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Flabby Arm Triceps Exercise: Chair Dips Sculpt Sexy Arms

Here are triceps exercises that you can use to blow away flabby arms using easy to do chair lifts.
Tone your arms to start looking better in a short sleeve.

Wearing a short sleeve or a long sleeve t-shirt, what comes to mind is the part of your arm closest to your shoulders, you upper arms. Whether you are cleaning or holding your back you have to use your arms. So why do your arms get flabby, anyhow?

Like any part of your body, getting soft has to do with the amount of work you are putting into your body. This is most important for people working desk jobs such as those common for salary men and women in Japan.

Why is it that Japanese women don't get fat flabby arms?

Arm flab, underarm flab, and armpit flab, no matter what you call it, flabby arms may not be the look for you. So what do you do at this point in order to reduce flab? Exercise the flab away! Your upper arms, in particular your triceps don't get worked as much as you think. That is why adding a little triceps exercises to your routine works wonders.

In this episode of Slism, we will look at how you can take a bite out of arm flab with exercises to train your triceps to keep the flab off your arms with simple chair dips that you can do in the comfort of your home.

Quick Chair Dips

Triceps Exercises for Flabby Arms: Chair Dips

How to train your arms to reduce arm flab

1. Place your hands on the edge of a chair while facing away

  • Hands shoulder width apart and fingers grips on the edge of the char such that your armpits are not open to breath.
  • Bend your knees at roughly a 90 degree angle.
  • Check your balance adjusting your weight throughout your arms and legs. When the weight of your body feels heavy on your arms bring your legs in slightly towards the legs of the chair.

2. While inhaling bend your elbows bringing your butt towards the floor

  • Straight back face forward as you lower your body.
  • Practically speaking, bending your to a right angle is hard than it sounds. More importantly, bending to this degree keeps you from injuring your shoulders. For people who find this hard, it is not necessary to bend to this extent. Go as far as comfortably possible.

3. Exhaling slowly extend your elbows until your arms are straight

Restore your body to its original position extending your elbows while avoiding hyper-extension in your elbows. Note that hyperextension can take a toll on your elbows if done in exceeding amounts. Keep this in mind throughout the exercise.

Repeat the movements describe in steps 1 through 3. It's recommended starting off by doing 2 sets of 10 repetitions. If doing 10 reps is difficult split the work up into smaller sets.

For example, do 4 sets of 5 taking breaks between sets resting your body for the next set. If you don't feel that the previously prescribed amount is not sufficient increase the number of sets or reps to meet your physical condition.

Adjusting the intensity of your workout without weights

It's important that you support your body weight using your arms. When using your legs to hold up your weight, the amount of burden you put on your arms decreases. That is why when you decrease the amount of weight being held up by your legs, you effectively increase the workout you are giving your arms.

In addition, the spacing between your feet and your buttocks can help you adjust the amount of weight you are putting on your arms. Using this fact you can adjust the intensity of your workout without adding weight.

Arm Flab Is Inevitable If You Are Not Careful

Your upper arms are primarily made up of the bicep and triceps. Your biceps are used by your body to help you left things bending your elbows inward towards your chest. In your daily life it is uncommon that you don't use this muscle.

However on the other hand, the back of your arm where your triceps find themselves is not. This area of your body is susceptible to become flabby. Your triceps are used when extending your elbows outward. The fact that people don't use their arms enough is what makes arm flab such an emerging problem even when modern diet and exercise is applied.

In order to tone your arms, it's dire that your train your triceps eliminating arm flab. When you extend your elbows you empower your body and your arms stimulating the back of your arms, saying goodbye to flabby arms.

For best results find new ways to train the back of your arms without deliberate exercise. This can be done by simply incorporating arm exercise into your free time. That can involve changing the way your ride public transportation or even just swinging your arms a little as your walk.

  • Benefits of triceps exercises

    Benefits of triceps exercises

    When arm flab is on your mind all you need to remember to use your triceps. Strengthening this muscle is the key to sexy arms.

  • Chair dips tone your arms

    Chair dips tone your arms

    Do more with your chair than sit on your butt. Turn your chair into a piece of workout equipment to aid you in shaving flab off of your arms.

  • Say goodbye to flabby arms

    Say goodbye to flabby arms

    When you have workout routines to effectively target those hard to reach places line your body like flabby arms there is no reason to not change.