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Get Rid Of Pot Belly: Ab Workouts to Burn Stomach Fat

Diet smarter by working your abs and burning stomach fat at the same time.
Now there is no excuse to not get rid of pot belly fat ruining your figure.

Lack of exercise cause your abs to get soft making it harder to burn stomach fat and piles on the pounds in your hips and around your waist helping you get rid muffin top. What happens to your body when your abs grown weak a bulge starts to form in your lower abdomen, i.e. your tummy starts to stick out.

How do I get rid of pot belly and reduce stomach fat to get in shape again?

When you are looking to get rid of stomach fat all you have do is think tummy exercise. When you lack exercise your abdominal muscles weaken, making it more likely that you are going gain weight putting on pounds of unwanted fat in places never knew fat existed.

Ab workout routines that exercise your core are how to lose your muffin top and make up only a small portion of the exercises available today. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't important to improving your fitness overall. In fact, exercises working your abs as simple as leg lifts do wonders in helping your get a flat stomach.

In this episode of Slism, we will discuss what makes your pot belly out and a few great ab workouts to get you started on the way to a flatter stomach minus the muffin tops.

Stomach Exercise Menu (Illustrated)

Pot Belly Preventions Starts by Training Your Abs!

As you are aware of already, when your body isn't able to burn off energy consumed eating high calorie and fatty foods it stores this energy away in in the tissues in and between your skeletal muscles known in the form of fat. You may like to think that fat is the enemy; but in fact, the enemy may be the person you look at in the mirror.

If someone calls you a muffin top that doesn't mean they're being sweet!

In particular, the fat in your hips and along your back is hard to burn off because of the difficulty training these areas. Even if you are not someone who lacks exercise, your ability to burn fat depends both how much muscle mass you have and the types of exercise you are doing.

Diet and exercise smarter to boost your metabolism just by exercising your abs more to keep your tummy from turning into a pot belly.

What Causes Your Belly To Stick Out?

The muscles that are going to support burning of stomach fat, your abs and obliques. These muscles play a large role in keeping your internal organs situated in the center of your stomach area. That is perhaps why your stomach starts to sit when these muscles have weakened, i.e. you get a pot belly or a muffin top.

When your stomach muscles weaken, your internal organs begin to drop affecting the efficiency of various bodily functions. There are many reasons why this happens; however just by training your abs more can you prevent your internal organs from hanging and even resolve issues such as constipation.

Consequence of Letting Your Inner Muscles Slip

As explained above, failure to concentrate on your abdomen when exercise can inhibit the efficiency of your exercise. That's why for people who do office work or otherwise sit in the same position throughout the day is a sure recipe to lose muscular strength if you are not careful.

When the muscular strength in your abdomen becomes weak, your organs drop from their original upright position in the core of your body as a result of gravity. This is often associated with pelvic distortion in which your internal organs lower widening the place between your pelvic region causing the lower abdomen bulge.

What is important when you want to lose inches off your waist shaping up your abs is training your inner thigh muscles. These muscles are located between your femur wrapping around your waist where muffin-tops appear. When your inner thigh muscles grow weak and you bend at your spine it is not uncommon to develop a stoop, i.e. bad posture.

By training your inner thigh muscle you can prevent pelvic distortion from ruining your figure.

Constipation and Your Internal Organs

In the case where you are constipated for more than a few days, this may be a sign that your stomach muscles have grown weak. That is why if continue to experience constipation unable to pass bowel movements it may be a sign to incorporate more stomach exercises into your routine.

Using Your Abs to Drive out Stomach Fat

The reason why your lower abdomen stands out is because your midsection is home to two kinds of fat: visceral fat found underneath your muscles; and subcutaneous fatfound above your muscles behind the layer of your skin.

Your belly, where fat gets stored away the most, can't keep up with the speed at which your body is putting on fat. In addition, pot bellies caused by gross storing of subcutaneous fat affects your ability to digest food potentially making your constipated.

If you suffer from excess amount of visceral fat, then it's important that you adjust your lifestyle to lose weight. Putting on excess amounts of fat can lead to obesity and high blood pressure, common signs of lifestyle disease that can adversely affect your health.

Increase Exercise Efficiency with Aerobic Exercise

Working out your abs trains the muscles in your stomach that can help you get rock hard abs. It is said that ab workouts alone are not enough to decrease body fat. What you get out of the exchange is a chance to increase muscles mass tightening the skin around your stomach.

How to take your ab workout to the next level burning off tons of fat is by incorporating aerobic exercise into your routine. There is more to aerobic exercise than aerobics. Unlike anaerobic exercise, aerobic exercise has been shown to prevent diet rebound while increasing your metabolism making it harder to burn off fat, a dieter's dream.

Twisting Crunch lose the muffin top

  1. Lay flat on the floor with your knees elevated crossing your arms across your chest while placing your head and shoulders on the floor slightly curling upward towards your stomach.
  2. Twist at your torso alternating between the right and left side of your body brining your body up crunching your midsection. After twisting at your torso slowly return back to your laying position. Lying fully flat on the floor will not help your get an ab workout. Try remaining in a floating position off the floor at all times.

Once you've mastered the twist crunch explained above, challenge yourself with this next twisting crunch if you are up to it.

Twisting Crunch
  1. Lie flat on the floor with your knees up and ands behind your head.
  2. From a slightly elevated position twist at your torso alternating sides. When twisting to your right, raise your left knee and vice versa attempting to bring your elbow toward your knee.
  3. Stretch out the leg of the opposite side of the knee your raised in step 2 (your right leg).
  4. Immediately after finishing your right side, perform the same movements on your left side doing 20 reps (10 for each side) per set and for best results do up to 3 sets max.

Leg Raises to burn off that pot belly

Leg Raises
  1. Lying flat on your back bring your hands to your side palm down slightly elevating your feet above the floor.
  2. Raise your feet and hips above the floor as high as possible without losing balance. Use both your legs and butt to bring your lower body above the floor.
  3. Return your body to the position in step 1 and this time bring your feet back down slightly above the surface of the floor. Repeat 5 to 10 times for best results.

Ab workouts are considered to be anaerobic get rid of muffin top exercises that help you strengthen your muscles. Combining light aerobic exercise with ab exercises such as the twisting crunch or leg raises is recommended.

There are many kinds of aerobic exercise you can do to burn fat while getting ripped abs such as swimming, yoga, walking, aerobics, and step climbing. Keep in mind that your fat burning metabolism doesn't start to kick in until at least 20 minutes after working out. So when you are working out try to do more than 20 minutes each day.

As for exercising your abs, try not to go too hard all at once. Although this may go against the saying go heavy or go home that many fitness buffs like to hand on their wall as a trophy, you are at home. So take it easy and go at your own pace.

  • Just say no to pot belly fat

    Just say no to pot belly fat

    No one is telling you to lose 30 pounds, but if you have a pot belly then you should be telling yourself – I am better than this.

  • Exercise synergy to the max

    Exercise synergy to the max

    Combining aerobic exercise with anaerobic ab exercises is way to bring out the best in your workout burning fat while tightening your waist.

  • Exercise you can do at home

    Exercise you can do at home

    Who says you have to go to the gym to appreciate fitness? The best part of doing it is at home is being in control.

  • Muffin top = TMI fat broadcast

    Muffin top = TMI fat broadcast

    Stop making muffin tops!! Even though Oxford says it's real, don't let anyone call you a "muffin top." That's not sweet.