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Swim To Lose Weight Exploring the Benefits of Swimming

What you get out of the benefits of swimming is the best exercise to burn calories when you swim to lose weight in water to be your own fish muscles and all.

What makes swimming one of the best exercises you can do to lose weight burning calories? Before you swim to lose weight you must first start by knowing the many benefits of swimming that help you avoid deep end struggle and stay on course to wherever you sea legs take you.

What are the benefits of swimming as exercise to lose weight?

Swimming is high caloriesport that if done recreationally can save you time and money on burning calories. If you can't lose it out of the water, try exercising in water for a change. It may be the evolutionary movement you need to make a difference in your diet and exercise success.

There has been talk about why swimming is not fit for dieting considering how it affects the thermoregulation of your body. Although you burn a relatively large amount of calories swimming, some say the message it sense to the body can be counterproductive to say the least.

In this take on Slism, we will demystify the rumors about how not to swim to lose weight while uncovering the essence which is the benefits of swimming that makes it fit the best exercise list.

Swimming Calories Just Waiting Get Burned

The calories you burn swimming is no joke. Compared to other exercises swimming you may do while on a diet, there is no comparison, which is why it has long been considered one the major exercises for the purpose of dieting. It can be said that swimming is probably the best exercise for dieting if you just look at calories burnt off while swimming.

Try comparing swimming to walking with an MET of 3.8 at a pace of 93 meters per minute slightly faster than the pace you are used to going at. Note that a meter for most people can be thought as a step. After walking for 390 minutes uninterrupted at the above pace what you get out of it is 99.75 calories burned.

Refer to the table shown below for swimming calories and see how walking compares. What you will find out is that swimming burns 2-3 times more calories than walking. Wow!

Calories burned after 30 minutes of uninterrupted swimming
for a person of 110 pounds body weight
MET * Swimming Style (Pace) Calories **
7.0 Backstroke 183.75 Cal
8.0 Front Crawl (46m/min, slowly) 210.0 Cal
10.0 Breaststroke 262.5 Cal
11.0 Butterfly 288.75 Cal
11.0 Front Crawl (69m/min, fast) 288.75 Cal

* Metabolic equivalent of task in exercise
** For people weighing more than 110 pounds expect to burn more calories

Why People Are Saying That Swimming Doesn't Help You Lose Weight

It is being said that swimming doesn't help you lose weight because of the fact that pool water temperature cools the body making it easy put on fat.

Indeed, the work of the body so as not to chill the body to accumulate fat. Sometimes you do not know somehow, it is a misunderstanding. This would be the case if there weren't no benefits of swimming.

However, in order to perform the purpose of reducing the fat, there are still some great points to look forward to.

Tips to Burn Fat More Efficiently Swimming In the Pool

Fat is said to not burn efficiently as swim speed increases requiring more oxygen forcing your muscles to work your body out of the fat burning zone. I can tell you this because I swam up a storm and didn't burn any fat at all, just tons of calories. That is one of the disadvantages of anaerobic exercise.

In order to burn fat efficiently, you must lower the workout intensity of your exercise. Although fat burning continues after high intensity exercise, this fat burning effect obtained cannot be kept up for long period of time.

It is most ideal is to do longer exercises at moderate intensity to increase the fat burning effect of your workout. Not too easy, undemanding strength, making a longer exercise as much as possible it would be good.

4 Great Benefits of Swimming That Support Weight Loss

Movement is carried out in water, there is also an effect that cannot be obtained unless in water.


As introduced above, seems to have been misunderstood fat is accumulated by the water of the pool, for being in water temperature lower than body temperature, in water much to it to maintain the temperature you consume energy.

For this reason, a person in the water sports of calorie consumption is greater than the sport of track and field.


In sports and everyday life done on land you are only subject to air resistance that unless it is a strong windy day doesn't amount to much.

Water resistance, so all have to take part you are immersed in the water, I do not use the site usually also trained easily.

And, by exercise or exercise as hard or take a long resistance, resistance to receive more, you can also adjust the intensity.


It may be difficult to consciously water pressure, and the body has been affected by water pressure firmly by soaking in the pool.

Hydraulic, or has the effect of discharging the waste or to promote blood circulation and tighten the body, accumulated in the lower body.

In addition, by water pressure is applied, the water is naturally prone to abdominal breathing.


What you get out of the buoyancy of water is reduced burden on the body in areas such as your hips and knees.

For people no in the habit exercising regularly or obese people, a person who may have pain in the hip or knee, exercising in water is recommended because it is possible to exercise without straining.

Above all the most noted benefit of exercising in water is that it is difficult to get hurt. When was the last time you saw an athlete hurt themselves swimming? Never! In fact most injuries happen out of the pool that just goes to say slipper when whet hurts outside of the water.

What to Do If You Can't Breathe Well or Swim?

For people who want to start swimming, that you cannot breathe, cannot swim (for example, foot beating) is a good kick with a kickboard or walking in water.

When compared at the same walking speed, the higher the calories burned walking towards the water than on land still walking to do, there is also an effect obtained by the characteristics of water.

First of all, how about going to a pool? The person that I am disagreeable may require becoming a swimming suit, and it may also be one of the merits to become a swimming suit and to face its own body.

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