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Exercise at Work without Getting Embarrassed On the Job

Get all the exercise you need without leaving your desk. Stop edema swelling from ruining your legs.
Work your abs while sitting down and tone your arms.

Since getting hired landing that job you've always wanted, you've been too busy trying to impress your office with how hard you can work neglecting your body working through lunch and ultimately forgetting to exercise your body.

Quick Office Exercises (Illustrated)

Do any of the following describe your current situation?

  • Feeling that you lack exercise lately and can't fix it
  • Sitting in a chair all day is taking its toll on your body
  • Don't have enough time to hit the gym in your schedule
  • Just want to relax on your day off not worrying too much
  • Want to go on a diet but don't know where to start
  • Think you can be more attractive than you already are

The amount of people lacking exercise is on the rise. Busy days working make it harder and harder to dedicate time to working out. In particular, the work place with its get things done atmosphere don't give off the image that you should be moving around more often.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were some way to exercise at work seamlessly?

Recent trends indicate that office exercise is on the boom. More and more people are attacking the problem by taking their exercise to work and stretching whenever the time feels right.

I know you may be thinking that there is no time to workout at work. That may be true if you hope to have time to eat lunch. On the other hand, if you have enough time to go to the water cooler then you have enough time power exercise before going back to work.

Here are some office exercises for the following:

  • Prevent swelling in your calves
    If you've ever sat in a chair all day at work, you would know that this causes your calves to swell up, something potentially embarrassing on the way out of the office.
  • Workout your abs without leaving your seat
    Having things to do at work can feel like you are being glued to your seat. When you want to get up to work your abs there is not much you can do at this point. That is exactly why you should workout your abs in your seat.
  • Build up your pecks using only your body weight
    Enhancing your chest starts with exercising your pecks. When you don't have time to go to the gym but have more than enough time waiting for the elevator to show up, this is a perfect opportunity to attack your pecks.

Don't Let Your Job Make You Out Of Shape! – Workout at Work

For people doing administrative work or in IT working on the computer all day is a given. Sitting in front of your desk all day, only leaving your seat during break time leaves you dead tired, too tired to even think about exercising after work. Among many others, this is why people often lack exercise.

So why not exercise at work! People that don't have time to exercise can get their daily exercise in the office without anyone even noticing. Here are a few ways you can throw away at the lack of exercise just by changing how you spend your time in the office.

Turn your chair into a balance ball!?

There are more and more people integrating exercise into their work environment by converting their chairs into balance balls. Just by sitting in a balance ball all day instead of a chair, it's possible to work your back and train your midsection no other.

Working out while at work, whoever thought of that sure comes up with some good ideas. As difficult as combining work with sitting on a balance ball sounds, people say all it takes is some getting used to. That's why just getting started off it is recommended that you do both, sit in a chair periodically switching to your favorite balance ball.

Depending on the size of the balance ball you are using, difficulty varies. That is why it's important to choose the size that's right for you, not just what comes off the shelf. How you determine this is by comparing it to the height of your normal seat. Find a balance ball that fits this requirement and you are ready to make the switch.

Walk and type? – Treadmill Running

You've seen it. As extreme as it sounds there are people who actually lose over 60 pounds at work by running on a treadmill as they type. Although it is still up in the air to whether are not you can do this yourself, just think about how crazy in shape you would be if you could workout at work. (Given you don't hurt yourself doing so)

That's right! All you have to do is attach a treadmill to your desk and keep on running. Practically speaking, in order to keep exercising from interrupting your work you will need to walk, which is not a bad thing considering walking burns off fat better than running. So type, answer the phone, and do all that work requires while on the treadmill.

It will take some time to get used to exercise while concentrating on work. If this is the path you chose, be sure to take baby steps instead of going cold chicken.

Exercises to Stretch Fitness Even While At Work

There aren't many people that are ready and willing to bring a treadmill to work or sit on a balance ball while trying to type. Sometimes the best you can do is stretch and do light exercise. There is no reason you should take up hard exercise just because you may be lacking exercise. Take it easy and results are sure to show.

Taking up exercise little by little has its advantages. One thing is you don't have to worry about not getting enough exercise anymore. In fact, when others see you putting in exercise this should leave an impression that not only motivates those around you but impresses your colleagues.

In addition, moving around getting active is a good way to wipe of work fatigue and could be just what you need to be more productive throughout the day.

Simple Stretch You Can Do On Breaks to Prevent Edema

Keep your calves from swelling before leaving work

When your job has your standing or sitting all day, then you know how bad it can get towards the end of the day when you calves start swelling up like you hit something. The reason this happens is due to the circulation in your legs. Bad circulation can cause your legs to swell up if you aren't careful. That's more than enough reason to take the time to move your body throughout the day.

How to exercise swelling in your legs away in your seat

  1. Place one foot over the other resting your calf on top of your other knee.
  2. Left, extend, and rotate the ankle of the leg resting on top.
  3. Repeat on your other leg.

Doing this exercise should restore circulation in your legs preventing edema from making your calves swell up. Doing this exercise on your break or when you have time for a breather is sure to keep your legs from swelling up by the time you are done with work. Turn it into a habit and you have nothing to worry about.

anti-edema desk workout for legs

Turn Your Desk Chair into a device to work your abs

Get a flatter stomach! Exercising your abs on a chair

Here's an exercise to whip that tummy you've been worrying about into shape. Bending at your back doesn't help with effectiveness so keep your back straight and follow these easy steps.

  1. Sit at the edge of your seat and grab hold with your elbows in as far as possible.
  2. Grip the edge of sides of your seat to support your body and prevent from falling.
  3. With your arms and elbows locked into place, slowly bring your knees to your chest.
  4. Upon bringing your knees up to your chest, hold your position for 5 seconds.
  5. Slowly but surely bring your legs back down to the floor (10 to 20 seconds).

This is about the easy ab workout you can do while in your seat. When you have the time, do for 4 sets for best results.

work ab workout in chair

Pectoral Exercise You Can Do Waiting for the Elevator to Come

Get sexy arms! Wall pushups to tone your triceps

Now all you need to get toned arms that will even get you thinking of wearing that tank top you've always wanted to sport outside is a wall to lean on. Here is an exercise that you can use to get sexier arms without breaking a sweat.

  1. Place hands on wall shoulder width apart slightly leaning forward.
  2. Slowing bring your body towards the wall and push up restoring your body to its original position.

It turns out that doing pushups this way is harder than doing girl pushups. Nevertheless, doing wall pushups is a great way to tone your arms. When you don't have a wall to lean on, using your desk works even better. Not only do you get an awesome workout without going to the gym, this exercise serves as a natural way to enhance your chest, i.e. bust up.

office wall exercise for triceps

In this episode of Slism, we introduced simple exercises that you can do anywhere without taking up too much time in your busy day. After trying them out at home or work, there is no reason that you should feel like your lack exercise. That just goes to say that it's the little things you do in your day that make a big difference.

  • Benefits to exercising at work

    Benefits to exercising at work

    What you get out of working out at work is the big one, i.e. throwing away your lack of exercise that builds confidence.

  • Sneak workouts into the office

    Sneak workouts into the office

    Sweating in front of your peers can be embarrassing especially if you are overweight. Become an office exercise ninja.

  • Be motivated to succeed

    Be motivated to succeed

    Exercising at work motivates you throughout the day to push yourself to new and more exiting limits. You determine success.