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Kudzu Root Powder Health Benefits and How to Make Kuzuyu

Drinking kuzuyu is one way to suppress you appetite without having to suffer from hunger pains.
Kudzu root powder health benefits and more!

Drinking kudzu root powder may not sound like a diet plan of action to lose weight. However, Kuzuyu is great when trying to cut back on calories without eating healthy. Here you will find a recipe for Japanese Kuzuyu along with the benefits of kudzu root powder for weight loss. Quick Diet Plan >>

Is kudzu good for weight loss?

Kudzu Root Powder also referred to as kuzu root starch or just kudzu powder. Note that kudzu and kuzu are used interchangeably. Both terms are the englishization of the Japanese word for Pueraria lobata, a species of vine native to Japan and China.

Kudzu uses include non-culinary uses, however what comes to mind when discussing the Japanese Diet is Kuzuyu Water, a drink that can be made by simply mixing grown Kudzu Power with Hot Water in the same manner as you would approach making a hot steaming cup of cocoa.

In this food-diet Slism, along with showing you how to make Kuzuyu at home we will discuss kudzu root powder health benefits such as low calories to help you suppress your appetite, raise your core body temperature to boost metabolism, and detoxing your body.

Quick Kuzdu Root

How to Diet With Kudzu Root with an Easy Recipe for Kuzuyu

The kuzu diet as we will call it helps your get the kudzu root benefits in your diet without getting lost in all the uses of kudzu. To do that you are going to need a plan. That's The Kudzu Diet! Once you know the kudzu root powder benefits you will be drinking Kuzuyu in no time.


  • Drink Kuzuyu before each meal *
  • Limit your daily intake to 1 to 2 cups of Kuzuyu a day**

* Drinking Kuzuyu before a meal is highly recommended for suppressing appetite that is good if you are trying to prevent overeating.
** Keep in mind as you diet drinking Kuzuyu never to feel obligated feeling that you absolutely have to drink Kuzuyu. Case and point, give yourself a break from dieting when you need it that will surely pay off in the long run.

Before you take your kudzu root power diet on going in head first you are going to need to have at least one use of kudzu hammered down and added to your inventory of ways to lose weight dieting eating right and beyond.

Here is an amazingly simple recipe for making Kuzuyu only using Kudzu starch, water, and sugar that can be made at home or anywhere as easy as making a cup of cocoa or Aojiru green juice. Enjoy!

How to Make Kuzuyu (1 Serving)

Kuzuyu is kudzu root powder tea that should not be confused with arrowroot tea. In fact arrow root and kuzu root are two different species of plant, despite their striking similarity.

Kuzuyu Recipe With Ingredients (Kudzu Powder / Water / Sugar)
Ingredient Amount Preparation
Kudzu Power 1tsp
  1. Warm cup using hot water separate from the hot water that will be added later to make Kuzuyu.
  2. Pour lukewarm water into cup warmed up in the previous step adding kudzu powder afterwards.
    Using lukewarm water helps in dissolving the kudzu powder.
  3. Mix together lukewarm water and kudzu powder thoroughly. (Mix)
  4. Add hot water to cup containing kudzu powder mixed thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  5. Stir into reaching the desired degree of viscosity.
  6. Add sugar and mix well with Kuzuyu.
Hot Water50-100mL

For people looking to change the way their Kuzuyu tastes, mixing with powdered green tea, kinako powder, or even ginger is highly recommended. Don't forget about brown sugar. Simply by using brown sugar instead of granulated sugar can make a huge difference the taste of your Kuzuyu.
Kuzuyu made the right way should end up turning creamy enough to be eaten with a spoon.
If you don't think the Kuzuyu you've made is creamy enough just place in microwave for a short time stirring again after removing hot cup of Kuzuyu from the microwave.

Benefits of Kudzu Root Powder in Your Diet for Losing Weight

Kudzu powder in your diet comes with many great benefits for those who are trying to lose weight. The benefits of kudzu root starch include low calories to help reduce calories in your diet, hot water to raise core temperature boosting your metabolism, and prevention from overeating.

Get a Full Stomach without the Calories

One of the benefits of kudzu root powder in Kuzuyu is that only by drinking 1 cup can you satisfy your appetite helping to prevent overeating.

The amount of Calories in Kudzu Powder is not too shabby considering the benefits you receive from drinking Kuzuyu. Even with the calories of sugar included the recipe in this column is only 30-40 calories. That is not a steep price to pay when it comes to overeating prevention.

Boost Your Metabolism Raising Core Body Temperature

Raising your core body temperature is one way to make it easier to lose weight. Similar to the way The Hot Water Diet works, you can expect the effects to kick in causing your body to perpetrate as blood circulation improves as well.

Detox Your Body Making Succeeding In Your Diet That Much Easier!

Effective detox is one way to ensure you diet is going to work out. Flushing out potentially harmful toxins piled up inside your body helps ensure a cleaner you. Drinking Kuzuyu is said to help improve bowel movements that in translation help you detox more effectively.

Body and Mind in Balance Giving You Stability to Stay Off the Rebound

Drinking Kuzuyu is said to have a calming effect on the body helping to put your mind at rest. This plays a more important role in your diet than you may think. When trying to watch what you eat always counting calories rides you out to the bitter end, sometimes all it takes is something to get your mind off of the obstructions slowing you down. Drinking Kuzuyu could be your time of from dieting even though you are in fact still on a diet.

Bottom Line on the Kudzu Root Powder Diet Drinking Kuzuyu

Although the recipe for Kuzuyu states how much sugar you should add to Kuzuyu, that doesn't mean you have to limit your sugar intake to this amount. Just keep in mind the amount of calories you are adding to your daily calorie intake.

Too much sugar…

Adding too much sugar to Kuzuyu can turn into a diet deal breaker. The bottom line to finding the right amount of sugar to add to Kuzuyu is finding the right amount of sugar to add with respect to how much calories you will be taking in. This can be done easily by using online tools for counting calories such as Calorie Slism to get the job done with little hassle.

Kudzu not pure enough…

Using the purest forms of kudzu root powder is recommended for easier use when trying to make Kuzuyu from scratch at home. In addition to being easier to mix in well with water pure kudzu helps you make sure what you are putting in your body is in fact kuzu.

  • Kudzu root powder benefits

    Kudzu root powder benefits

    The health benefits that you get from drinking Kuzuyu made from kudzu root powder are not to be underestimated when it comes to losing weight.

  • Easy to make recipe for Kuzuyu

    Easy to make recipe for Kuzuyu

    Making Kuzuyu from scratch is easier than you think. All you need is water, kudzu root powder, and sugar. The rest is timing!

  • Simple overeating prevention

    Simple overeating prevention

    Drinking a glass of kuzuyu before proceeding to eat a meal can make a difference in satisfying your appetite when trying to prevent overeating.