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Flat Abs Fast: The Moves You Need To Flatten Your Tummy

Here are 3 easy way to get flat abs fast that include tightening your abs while standing against a wall, dancing while brushing and sitting right in your chair.

Flat Abs Fast The Moves You Need To Flatten Your Tummy

The best way to get flat abs fast and flatten your tummy is by taking shortcuts. Although floor exercises like crunches and v-sits have been used to help tone your abs, they require more time and that you to get on the floor, which for anyone exercising on the go it is not going to fly. Luckily enough, here is how to get flat abs fast with the moves that can be done at home even while brushing your teeth and at work when your coworkers are not looking. If you've got any tips to get flat abs fat, be sure to share them with us in the comments on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

1. Stand against a wall and tighten your abs

Good posture goes a long way when it comes to getting flat abs fast. That is why before you even think about doing crunches that have the potential to cause unwanted back pain, testing your back and neck posture against a wall is the first move you are going to need to flatten your tummy. No special equipment is needed so you can do this exercise at home or in the office.

Step 1 Find a wall

To get started, the first thing that you are going to need to find is a wall. This shouldn't be a problem if you decide to do it at home. However, around the office you may find it hard to do discretely. I recommend doing this posture check on the way back from the bathroom or when waiting for the elevator.

Step 2 Test your posture

After finding just the right surface to test your posture, stand with your feet 6 inches away from the wall pressing your head and back flat against the wall placing your hand on your hip in the space between your lower back and the wall. Your head needs to be sucked in to get it right. From this position you want to slowly bring your hands up from your sides to the point in which the section of your arms between your shoulders and elbows is parallel from the floor. Then slowly rotate your arms upward about the axis running between the line created between your shoulders and elbow blades to a caught red handed position trying to touch your wrist to the to the wall. If you find that your back is arching on the way up or simply just can't get your wrist up that far without losing your foothold, then it may be time to practice correct posture.

Repeat "Keep your back straight"

Whether you passed or failed the posture check, you are going to want to stand against a wall to get a flat abs fast workout. Simply keeping your back straights serves as a great shape up without exercise. It may not serve as a good form of exercise but what it does is helps you correct your posture serving as a quick shortcut to flatten your tummy. Perform this simple straight back posture test ever now and then preferably one or twice a month just to let yourself know that you still got it.

2. Dance in front of the mirror while you brush your teeth

Another move that may help you get flat abs fast outside of the gym is dancing while brushing your teeth. Depending on the type of dance your preform brushing, the results you should expect to get may differ. Although belly dancing may work great, it's not easy especially when it may be your first time. I recommend doing hip circles as seen in the pelvic diet. See how to do hip circles to train your pelvic region.

Hip strengthening exercises like hip circles trains the muscles in your pelvic region. Training your pelvic area muscles helps you proactively prevent pelvic organ prolapse that causes your internal organs to sake making your tummy look fat in addition to helping your get flat abs fast.

The advantage of doing hip circles is that you can do them in only minutes a day, which is perfect for the amount of time you spend brushing your teeth.

3. Avoid leaning back in your chair at work

Leaning back in your chair at work not only can cause awful back pain but doesn't help you get flat abs fast. In the same way that correct posture while standing serves as a quick shortcut to flatten your stomach, so does correct posture sitting. I know it's hard to not lean back in your chair due to the lack of lumbar supports most office chairs fail to provide. However, if you really want to get a flat tummy, it is in your best interest to stop leaning back.

So if you find yourself slouching forward in your chair, taking a phone call with your ear pressed against your shoulder like you are eating a taco, or just don't remember to take a walk every 20 to 30 minutes a day, then remember that maintaining good posture helps you flatten your tummy.

Here are a few tips to keep from leaning back.

  • Pretend that someone put something nasty on the back of your seat and you know about it but don't want to acknowledge it to prevent recurrences in the future. Use the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about what you don't want hanging off your back.
  • Customize your chair to make sitting with good posture easier. Simply correcting your chair makes gigantic difference in the weight you carry throughout the day sitting correctly. Make sure the high of your chair is set so that your legs are kept on the floor with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • Get up and move around every 20-30 minutes. One of the biggest reasons why you start to lean back in your chair or lean forward while typing away at your desk is that what you really need is to get out of your seat and stretch your legs.