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6 Exciting Things To Do At Home Or Online When You Are Bored

Don’t know what to do with yourself today? Check out our awesome list of ideas for some exciting things you can do at home or online, and you are bound to find at least one suggestion that fits your mood!

Six Exciting Things To Do When You Are Bored

Not knowing what to do with yourself is one of the worst feelings ever. You don’t know what you want, you are not sure what you don’t want, but you still want something.

Girl wearng sunglasses and shorts holding a backpack while sitting outside.

This indecisive feeling can leave you staring into walls for hours, feeling useless, but only if you let it. Let us help you with this article about exciting things to do, weather you would like to simply be on your computer, listen to music, read something weird, or make something, or just play with your makeup.

A Must-Try List Of Six Exciting Things You Could Do At Home When You Don’t Really Feel Like Doing Anything

One or more of these suggestions is bound to fit your personality, so go ahead and have some fun!

Explore new bands

One of the usual fun things to do online is listening to music. But what if you are feeling like listening to music, but spend more time switching tracks than actually listening to them? There is a solution! Try exploring some new bands. Now, there are many ways to go about this. You can simply scroll through a friends profile on any social network and see what they have been listening to.


This works better if you pick a friend who’s taste in music is similar to yours. If that doesn’t work, you can always ask your search engine what you should listen to now, and it will provide a number of websites that ask you to name your favorite band or singer and then offer you a list of performers of the same genre, or the same era, etc. And in case you don’t really feel like listening to anything new, but you are still bored with your usual music, there is a middle ground. Try searching for the cover versions of your favorite songs. You may be surprised at what you find.

Play a game – with a twist

One of the exciting things to do when you are bored out of your skull is playing games. However, if you played the most popular conventional games online and you are still bored, you can try playing an unconventional game. There are many “escape the room” point-and-click games out there, which do not require any gaming skills but your intelligence.

Girl playing a game on laptop

And if you are feeling up to something a bit more light-hearted, you can always try the impossible quiz. There are a number of them out there, and all are hilarious. These quizzes are witty and unpredictable, following a predominantly child-like logic, and you will sometimes find that the right answer is, in fact, the wrong one.

Read a bit

If you are looking for some entertainment, you might like reading. Just search for your favorite author, and take your pick. However, if you don’t feel like reading things you usually like, you can try something a bit different. If you feel like short horror stories, try searching for creepy pasta.

Used books on a shelf

It will take you into an adventure that can be truly terrifying, or just ridiculous, as you browse through a sea of creepy stories collected from all over the Internet. And if you are interested in how these stories, or any other meme came to be, you can visit the “know your meme” page where you will find the origin and background story an almost anything that ever went viral on the Internet.

Explore the tin foil hat area

If you are feeling like doing something out of the ordinary, you could try researching some of the wildest, most imaginative conspiracy theories out there. There sure is quite a number of them, so be your own Mulder or Scully, and dare to ask: Did aliens put us here? Are government satellites reading our minds? Was the moon landing a hoax? Is the Earth actually hollow and there are people living on the other side? Is your TV spying on you? Do lizard people live among us, disguised as humans? What is going on in the Bermuda Triangle? How about Area 51? Are we living in the Matrix?

Drawing of a cute alien holding a magic stick.

If you search just one of these conspiracies, you are bound to get sucked in, so we recommend you sit back, relax, and quietly play the X-files theme song in the background. You can even make you own tin foil hat, just to make it a bit more authentic. Or in case some satellite is trying to scan your brain activity. And remember, the truth is out there.

Do something yourself

And if you are looking for some exciting things to do at home, but don’t feel like sitting at your computer all day, you can always try a DIY project. It could be anything from making stuff out of cardboard, painting glass cups with nail polish, making jewelry, to accessorizing your favorite purse.

Round ornaments made of paper

Do whatever inspires you to be creative, and you are guaranteed to have fun feel accomplished. Just search the web for DIY projects, and you will have plenty to ideas choose from, or you could decide on a project and then just search for various method and material options. Once you’re done, you will have something cool, unique, and your very own.

Level up your makeup skills

Take things to a whole other level by trying to create an outrageous, bold, or creative new makeup look! Instead of your usual smoky eye or cat eyeliner, try something totally new, like leopard printed eye makeup (or even lips), butterfly eyes, anime makeup, or learn to do 3D glitter looks.

Girl brushing her hair while watching herself in the mirror.

There are hundreds of interesting and extravagant looks you could try to recreate, or you could come up with your own unique design. This is one of the best ways to kill time and practice a skill, and if you are bold enough, why not share your makeup look with friends? How better to make life more exciting than doing an over the top face and sharing it with your friends, to harvest their admiration or just have a few laughs.

At the end of the day, the most basic guideline to really having fun is to do something that inspires you, no matter what it may be. It may be something completely unrelated to these six ideas. That way you will never feel forced to just go through the motions, and you can honestly say that you spent some quality time with yourself.