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Dumbbell Exercises for Women to Tone Arms Losing Arm Flab

Nobody wants to end up with bingo wings!
Doing dumbbell exercise helps you tone your arms giving you what it takes to keep on going and lose arm fat for sure.

Dumbbell exercise at first may not seem like what you need to lose arm fat. On the other hand, for women it is got to be one of the best ways to tone arms allowing you to lose unwanted arm flab.

Is dumbbell exercise good for losing arm fat?

When you walk into the gym the last thing you want to pick up is are dumbbells for exercise. No way! Not me. Getting big isn't part of the plan. These are some of thoughts that may cross your mind as you pass throw the gym doors gearing up for greatness.

Just because you are so fixed on keeping your womanly figure doesn't mean that Dumbbell Exercise is not for you. If you want to Get Toned Arms you are going to need to train your muscles. That is the only way to lose arm fat is most likely going to involve pushing a little weight.

In this diet Slism, we discuss how dumbbell exercise could be used to get rid of flabby arms presenting a simple exercise to help you lose upper arm fat.

Quick Dumbbell Exercise (Illustrated)

How Dumbbell Exercise Helps You Lose Arm Fat Toning Your Arms

When you think about dieting, what may come to mind besides eating healthy is picking up a pair of dumbbells that at first feels too much of a burden than it is worth. However, when you are looking to tone arms, then it is totally worth it!

By training the muscles that help you burn fat, your deep red muscles or otherwise known as inner muscles, you can start slimming down your figure like you wouldn't believe not to mention tone your arms.

Shape Up Your Arms - Workout Program to Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

Just getting started out with dumbbell exercise for women starting off with heavy weights can be a burden not to mention a risk of injury. That is why you want to start off light concentrating on great form.

Exercise to Tone Arms

  1. Hold dumbbells with both hands while standing up straight with correct posture.
    currect posture holding dumbbells
  2. Raise dumbbells above your head while maintaining good posture. While holding dumbbell elevated above head arms extended, twist at your torso moving your upper body from left to right and vice versa.
    raise dumbbells above your head
  3. Bring dumbbells to your chest not resting but holding in position as you break down and do some squats.
    bring dumbbells to your chest

Again, start out light focusing on doing the exercise with solid form. What that means is that you may want to start out with dumbells weighting between 2 and 3 pounds in weight. If you don't have a pair of dumbells already, you can Make Dumbbells While Recycling Water Bottles.

Like most people on a busy schedule finding time to hit the gym or even workout at home can be a daunting task to say the least. In that case you may want to Train Your Arms on the Go in and between stops during your day when have to leave your water bottle dumbbells at home.

Benefits of Dumbbell Exercise for Women Trying To Tone Arms

Dumbbell exercise is often seen on television used to help men put on muscles becoming more masculine. On the contrary, what you will find out is that there are more women doing dumbbell exercise than men. Why is that you may ask. That is to get rid of arm fat.

Taking up dumbbell exercise doesn't necessarily mean you are putting your womanly figure on the line. Although it is said that women are less likely to put on muscle than men, it would take a considerable amount of effort to get the same body as a woman bodybuilder, unless that's where you want to take this.

Putting muscle mass aside, there should be no problem with doing light dumbbell exercise for toning arms and to lose arm fat.

Effects of Dumbbell Exercise on Your Body

Upper arm fat is easy to see when you are not wearing a t-shirt. Let's face it, even when wearing a long sleeve upper arm fat isn't something you can hide. For people looking to lose upper arm fat dumbbell exercise may be the start to something good in your routine and the end to trying to hide your arm fat under the hood.

By simply adding dumbbell exercise such as that to train your triceps, you can not only build stronger arms that is an added plus while tightening down on upper arm fat leaving you with toned arms fit for any occasion.

Combining dumbbell exercise with doing squats forces you to uses your thighs training the muscles along your hipline said to help shape up your butt and thighs.

Putting On Muscle Helps Boost Your Metabolism!

Training your muscles increases the energy demands of your body giving your metabolism a boost you need to lose weight easier. The basal metabolism is said to be have the largest energy demand of your body. That is to say by raising your basal metabolic rate you do yourself a big favor when it comes to long term weight loss.

Coming second place in energy consumption right after your brain is your muscles. This is why as you increase the amount of lean muscle mass, you can drastically speed up your metabolism. It is said that a strong basal metabolism supports loss of body fat you want out of your diet.

With a fast basal metabolism you make it easier to burn fat as well as harder to put fat on totally reforming the way you go about dieting. Diets that focus on restrictive eating often fail fast. The amount of energy you burn in your basal metabolic rate may differ from others.

Bottom Line on Dumbbell Exercise

The type of exercise you get out of dumbbells is easily adjusted with weight. Finding the right weight to start off at is half the battle. Trying to start off heavy dumbells may not only damage your muscles but put strain on your back.

Recovering from the wear and tear of dumbbell exercise is just as important as hitting the gym on time. Allowing your body ample amount of time to recover not only is less painful but may prevent injury.

Always keep safety in mind when doing dumbbell exercise. When lifting dumbbells above your head, take your time greatly reducing the risk of hyperextending your elbows.

  • Dumbbell exercise for women

    Dumbbell exercise for women

    Dumbbells are not just for guys trying to look good in the mirror saying look at these pythons. No, ladies need them to get toned arms.

  • Lose flabby arms exercising

    Lose flabby arms exercising

    Flabby upper arms are the real enemy. While you sit pretty only worrying about your weight, there a plate of bingo wings sitting in the oven.

  • Get rid of upper arm fat

    Get rid of upper arm fat

    There is a choice when it comes to having flabby upper arms or toned arms that don't give an inch away to gravity even when it's all on the table.