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Cocoa Powder Recipes and Diet Benefits of Drinking Cocoa

Looking for an easy diet plan that you can stick to till no matter what you position on weight is.
Then here are some cocoa powder recipes to kick of your diet.

Sometimes all it takes to get your diet off the ground are cocoa diet recipes to get you on the road to slim. Recipes with cocoa powder from the ground up start at making a cup of diet cocoa, after all no cocoa diet would be complete without ways to make dieting on unsweetened cocoa work for you.

Is drinking cocoa good for you?

Like other health foods out there, drinking cocoa is said to help you live longer boosting your lifelong health perspective as well as helping you slim down in your diet. All it takes is a cup of pure unsweetened cocoa in the morning and at night. That's The Cocoa Diet.

Combining the bitter taste and sweet fragrance of pure cocoa you can naturally relieve stress in your diet not to mention get a better grim on vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, on cocoa polyphenols to remedy constipation, boost your metabolism, and slow down the effect of aging while you block fat from being stored away unnecessarily.

In this healthy Slism, we introduce simple cocoa recipes along with benefits of drinking cocoa as well as some areas to be avoided if you hope to make it through.

Quick Cocoa Diet

Cocoa Powder Recipes with Variations to Mix It up Fast

Gong on the cocoa diet is easy. All it you've got to do is have a cup of hot cocoa in the morning and during the evening. It's as simple as that!

Drinking cocoa before eating breakfast or otherwise a time when you have an empty stomach is said to help with constipation as well as appetite control not to mention the fact that it makes a great snack.

Hot Cocoa Recipe

  1. Heat 2 cups of water either honey, sugar, brown sugar, or other sweeteners (2tbs) with 2 full teaspoons of pure cocoa.
  2. Pour 120mL of milk into the contents of step 1 mixing thoroughly.
  3. Remove from heat before boiling and you are done!

Recipe Variations for Hot Cocoa

Have the same old cup of pure cocoa isn't going to get you for. To make your cocoa diet work out for the best you are going to need some means to mixing it up with style.

Soy Milk in Cocoa

Using soy milk instead of milk improves the synergy between drinking cocoa and your diet to lose weight. Soy milk isoflavones add a touch of beauty that you can expect to do wonders for your skin.

Ginger in Cocoa

The right amount of ginger in your cup of pure hot cocoa may be what you need to increase your core body temperature to give your metabolism a noticeable power up increasing the efficiency in your diet.

What Kind Of Cocoa Powder Is Best For Dieting?

There are all kinds of cocoa that have fiber and polyphenols that help take you diet up a notch. However, when selecting cocoa out for yourself, it is easy to get lost trying to pick out the best cocoa for your diet.

Milk cocoa or milk chocolate, and processed cocoa contain more sugar than pure cocoa. When trying to cut back on calories choosing pure cocoa powder is highly recommended.

Benefits of Cocoa in Your Diet Helping You Slim Down

Cocoa is high protein and acts as a rich source of dietary fiber, polyphenols and other vitamins and minerals worth mentioning, which is why it is said to be one food no diet should be without.

Drinking cocoa help you pin down your appetite giving you control over what was once uncontrollable hunger. It has a soothing effect that help dampen down stress levels that you know is all the support you need to make it through with your diet.

Antioxidants in Cocoa Polyphenols

Phytochemicals like cocoa polyphenols may taste bitter but inside your body they are powerful antioxidants that you know is great for antiaging.

In addition to slowing down the effects of aging, polyphenols in cocoa are said to boost your metabolism aiding in the breakdown of fat while having an effect of blocking fat absorption in your body.

In particular, drinking cocoa following your evening meal helps cut back on the amount of energy that gets converted into fat that is more common than you think, especially after eating a big dinner.

Compared to other hot beverages, cocoa is better at promoting good blood circulation that helps raise your core temperature, just what you need to keep the chills away.

Stress Free Diet Drinking Cocoa

Why after having a cup of steaming hot cocoa do you feel as if a cool breeze just entered the room taking away the stress on your back? The secret behind why drinking cocoa reduces stress is in the alkaloid Theobromine that makes up the bitterness in pure cocoa.

In addition to helping you battle stress; cocoa is great for fatigue recovery. When you are feeling tired have a cup of cocoa and get back in the game.

Dietary Fiber for You Know What

Cocoa is a good source of the dietary fiber found in plants that is said to be just what you need to remedy constipation related problems. In cocoa powder this amount a whole third of a fourth. That's as much as 8 percent, which in relative terms is a lot.

Dietary fiber becomes a nutrient for good bacteria in your digestive tract promoting healthy gut flora. With healthier gut flora, you can eliminate worrying about becoming constipated. Drinking cocoa is a simple straightforward way to get more fiber in your diet.

Bottom Line on the Cocoa Diet

There are people out there that don't get the results they expect from the cocoa diet. Yes, you are not going to lose weight overnight. No, there are benefits to drinking cocoa that you don't want to miss out on if you know what really does the body good.

The reality of the cocoa diet and any other diet for that matter is that it takes time to get results you can see. However, when you are looking to get the best results, combining calorie limitations and regular exercise may be what you need to push your cocoa diet even further.

Making cocoa with milk and adding sugar drastically changes the calories you get with each cup. That is why it is not recommended that you drink too much cocoa and actually go over the amount of calories you put aside in your diet.

Watch you calorie intake and just try out the cocoa diet for yourself. You never know you might like it!

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    Cocoa powder recipes are hot!

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