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The Tomato Diet To Burn Fat Faster And Activate Your DNA

I know with the Night Tomato Diet the first time around there wasn't enough to sit on to build confidence that your diet will succeed.
That was before this is now and with lead research indicating that the Tomato diet is more than we've expected.
DNA activation?! Just what you need to morph back into your pretty skinny self.


When a diet becomes popular in Japan there is no stretch in saying it's a craze that will trigger instantaneous national supply shortages.

Many Japanese would agree when the Tofu Diet and the Morning Banana Diet hit the street, people had no choice but to settle for apples and Kobe beef because aisles wear stripped clean. This time they are going tomatoes.

The reason this time is that tomatoes contain a substance that has been found to promote healthy fat burning enabling you to trim down your sides without going to the gym.

How Tomatoes Can Help Trigger DNA Activation to Improve Fat Burning Ability

Professor Teruo Kawada and his team of researchers at the Laboratory of Molecular Function of Food in Kyoto, Japan have discovered the missing link, a substance found in tomatoes that have been found to effectively activate your DNA to burn of more fat, which could lead to a polar shift in how we look at dieting.

Which is it genetic or tomato juice, the world's answer to fight of global obesity?

The research team found that tomatoes contain a substance that is said to be able to activate DNA associated with the burning of fat in your body namely (13-oxo-ODA) a special type of unsaturated fatty acid. This substance is said to help decrease the amount of neutral fat in your body and prevent metabolic syndrome from setting in.

As featured in Why Japanese women live longer the Night Tomato Diet makes good use of tomatoes to help you lose weight. Now with DNA Activation is clear that this method is no hoax. That took a while… you must be thinking. Yes, I know; but some things are just meant to be waited for.

In fact, we already know that tomatoes have the effect of shaving off neutral fat; however what we didn't know was what substance and how tomatoes help decrease the amount of neutral fat in your body. Now that it is quite clear how the process works, what's stopping you from incorporating more tomatoes in your diet?

Have you ever wondered how many calories in tomato there are?

What genes help you burn fat faster??

Even though we discuss how your genes can help you burn off more fat, that's doesn't mean that your genes help directly shed off pounds off fat. The secret of using your genes to do this is in giving your body what it needs to build the enzymes it needs to trigger you fat burning furnace, i.e. activating your DNA.

What Is The Best Way To Put Tomatoes In Your Body To Promote Healthy Fat Burning?

According to Kawada's research team at Kyoto University, 13-oxo-ODA when fed to an experimental group of obese mice, in 4 weeks results showed dramatic changes in blood sugar, neutral fat, rectum temperature that indicate an increase in fat burning abilities after consumption.

The amount of 13-oxo-ODA that was given to the mice in people terms makes up about a small glass (200ml) of tomato juice each meal.

Therefore, if you drink 3 glasses of tomato juice a day your body has all the 13-oxo-ODA it needs to promote steady fat burning without exercise.

Although tomato juice is said to be particular high in 13-oxo-ODA, that doesn't mean that you should limit yourself to only tomato juice. Tomatoes and tomato products contain ample amount of 13-oxo-ODA. So don't let that stop you from having a hot bowl of tomato soup on days when you crave something different.

Attention!! Drinking Too Much Tomato Juice Will Max You Out On Sodium

Tomato juice although squeezed from tomatoes contains excess amount of salt, which is why you may want to choose the unsalted variety when drinking daily to keep your body from holding on to water.

Sodium content of 100ml of Tomato Juice
  Sodium(Na) Salt Equivalent 
Tomato Juice(Unsalted) 10mg 0g
Tomato Juice(Salted) 236.9mg 0.6

The Japanese daily intake standards (2010) put out by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends at least 9000mg and 7500mg of salt per day for men and women over the age of 18, respectfully. On the other hand, the west, most notably the Institute of Medicine says that people should stay between 1500mg and 2300mg per day.

This difference whether cultural or not only goes to say that your daily allowance for salt is not a one size fits all matter. Nevertheless, it is not something that you should let go unattended because consuming to much salt could have an adverse effect on your health such as high blood pressure increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

In the case of drinking 600ml off salt added tomato juice, that would put your daily salt intake up to 3600mg, which doesn't leave much room for other meals, not to mention desert. That's why it's important when picking out tomato juice that you take note of how much salt you are putting in your body.

When drinking salt added tomato juice:

  • Decrease you salt intake from other foods throughout the day
  • Lower the amount of tomato juice you drink per day, substituting with raw tomato

What you should take away from this is that it's dire that you don't consume too much salt for your health. Although the finding of the tomato diet are just, that doesn't mean you can ignore you daily salt consumption. Like they say, anything no matter how good for you goes bad when you overdo things.

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