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How The Daikon Diet Can Help You Lose 3 Pounds Per Week

Celebrity diets are cool and all, but who actually goes on them and makes the same breathtaking results. What would you look like after losing 20 pounds?
A completely different person or just someone smart enough to go on the Daikon Diet.

Just because something seems like it's the next diet craze doesn't mean it's going to be right for you. Some people say celebrity diets are over-rated. Yes, that may be the case for the pancakes and maple syrups diet, but what about the Japanese Daikon Diet? You never know, this may be just.

Kumiko Shiratori, Japan actress appearing in the comical hit Quirky Guys and Girls has a story to tell not told by the movies she appears in. That story is not obvious at first watching the flick; however when asked, how she got the part? There was no reason to remain silent. If she could do it, what's stopping you?

Shiratori lost over 22 pounds in 70 days! It's no surprise that the Daikon Diet has gained so much attention that health practitioners would recommend it to their patients in Japan. 

How the Daikon Diet works

All that you have to go on the Daikon Diet is eat 300g of raw Daikon every day. That's all? You must be kidding me! I know it sounds like it's not enough, but it is and here's why.

What is a Daikon?
Daikon is what people in Japan call the White Radish. Daikon calories are 54Cal per 300g(18Cal/100g). It is also called a giant white carrot, because that's what it looks like. For anyone who has had the pleasure of enjoying Japanese cuisine, it's the part of your meal that looks ice shaving that is often added for aesthetic appeal. What people fail to realize is its importance in the Japanese diet.

On the Daikon Diet there are no more eating restrictions that you need to worry about. This is where eating around your diet, i.e. building a strong diet pyramid, has its advantageous over stingy diets that feel like self-punishment. Like anything else eating Daikon in moderation is the key.

What's the best way to eat Daikon?

It's recommended that you eat Daikon raw. That means no more steaming and boiling, waiting for your veggies to get soft enough to eat without teeth. No, no, no, Daikon should be eaten raw in order get the full benefits of the Daikon Diet.

Just because it's called the Daikon Diet doesn't mean you have to go Spartan, trying to survive only eating these giant white carrots. Are you're a rabbit or something?No, it is best to exercise variety in your diet combining nutrition to complete the whole picture.

When I say 300g of raw Daikon that may differ from radish to radish; however a good rule of thumb is that this amounts to be about 6 centimeters of skin shaved Daikon. At times when you don't have a scale laying around this is especially helpful.

Precautions when eating grated Daikon

When told to eat Daikon raw, what often comes to mind are salad and grated Daikon. When choosing to eat Daikon this way, don't forget to include the juice that gets left behind in the process.

Don't forget to drink the juice!

It turns out that the spicy substance that gets squeezed out of the Daikon when you grate it is not something that you want to throw away for reason that will be explained shortly.

Daikon water does the body good

Again, don't through way the water that gets left behind after the Daikon because if you are on a diet you are going to need it.

The Benefits of Dieting With Raw Daikon

Contained in the spicy water like substance left behind by grated Daikon are Isothiocyanate which serves as a strong antioxidant and is even thought to help prevent cancer.

Powerful antioxidant

As you put Isothiocyanate in your body by drinking Daikon water, anti-oxidation takes effect, boosting your metabolism making it harder to put on fat.

Cancer preventing agent

Isothiocyanate doesn't start out in Daikon. It turns out that this helpful chemical is a by healthy by product of the cell splitting presses that occurs when grating. This is one reason why it is recommended that you grate Daikon to unlock Isothiocyanate.

There are not a lot of people that cut off a 6 centimeter long piece and start eating Daikon like it's a carrot; however before that happens remember what grating Daikon has in store, produces Isothiocyanate for an antiaging effect. Note that you don't necessarily have to use a grater. The same can be achieved using a sharp knife slicing the Daikon into little bits and pieces.

Daikon gets sweater by the leaves. That is to say that the closer you get to the pointy end things can get a little spicy. The substance that makes Daikon spicy is the so called Isothiocyanate, so while you are eating keep that in mind.

Juiced up with vitamins and enzymes!

Daikon contains vitamin C, vitamin A, diastase, and enough amylase to keep your body from wanting. For vitamin C and enzymes that disappear in heat, cooking speeds up the process, eliminating the vitamin and enzyme content contain in your Daikon. Eat raw Daikon to start putting vitamins and enzymes in your body for real.

Vitamin C

This vitamin often most often associated with oranges is Indispensable to collagen creation, which I known to have a remarkable effect on the beauty of your skin. In addition, it is said to help you deal with stress and aids in the nutrient absorption of Iron in your body.

Vitamin A

The vitamin that makes Carrots so revered, Vitamin A is not only good for your eyes, but is also said to do wonders for your skin too! When you are hoping that what you are doing now is going to make a difference so that you can look good in your later years, vitamin A is not a vitamin that you want to miss out on.

Digestive Enzymes

You digestive system is not an island. You would be surprised at how much the foods you eat matter when digesting. Eating foods rich in digestive enzymes speed up the digestive process, not to mention boost nutrient absorption. In particular, amylase helps break down carbohydrates more efficiently.

  • Zen of The Daikon Diet

    Zen of The Daikon Diet

    The best thing about Dieting on Daikon is that there are not endless lists of rules you need to follow to lose weight; there is only one.

  • The benefits of raw food

    The benefits of raw food

    Some things are better off eaten raw. Daikon is one of them. Hidden away in its cool layers are vitamins and enzymes that would simply go to waist.

  • Cancer preventative foods

    Cancer preventative foods

    Found in Daikon are agents that serve to stop carcinogens in their havoc wreaking tracks so that you can enjoy your life.