchildren about this time you lost 30 pounds. Not pretty…

Just keep in mind that moderation is the key to making your drunk diet work.

Getting stuck on a plateau

Being stuck on a plateau when trying to lose weight is an unavoidable reality that comes with dieting.

Just because you are not getting the results you deserve doesn't mean you are not moving forward in your diet.

The trick to getting out of a plateau is to not worry about not losing weight and keep up with you routine staying active.

Letting stress get the best of you

Trying to lose weight is only a small fraction of you.

For the most part, most of the stress you have to deal with comes from your daily life from work, relationships, or whatever is just not working out as planned.

So deal with it.

Exercise in some ways acts as a catalyst for dealing with stress. So when you are stressed out with who knows what find a place to blow off some steam.

If today is just not your day, don't push it.

Exercising when exercising adds to your stress will plow up in your face. In your position, I would be asking, what do I do?

Take a day off.