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Health Benefits of Tofu and Tofu-Diet Weight Loss Rules

When push comes to shove the health benefits of tofu may be just what you are looking for in a diet to lower cholesterol and give you daily antiaging.

The health benefits of tofu including antiaging, lowered cholesterol, and osteoporosis prevention boost your lifelong health perspective while allowing you to lose weight cutting back on carbs. Quick Diet Plan >>

What are the health benefits of eating tofu for weight loss?

When you are on a diet eating raw foods is a definite must and when it comes to raw food The Tofu Diet is a good example of a food that will satisfy your appetite while giving you the nutrition you need to make out great in your weight loss program. As you will see, there is more to tofu benefits than being an alternative to eating red meat.

Taking advantage of the health benefits of tofu losing weight eating healthy combined with the right exercise routine may be just what you need to lose weight. In the tofu diet, you don't have to worry about complicated diet weight loss rules. All it takes is substituting in tofu for carbohydrate foods such as rice or bread.

In this food-diet Slism, we introduce the tofu health benefits that are going to take you for when you are trying to diet eating tofu.

Quick Tofu Benefits

How the Tofu Diet Works: Rules for Eating Tofu for Weight Loss

Talk of food diets often causes food to go missing off the shelves of your local grocery store. This phenomenon is quite common in Japan and as you would expect when the tofu diet hit front page gossip the craze to lose weight eating tofu went full circle leaving no shelf left with tofu for sale. Before you run off and make sure you get your share before someone else does let's discuss how it actually works.

Low GI to Keep Your Blood Sugar down Cutting Back on Fat

Are you aware of the glycemic index (GI) of the foods you eat on a day today basis?

The glycemic indexes of the foods you eat determine how your blood sugar level is affected after consumption. Low-GI foods are said to have little effect on your blood sugar making it easy to cut back on fat.

High blood sugar means more insulin being sent out by your body. As you know insulin is used to turn store away extra glucose in your blood in fat cells. In order to cut back on fat in your diet eating low GI foods is recommended.

Tofu is both low-GI and low in calories making it an ideal food to bases your diet around.

Tofu Diet Rules For Losing Weight Eating Healthy and Exercising

Here are the rules for dieting eating tofu to lose weight that you will need to hammer down as you work your way through the tofu diet. Note unlike most diet plan rules, there are no strict dietary restrictions to worry about. Just follow the rules and you should be fine.

Rules for the Tofu Diet

  • Replace 1 carbohydrate food such as rice or bread with tofu
  • Watch what you eat noting down your calorie intake often
  • Exercise regularly to promote slow and health weight loss

Other than the rudimentary counting of calories you will be doing to hold back on foods other than tofu, there shouldn't be much change to what you are used to eating. The decision to eat either soft tofu or firm tofu is up to you. However, please note that eating firm tofu may satisfy your appetite more making you fuller and less likely to overeat.

Health Benefits of Tofu: Antiaging and Lower Cholesterol

Tofu in addition to being a rich source of high quality protein giving you the amino acids your body needs is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. For this reason it has been coined in as the meat of the fields giving you the benefits of eating soy.

Soy Isoflavones

Recent attention has been turned towards looking at the phytochemical make up of foods such as soy beans.

Soy beans are known to contain the phytochemical isoflavone that is said to have an anti-aging effect on your body serving as a strong antioxidant and immunity boosting agent that can be look forward to on a tofu diet.

The benefits of soy isoflavone found in tofu for women are the effects it has on your skin. Soy isoflavone is said to be an active ingredient in face lotion due the fact that it effect on the estrogen hormone balance of your body.

Role of estrogen levels on antiaging…

When you going through your period, estrogen levels in your body drop dangerously low potentially causing health complication in the future is not attended to. Low estrogen levels is said to cause calcium in your bones to be metabolize by your body leading to osteoporosis that speeds up the aging process making you age faster.

Hormone imbalance in women is said to be one of the main causes behind osteoporosis in women. However, soy isoflavone is said to work the same way as estrogen in your body, slowing down the loss of bone density prevention osteoporosis.

By preventing osteoporosis slowing down the rate at which you lose bone density as your age, soy isoflavone works as an antiaging agent keep you looking and feeling younger longer.

Soy Saponins

Soy saponins help guard against the increase of neutral fats in your body. While soy protein is said to help lower bad cholesterol in blood, soy saponins serves to inhibit cholesterol as a whole helping your body break down cholesterol, lowering cholesterol level in blood to reduce neutral fats.

Bottom Line on the Tofu Diet

As healthy as eating tofu is for the body, after eating tofu everyday as you would expect getting tired of it is not a stretch. That is why whenever you are not feeling like eating tofu mixing it up with different side dishes or Low Calorie Tofu Recipes is a definite must.

On way to keep from getting tired of eating on a tofu diet is said to work different variations of salads. Adding tofu to a salad isn't a daunting task. Simply cut bites sized pieces of tofu and add to your favorite salads.

If replacing carbs in with tofu 3 meals a day is a hassle just getting started out start out by only replacing one meal with tofu and gradually work your way to the top, replacing carbs with tofu 3 meals a day.

  • Health benefits of tofu

    Health benefits of tofu

    With benefits such as low-gi to cut back on fat, and lower cholesterol by replacing red meat in your diet with tofu, no diet can be any healthier.

  • Soy isoflavones in tofu

    Soy isoflavones in tofu

    Isoflavones contains in tofu and other soy products act as estrogen restoring your hormone balance slowing down bone decay for antiaging.

  • Tofu diet plan rules

    Tofu diet plan rules

    Simply replace excess carbs in your meals with a healthy helping in tofu in your salad or even tofu pancakes. Mix it up in your diet.
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