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How to Stop? 5 Tips to Help You Stop Obsessing over a Guy

“Love can move a world”, you have surely heard this expression many times, and it is great if it so as long as your world is not affected by this love. If on the contrary, you feel that this love has done you more evil than good, maybe it is time get some help on how to stop obsessing over a guy.

Successful Tips to Help You Gather Yourself in No Time

Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world and the best time of one's life... Yeah, Right! I bet you would disagree when you realize that your whole life is revolving over one guy and you don't seem to be able to function properly any more. It is one thing when love brightens up your face and your day, when it makes you feel energized and motivated, and there is its complete opposite, when love gives you almost the feeling of sickness because you just can't seem to stop obsessing over a guy.

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If you recognize the latter as your condition, don't worry because we have 5 useful tips on how to stop obsessing over a guy.

If You Feel that You Are in too Deep and You don’t Know How to Stop Obsessing Over a Guy, Here is First Aid for Your Aching Hearth that Will Prevent You from Ever having the Same Troubles Again

No girl should feel less valuable just because of some guy. If you feel that your gut feeling and lack of self-confidence is smothering you, it’s definitely time for a change.

Take up a hobby

Being in love or not, you should never stop investing in yourself. Learning shouldn't be reserved only for your youth, it should be the basic principle of your life. Never stop learning and growing, and you shouldn't make your romantic feelings an excuse for your laziness. Life is too rich and filled with innumerable things worth of getting to know them. So, instead of spending you whole day just daydreaming about him, do something useful for yourself.

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There must be something that you have always loved and found interesting but you never had the time to try it out. Be sure that this is the best time as any to take up that yoga classes or photography lessons. This will not only avert you attention from your guy, but it will make you feel better about yourself in the long run. You as a self-confident person will have no difficulty in succeeding to stop obsessing.

Focus on his flaws

Having romantic feelings can sometimes have some side effects, one of which is idealizing the object of your love. However, you shouldn't forget that he's just an ordinary human being and in his way imperfect. So, if you find yourself being less and less able to detect his flaws the more your life progresses then it's a high time for you to do something about it.

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If you don't want to ever again have the problem of how to stop obsessing over someone, make sure that you will never again forget about the little things that you find annoying about him. You will accomplish this by making the list of his flaws and keep it always within an easy reach if you happen to need it as the first aid against harmful obsession.

A trick to immediately shift your focus

If your days begin and end with him on your mind, and you find that this infatuation of your is beginning to mess with your everyday obligations, maybe it's time to get some help on how to stop obsessing over guys. One of the very important things you need to learn, if you want to get your life back, is how to quickly redirect your attention if it starts roaming around your significant other. Choose something simple so that you can perform it any time and place, like snapping your fingers or humming some catchy tune you like.

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Whatever it is, it should unable you to shift your focus quickly, allowing you to spend your time more reasonably. The purpose of all this is to prevent you from being left with a bad taste in your mouth if your relationship ends sooner than you have thought and you have nothing to turn to because being unable to focus you have neglected all spheres of your life.

Start dating again

Have you ever thought that maybe you have made your decision too early and that there are plenty more fish in the see. If you aren't, here is some thought for you to keep you busy. If you find yourself often wondering how can I stop obsessing over a guy it's probably a fine time to start dating again. This will give you a chance to meet other interesting people and possible meet someone more worthy of your love.

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In any case it will certainly divert your attention for a while and boost your confidence, because your have probably forgot how good it feels when a couple of guys are fighting for your attention.

Believe me, you must have forgotten how attractive and funny you are, a real keeper to say the least, when you have allowed yourself to feel bad for some regular guy.

You are the Sun

Does your whole world revolve around your significant other and you don't know how to stop obsessing? If this is so, all of the 5 mentioned tips will be useful but they will not give you a permanent results. You will probably fall into the same trap every time you fall in love with a different guy. And this is not something we are satisfied with. To make yourself immune to those charming guys and to always have the answer to questions like "how do I stop obsessing over a guy?", maybe it's time to follow our final piece of advice: you are the center of you world and this shouldn't be changed for anyone.

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Within you lies the life force, and it is only within you that you need to search for strength and motivation. No one from the outside world can provide this, but you yourself. If you keep this in mind, you will never again find yourself in need of anyone's attention or approval, because all this is already in you.

Being in love is actually pretty great, but as long as it doesn't prevent you from leading a normal life, and preforming your daily duties and obligations. Boys will come and go, and if you're not careful you might end up friendless and without any other purpose than being someone's girlfriend. This is not something you should strive for, and we know that you can accomplish so much more only if you manage to sober up from this obsession of yours and take your life into your own hands. Don't waste your time.